A Fairytale for the Demon Lord

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Yes I know some of you might have been reading this for some time now. And I might be quiet late, in your terms, of coming upon this and appreciating it. But really, does it matter the when or how? I believe it does not. The point is we come to appreciate and look forward to its release.

The title itself is quiet something. How does a Demon Lord have a fairytale?

Are not fairytales stories of love and romance of a poor provincial girl going to ball to meet her prince? Stories of the dashing princes triumph over the wicked sorcerer? Of knight on white horses, of songs and singing, of true love and a single kiss?

So how can there be such a thing?

Quiet a radical idea, is it not?

And yet here it is.

The setting of the story is quiet unlike any other that I’ve read. The mystical/hightech Asgard and her knights, the All-Father Odin and his inescapable fate, the many nameless knights for whose fate was to serve till death. All these has made the webtoon A Fairytale of the Demon Lord quiet an intriguing read.

With seemingly so plenty of hints being dropped it has added to the stories mystery. The plot is so dynamic that at some points I feel so confused with who is the real antagonist, who is the protagonist. There seem to be a fine line between those two character in this story. And yet it adds to its allure.

An added plus to this work is its art. I have to say, Korean art is pretty defined with long leg and armed, bishounen type characters. With this, its rather different. It has a more American type without the too hard angles and the dramatic colors that digital art has.

All I can say is that I totally recommend this webtoon.



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