mikkelsen: mine

alright i haven’t said anything on this topic bc i really wasn’t in the mood to deal with it but i’m pissed off now bc some people really are clueless

dan and phil went to a party for their friend this doesn’t mean that they condone felix’s actions or agree with them; it means that they were supporting their friend

my parents are homophobic. does that mean that my friends shouldn’t come to my house and have a good time with me? because by doing so then they must be supporting my parents views according to some of you guys’ logic.

i made a gifset of the crystals from phil’s most recent video (and like neither dan or phil were even in the gifs wtf) and in the tags people are complaining about how everyone has moved on so quickly and we need to hold dan and phil accountable for their actions 

what actions? supporting their friend? being there for her? celebrating her birthday?

did you all really expect them to publicly shame felix? do you not know them at all? do you really think that they would cause drama while at an event that was set up to celebrate their friend’s birthday? 

i’m sick of this whole ‘we need to call out dan and phil’ culture. yes - if they do something problematic then educate them, in fact, this goes for all things in life. but don’t you dare attack people and say that it’s necessary bc then you  ostracise them and cause even more problems. 

educate don’t attack

and stop fucking attacking people that you claim to love bc they went to their friends party ffs