mikoshiba kyousuke


This happened in July during summer vacation while in bakappuru mode. Kyousuke gets jealous~ fufu~ jealousy kink fulfilled 

So basically MC has been talking about some of the other guys for a while, while out with Kyousuke at the park (only included the last one while she was talking about Rikka-kun), and Kyousuke keeps quiet until he gets fed up and suddenly kisses MC omg the kissing sound and the ‘mn’ sound is to die for to shut her up. MC asks why he did that, and he says something like 'your mouth keeps talking about other guys, so I needed to shut it up (literally said 'block it’ or something),’ and then MC says 'eh? but i didn’t mean to…,’ and then Kyousuke asks her if she has anything else to say, and if she wants him to shut her up again (*/∇\*) Then he says her lips are bad, and that whatever she’ll say, he’ll block them/shut her up again.

Unfortunately, MC gets flustered and stops but I wouldn’t have minded more shutting up lmao (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ


Storm Lover Bakappuru Sai Event - Afternoon Session

Terashima Takuma’s confessional line as his character,
Mikoshiba Kyousuke!

Terashima Takuma: Don’t look over here. When you look towards me, I get all nervous to the point where I can’t even talk properly. Since your smile is a dangerous weapon. To the result that my chest becomes in pain, and I might end up dying. That’s attempt murder you know. I can’t leave this villain alone! So I’ll trap you, together with myself inside this prison of love. *Kiss*