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I wonder what if saru have a protective big brother and his reaction to reisaru/mikosaru ?

Maybe say in this AU Niki and Kisa actually divorced after having two kids and Kisa took the older child while Niki got custody of Fushimi. So Fushimi’s still grown up all sad and unloved but there’s also his brother who like met some teacher or adult authority figure that gave him affection and attention and so he was able to grow up to be an actual functional adult. He didn’t manage to be reunited with Fushimi until years later and he could see how messed up Fushimi was, which made older brother feel like he’d failed his little brother somehow and he decided that he would never do that again, from now on he would make sure Fushimi is always protected and cared for. Fushimi finds that a bit annoying and stifling, like of course he’s all ‘I can take care of myself’ and claiming that he doesn’t need anyone but secretly he doesn’t hate that his big brother keeps trying to help him, it’s mostly that especially once Fushimi joins Homra he knows that his normal human older brother is too weak to protect him from everything and Fushimi tries to put some distance between them because he thinks otherwise his older brother will eventually break too, the way everything Fushimi cares about does.

So Mikosaru scenario, maybe this is post-betrayal but not by much and Fushimi’s kinda low key dating Mikoto and even he isn’t sure how it happened. The two of them keep running into each other at various times and chemistry happens, and even though Fushimi refuses to admit that he even likes Mikoto he somehow keeps ending up at Bar Homra making out with Mikoto when no one’s around. One day the two of them have run into each other out on the street and Mikoto just leans down and randomly kisses Fushimi on the lips. As it happens though Fushimi was waiting to meet with his older brother, who sees Mikoto kissing Fushimi and is like who are you and why are you assaulting my younger brother with your lips. I can imagine Fushimi being so embarrassed and irritated by this, telling his brother to stay out of it while Mikoto just smokes calmly and looks back at Fushimi’s brother with this completely flat look. I think Mikoto would be more amused than intimidated, like I just imagine Fushimi’s brother being all touch my little brother again and I’ll kick your ass while Fushimi facepalms and Mikoto raises an eyebrow and continues to smoke. Fushimi eventually gets his brother to back off and then just glares at Mikoto, who’s looking at him with this amused smirk.

Reisaru version, maybe Fushimi’s brother is visiting Scepter 4 and walks in on them making out in Munakata’s office. Immediately he like grabs Fushimi away and is all accusing Munakata of harassing his employees and you’re supposed to be a government worker while Fushimi stares in horror and embarrassment and Munakata watches with the most amused look on his face. Munakata I think would try to calm Fushimi’s brother’s fears though, like laying out how he realizes that this may appear to be inappropriate but he assures Fushimi’s brother that Munakata has not done anything inappropriate towards Fushimi and that this has all been with Fushimi’s full consent. Fushimi’s brother keeps leveling accusations at him and Munakata just answers each one of them calmly and rationally until finally Fushimi’s brother is just sputtering well if you break his heart I’ll kill you. Munakata sincerely assures Fushimi’s brother that he has no intention of hurting Fushimi and probably invites Fushimi’s brother to come join them for dinner or something while Fushimi facepalms in the background (oh oh but imagine Munakata inviting Fushimi’s brother to meet Munakata’s family and Fushimi’s brother and Taishi start bonding as big brothers and exchanging embarrassing little brother stories while Munakata just looks on in amusement and Fushimi wonders if he can sneak out while no one’s looking).

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Rare pair- Mikosaru? Like kusangi and awa finding out or walking in on them?? ( I love the idea of them being like a mom and dad to fushimi and walking in on him like tonguing mikoto or when they first realize they're precious grumpy son is dating him) - maybe Yatas reaction if your up to it?

I wouldn’t say I dislike the ship - it’s not personally one of my ships and I don’t spend all that much time thinking about it, but it is interesting to me.

I find it particularly interesting because of Saruhiko’s initial aversion to Mikoto and the fear he has towards him. I think that’s what would… not necessarily attract Mikoto to him, but make him curious about him. Mikoto would sense that Saruhiko was uncomfortable with him, and I think he would try to make Saruhiko more comfortable and try and make him like him a little more whilst he was in Homra, and after he left I think Mikoto would make casual enquiries after Saruhiko to find out how he was doing in Sceptre 4, first through Reisi, but I think at some point he would want to ask Saruhiko himself why he chose to leave, just in case there was something he could have done better. 

