mikkelsen: mine

  • someone: hi-
  • me: the get down brothers did not break the locks and fight their way up to the top just to be slapped in the face with this blatant Disrespect and get shut down after just one 11-episode season when other shows are being renewed and expanded beyond their original source material despite having already wrapped up their singular plotline, therefore exposing netflix for their lack of promotion and overall unjust treatment of poc-focused shows and stories that serve as important beacons of inspiration and joy and hope and representation and empowering feel-good musical funk for so many viewers out there, poc and non-poc alike.

Concept: aromantics are treated like humans. We don’t get put under a magnifying glass every time we even mention liking a romantic thing. We aren’t criticized for being in relationships, romantic or sexual. Nobody assumes that we have literally zero emotions or feelings. People don’t think we’re fake. Everyone supports us getting representation in the media. We aren’t seen as monsters. Our needs are respected. We can live without hating ourselves.