Fall has finally came. Eventhough it still might me around 18-19 degrees in London this month there is no way you can feel it. Wind became stronger and colder. This means you need some warmer and thicker fabrics.

Wool and flannel season it is. Not only this. Colours - brown, grey, charcolar, bordeaux, red, rusty, orange and denim should all be friends with you for the next 5 or so months. All kind of checked blazers will be an excellent choice. As is my latest grey/red checked wool jacket. I simply couldn’t resist the fabric and the fact how great it fits grey flannel trousers. I ordered them last year from mtm tailor Luxire. The fabric is a 14oz flannel. It is rather thick so probably more suitable for even colder months. Luxire has recently ordered some great flannel fabrics from Dugdale in 12oz (here is the link) so I can not hesitate more. I will definitely order another pair or two (how about some checked trouser flannel fabric?). Given the fact that flannel is an obvious and classic choice for Fall/Winter season the jacket will be worn quite a lot. You can also match it with jeans during the weekend but go for white button down oxford shirt instead for a little more casual look. 

In this case I prefered denim shirt because it gives you much needed nice deep blue colour. It matches great both the grey fabric of the trousers (and brown belt) as well as checked blazer. 

Shoes. These are, quite often photographed by me on my Instagram, brown suede double monks from Meermin which I bought almost 2 years ago. They are incredibely versatile. I am not affraid to say that they are almost as much classic piece of menswear as black oxford shoes are. Suede is great for Fall/Winter because of its texture, similary you can go for this beautifull country calf boot by Meermin. Cantry calf gives you this nice texture and contrast to winter-like fabrics. 

Last but not least, accesories:

Pocket square - silk hand rolled edge pocket square by Hawes&Curtis

Bracelets - local shop in Portugal

Tie - wool tie from Uniqlo (great for all basic staff btw)

Watch - watch by Fossil (good mid-range priced piece of a watch)

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