some interesting age facts:

  • The age gap between Nagato/Konan (age 35) and Kakashi/Obito (age 31) is just by 4 years.
  • Mikoto was 22 when she had Itachi, and 27 when she had Sasuke. She died when she was 35.
  • Fugaku is 5 years older than Mikoto. 
  • Kushina was 24 when she had Naruto.
  • Minato and Kushina were 24 when they died.
  • Itachi was 21 when he died.
  • Naruto got married at the age of 19.
  • Deidara is the youngest Akatsuki member being 19 years old, Kakuzu is the oldest being 92.
  • Temari is 3 years older than Shikamaru.
  • Tenten is older than Neji (by 3 months) and Rock Lee ( by 7 months)
  • Sakura is older than Sasuke (by 3 months) and Naruto (by 6 months).
  • Hashirama is older than Madara by 2 months.
  • Shikamaru and Ino’s birthdays are one day apart.

Sasuke loves his mother. 

When he hurt himself training, it was her he rushed to for treatment and empathy. When he felt neglected by his brother and father, it was her he trained with. When he looked at other mothers and their children, he felt sorry for them because he knew he had the most beautiful, strong, and kind mother in the world. The others couldn’t compare. 

Some hot, humid nights, he doesn’t sleep and passes the dark hours sitting before the toilet, retching to the point of collapse. He does this because his mind is his own enemy, whispering to him that if only his mother survived, the other deaths would have been bearable. Just as long as he had her. If she had survived, he wouldn’t have bothered with revenge.

As long as she was alive, the rest of the Uchiha clan could go to hell.(x)