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"I got gum in my hair!" yelled the little red hair, tears pouring from his eyes. "It won't get out, and it hurts, when I pull it." His golden eyes shimmered, blurred by tears. "Can you get it out?" He tugged on his mom's sleeve. This was an emergency, the cute girl in class B, would never want to talk to him , if he had gum in his hair!

“Aww come here and we can get it out.” Gou went sat the boy down on a chair in the kitchen. “how in the world did you get gum in your hair?” she asked the little redhead as she went to get the peanut butter out.

“Finally got it out.” Shes said as she got the gum out of the redheads hair. “Now lets go get in the bath you Father will be home soon and I don’t think he would like seeing you with peanut butter in your hair. 

She laughed. Mikoshiba was going to get a kick out of this story. How the little one got gum in his hair? She still didn’t know, but she was hoping her husband could get the story from his son.