I think that’d be a turning point for Saruhiko in terms of how he saw Mikoto, because the fear he had for him was a lot like the fear he had for his father, but now he’s seen proof that Mikoto is willing to listen to him and cares about his well-being, even if he’s very subtle about it, I think it would change the way Saruhiko saw him. And ultimately, Saruhiko is aware of how irrational his fear is, and of all the things that Mikoto has done for him over the years, and it would be kind of a revelation to him for Mikoto to respect his wishes and what he thought he needed, and to have someone support him in doing what he needed, especially after Misaki’s negative reaction, would change the way he saw Mikoto. Obviously his anxiety wouldn’t disappear, but I think it would be a starting point. 

With these two and all their communication issues and antisocial tendencies, it would take a long time for them to actually get into a relationship, and it probably wouldn’t start until the tension built to breaking point and they ended up making out without really realising how it happened. Either that, or someone like Reisi or Izumo started figuring it out and encouraged them to take steps. 

Their relationship would develop slowly too, and they wouldn’t be quick to put a label on it. It would mostly be quite casual- they hang out together in low-key environments, sometimes just Mikoto napping on Saruhiko’s knee while Saruhiko works on his laptop. They’d never be a romantic date couple, or the type of couple who gets married or has kids, but they quietly enjoy each other’s company and I think they would help to support each other in an odd sort of way. They both have self-destructive tendencies, and having someone who can support them in the sort of low-key low-pressure way that they need. 

In terms of other people’s reaction, I think Izumo would be pleasantly surprised - he wouldn’t have pegged them as two people who work together, but if they’re happy then he’s happy for them. Seri I think would be a little more concerned, mostly for Saruhiko’s well-being when considering their personalities and history, but I think Izumo could talk her around, but if they walked in on them, they wouldn’t make a fuss at the time. Izumo is a “cool dad” sort of person and I can see him being the “sorry for interrupting, if you need snacks, a condom, let me know, you kids keep me young” kinda dude. 

Reisi would be the stern dad friend who lectured Mikoto about taking good care of his colleague and using condoms and all that. 

Misaki I think would be pissed - Saruhiko betrayed Homra, and then turned around and started dating Misaki’s king, and he would see it as salt in the wound at first, but seeing Mikoto treating Saruhiko with love and care despite the betrayal would eventually I think make him think twice about it, and he would ask Mikoto why he’s with him after what he did, and it would give him some insight into Saruhiko’s thoughts and feelings and possibly bring about an earlier reconciliation, but that initial anger would probably take a long time to subside. 

“I hate it when SaruMi shippers shove SaruMi down people’s throats. Yeah. It’s cute. But don’t attack someone if they’re a multishipper and enjoy ReiSaru, AkiFushi, HiSaru, MikoSaru, MikoMisa, SeriSaru, KuroSaru, Saruhiko and Kusanagi, Saruhiko and Totsuka, whatever. Whatever they ship, respect it. You don’t have to like it.”

So, Munakata and Fushimi switch bodies, it is hilarious and a little creepy. Imagine they both get hit by a Strain and everyone else comes running to check on them. ‘Munakata’ straightens up, glares and clicks his tongue while 'Fushimi’ pushes up his glasses and gives everyone a sparkling smile as he assures them that he’s fine. I imagine Awashima’s eyes twitch just a bit and she’s like “C-Captain?” Fushimi-in-Munakata’s-body clicks his tongue again while Munakata’s just like “Yes, Awashima-kun?” *sparkle sparkle* It’s just super weird because who knew Fushimi’s body was even capable of sparkling. Munakata sees no reason why they shouldn’t just go back to headquarters until this gets sorted out, so off they go. It becomes impossible to get any work done all day – like someone has to turn in a report to Munakata and they walk into his office to find him there in Fushimi’s body playing with a puzzle and talking all politely and he probably switched coats with Fushimi too so here’s Fushimi with Munakata’s fancy cravat and everything. Then they go back to work on the computer and Fushimi’s sitting at his computer being gloomy and it’s the scariest Munakata’s body has ever looked. A few brave souls try to get him to cheer up and Fushimi just stares blankly back at them, all hope lost.

