Inhuman of The Day

March 19th - Cyra

An Inhuman guardsman who possesses enhanced strength and a basically human-like physical appearance.  Cryra and her brother, Mikon, chose to side with Maximus during one of the mad prince’s coups to take over his brother’s throne.  Maximus assigned  Cryra and Mikon with that task of hunting down any Inhuman defectors who attempted to leave Attilan.  

The two came across Gorgon who easily bested the two guardsmen.  Even though he had defeated Cyra and her brother, Gorgon decided to surrender to them and have them bring him before Maximus.  Gorgon feigned allegiance to Maximus and this ultimately led to his being assigned to venture into the world of men and locate the whereabouts of Madam Medusa (as seen in the Inhumans’ first appearances in the pages of Fantastic Four).  
The current whereabouts of both Cryra and her brother remains unknown.D

anonymous asked:

Elintarvikkeita joille annettu miehen nimi Reissumiehen lisäksi: Kallen mätitahna, Väinämöisen nappi, Wilhelm makkarat (ylipäätään kaikki makkarat/leikkeet), Kippari, Oltermanni, Felix, Eriks (ylipäätään kaikki kastikkeet), Mikon leipä, Porin poika, Oiva siideri... ym.

nii ja kabanossi!!!1 mitä vittua onko oltermanni muka nimi ;DDD ja kippari on ammatti