spacemageember  asked:

I've got a cute scrawny space guy named Alberny who is a bounty hunter and he's incredibly bad at being one. He collects obsoleted newspapers and has a Shiba Inu named Frank Sinatra (or Frankie)

People who are incompetent at their job but still try are my favorite and omg I love shiba inus (dogs with human names are also A+)

Polleo is the leader of the Banister, a refuge for Elders, and she tries to be really assertive and serious but she’s like 5 feet tall and weighs less than 90 pounds (since avians have hollow bones and lean muscles.) She subconsciously fluffs up her feathers when she’s angry or frustrated and everyone loving jokes that she tries to make herself look bigger and more intimidating.

She has a mikken (a small flying rabbit thing) named Pyre who delivers messages for her and he likes to sleep in her feathers

I’ve always loved my mikken creatures because they’ve been with me for a long time. They came from a REALLY bad story idea that I had in late middle school but were salvaged and transferred to a later story since, even though they’re pretty simple, I liked them a lot. They’re honestly the oldest current OCs that I have.

And the weird thing is that they haven’t changed either. They have changed conceptually but, visually, they are almost exactly the same as they were 5/6 years ago. The name is even the same.

I even went and dug up an old drawing of one that, while not dated, I assume I drew at least five years ago