Mikoto and Munakata switching, again, super-weird for their clansmen. They don’t even try to keep up appearances on this one, Munakata goes back to Scepter 4 and Mikoto goes back to Homra but it’s really awkward for all their clansmen. Munakata’s body looks totally out of place in Bar Homra sleeping on the couch (Mikoto took his jacket back and he messes up Munakata’s hair a little, which has the effect of making Munakata’s body look like this rich dork who’s going through his rebellious phase). Meanwhile Munakata takes back his own coat and maybe gives Mikoto’s hair a good combing because he will not tolerate looking like a layabout and it makes him look so ridiculous that when they meet back up with Homra later Yata in particular is mortally offended by how uncool Munakata has made Mikoto look. Fushimi, meanwhile, keeps trying to avoid Munakata precisely because he’s afraid he won’t be able to breathe around him. Finally Munakata kinda corners him to have a talk and Fushimi’s surprised to find that he feels almost relaxed even though he’s near Mikoto’s body, because knowing that it’s Munakata in there helps. (Ooh, then maybe later when they go after the Strain it’s brought friends along and everyone gets attacked, and Munakata ends up saving Fushimi from being hurt by princess-carrying him away. Fushimi is pissed about it but still lets Munakata carry him, which is right when the body switch power wears off and suddenly Fushimi is being carried around by Suoh Mikoto. Fushimi is immediately like no mission abort get me the hell out of here but they’re still being attacked and Mikoto ends up carrying him for like three blocks, except he’s not as gentle about it as Munakata and Fushimi pretty much ends up being slung over his back. By the time everything’s settled and everyone’s regrouped poor Fushimi is there clinging to Mikoto’s back for dear life – they jumped across a few buildings and he almost got dropped a couple times it was traumatizing. As soon as he’s on level ground he scrambles away and Mikoto just kinda gives him a flat look as Fushimi stumbles straight into Munakata’s waiting arms. Arms that are still inside Mikoto’s jacket and it is just like the weirdest experience of Fushimi’s life, he has to go lie down for a while afterward, he’s delicate after all.)

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I love so much little Fushimi and the three homra's daddies. <3 I'd like to think that maybe in this au Fushimi could be not so scared by Mikoto. Or just the idea of Mikoto with a child Fushimi makes me happy. x'D

I’m thinking that maybe Fushimi is still a little intimidated by Mikoto but it’s not as bad at least at first, since they adopt him pre-Red King and so Mikoto doesn’t have that extra level of simmering power just below the surface. I imagine Fushimi mostly not really being sure how to deal with Mikoto because Mikoto’s hard for him to get a read on, like Totsuka is the cool fun dad who always wants to play with Fushimi and Kusanagi is the responsible Team Mom who makes sure Fushimi eats properly and finished his homework and then there’s Mikoto who just lazes around all day and doesn’t even talk to Fushimi much except in short sentences. And Fushimi being a nervous kid wonders sometimes if Mikoto doesn’t want him there, like I could see him misreading Mikoto’s general aura of chill as being coldness similar to how Kisa treats him and so Fushimi just assumes that Mikoto doesn’t think of Fushimi as anything more than a bother. But then every now and again Mikoto shows that he does care, like Fushimi’s doing homework and Mikoto happens to be the only one around. Fushimi’s starting to get a bit of a fever but no one’s noticed because Totsuka’s been out playing around with random hobbies and Kusanagi’s trying to figure out why his accounting has a major unexplained shortage. Fushimi doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t want to be a bother (since he’s still not entirely convinced that it’s okay for him to stay here with his three new daddies) so he just tries to endure it. Then suddenly he feels Mikoto’s hand on his shoulder. Fushimi looks up at him all wide-eyed, Mikoto regards him calmly for a moment and then just sweeps Fushimi up into his arms and starts taking him upstairs. Fushimi’s struggling like wait what are you doing and Mikoto tells him not to overdo it, sick kids need rest right. He sets Fushimi in the bed and puts a hand on his forehead and tells him to sleep. Then maybe Fushimi wakes up a couple hours later panting from a nightmare and Mikoto’s right there calming him down and telling him not to worry and Fushimi finds that he doesn’t have any nightmares when he knows Mikoto’s there, because Mikoto’s strong enough to beat back all of those monsters in his head.