miko nakadi

A Home - Team Prime X Reader

   "You all should be getting home. It’s late,“ Ratchet says.

   Dread washes over you, briefly. You want to stay here, so badly, where it’s safe and warm—your only home.

  Because as soon as you step through that GroundBridge, you are alone. You’re left to fend for yourself, to scavenge for your food like a Scraplet might, living off pitiful donations and never carrying more than a dollar.

  Well, no use in feeling sorry for yourself. That was no way to be.

   "You’re right,” you say, climbing down from the entertainment area and walking to the start of the gigantic GroundBridge. You say your farewells to each of the Autobots.

   He activates the GroundBridge and lets you through to your usual location, outside  a gas station. He was skeptical of dropping you off there, at first, but you usually just said you preferred to walk home. Luckily, they had other things on their minds, so they didn’t look too much into it.

   You immediately huddle into yourself at the feeling of the brisk air, and walk under a dim light to try and find some warmth. It’s a good thing it’s a twenty-four hour gas station, so you’ll always have some light.

   You rest your arm under your head and drift off to sleep, thinking of the morning when you can see the Autobots—your family—again.


  The battle rages on around you. You run, but it’s getting ever harder to do so, with your significant loss of energy and nutrition. It’s harder to move, harder to stay awake…but you keep pushing on. Now is no time to dwell, of course, you just need to survive!

    Arcee urges you to find cover. Optimus and Bulkhead are on the frontlines, while Arcee and Bee stay slightly behind to make sure you, Miko and Jack stay safe.

   A Vehicon clambers towards you. It’s nothing unusual, really. Their giant footsteps suddenly send you flying. A cry escapes your throat as rocky debris tumbles over you.

  The filthy ‘Con had dismissed you by then, going off to attack key members of the Autobot team. Only small rocks had pelted you, but you were having a hell of a time getting them off. You’re arms were far too weak, you’re mid-section wasn’t even able to lift you from your position on the ground.

   You tried to push them off you, but to no avail. It was getting hard to stay as calm and carefree as you usually were, with the huge Vehicons running this way and that and not giving a frag about smashing you.

   "(Y/N)!“ Miko yells out. A Decepticon is heading straight towards you. You hold your breath and close your eyes—

   Just as Bumblebee punches him to the ground. Miko and Jack rush over, helping you up immediately and finding you all some cover.

   "What was that?” Miko asks. “You’re usually able to handle a couple rocks.”

  “Are you alright, (Y/N)?” Jack asks.

  “Yeah, I’m okay,” you lie, shrugging and smiling. “Just a little sick.”


   It’s been three days since you’ve eaten, save for the strawberry and granola bar you managed to salvage. You feel dizzy, your head is spinning wildly. You can’t seem to stay conscious, or even move, because your body is so weak.

   "(Y/N)?“ Bulkhead asks, concerned. “Are you okay? You don’t look too well.”

   You don’t get to answer. The world goes black as you fall to the ground.


    You awake to see Mrs. Darby. She looks worried, her lips pressed into a thin line and arms crossed over her chest.

   "Guys! She’s awake!“ Raphael yells.

  Your immediate action is to run and leave. But you can barely move.

  “Oh, god, I’m sorry. I have to go now—” you start.

   "Yip, yip, yip! You aren’t going anywhere until you tell us why you haven’t eaten in three days,“ Ratchet says.

   You sigh. You really didn’t want them to find out! You were fine, after all. Just predicaments like this one were the problem. You didn’t want to burden everyone. "I’m broke.”

   "Broke? Why didn’t you just ask for some kind of loan? I could’ve given you a free burger at KO's—” Jack says.

  “I’m broke, as in, homeless. I haven’t had a job in four years, or a house in two. I just wasn’t as lucky with the donations this week. I’ll be fine. Don’t worry.”

  “Don’t worry?!” Arcee says, alarmed. Bee beeps furiously beside her.

  June sighed. “Sometimes you’re too optimistic, sweetheart.”

  “It’s the only way I can really survive,” you shrug.

   Ratchet looks over. “Do you have any nutrients available, June?”

   She shuffles, pulling an apple out of her purse and handing it to you. You thank her quietly, quickly biting into it. “We’ll get you something else later.”

   "So…if you don’t want me going back out there, where am I going to go?“

    “You will stay here, (Y/N),” a deep voice cuts in. Optimus. You turn over to look at him, not believing your ears.

   "It is the best course of action,“ he continues, "And, you’re part of our family.”

   You look at everyone, tears welling in your eyes. You were so happy that they were letting you stay, letting you have a home again. It was the best thing you could ask for. But, the most touching thing—

    —was that they thought of you as family, too.

   You cried tears of joy.