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Sun Creature Studio all together as Dungeons and Dragons Characters! 

Mikkel Mainz (Bard), Kenneth Ladekjær (Wizard), Simon Lee (Monk), Bo Juhl (Paladin), Guillaume Douse (Ranger), Thibaud Petitpas (Barbarian) and Charlotte de la Gournerie (Rogue)!

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Speed Drawing by Mikkel Mainz and Kenneth Ladekjer from the kickstarter period.

Kalen Knowles won this drawing in our drawing contest and his own character design in the Tales of Alethrion.


Cabin and DnD Update: Tales of Alethrion.

Hello again everybody!

Just a little update from the Sun Creature.

A month has passed where we have lived and worked in a cabin far away from everything… especially internet! It has been very inspiring and now we have an animatic ready for the first episode, some of the character- and environment designs plus the treatment for the entire series. The two main characters in the first episode are Amerath and Alethrion. Alethrion is the mightiest hero whom the world was named after and Amerath is the only one who can tame him. Look forward to meet them! We’ll post their designs soon:)

We have also played Dungeons and Dragons for a whole weekend with the four lucky backers who discovered a very limited secret backer reward. It was a great success and two of them even came all the way to Denmark to play with us - and that was an amazing experience, they were all super cool. We used the program called roll20 to be able to play and then we let them loose in the world of Alethrion. Mikkel Mainz was the Dungeon Master and Kenneth played a team member with a lot of knowledge of the world. Here comes a brief synopsis of the game and what happened. We made a map for the world of Alethrion that was fitted into a roleplaying session. We made around 20 NPC characters and designed them, of course Wilhelm and Vito joined the game at one point ;)

DnD with backers:

The Group:

Crys - Swordsage (Robin French)

Eve - Ranger (Alexandra Ramsey)

Silent Nai – Elfen Beguiler (Nicholas Randall)

Cypress - Druid (David Shovelin)

Herbert – Fighter (Kenneth Ladekjer)

Dungeon Master (Mikkel Mainz)

Synopsis of the story:

In the game, the team had to travel out and figure out why animals and plants started to escape the north and die. They discovered that a sceptre had been stolen from the flying city of Arist by a frog creature called Em'rallok. Em'rallok had been neglected to be a part of the council in Arist and had therefore stolen the sceptre with the power to spread disease. The frog creatures have a skin that is poisonous and they can resist poison and disease because of their nature.

Em'rallok had taken over the city of Balask in the North, which many years ago was the capital of the humans in Alethrion. But when the Icelands melted and overflooded the city it became the home for huge sea serpents instead. The frog had to get rid of the serpents so he killed them with the disease and started to invite frog creatures from all over Alethrion to move into Balask, but the disease had a negative side effect… It kept on spreading into the land.

The group managed after many adventures to reach Balask with an Orb from the mountains of Nurh that could stop the spreading disease from reaching further. But when they faced Em'rallok they were all magically paralyzed and it all seemed to fail when suddenly two old heroes, a red haired mage and an epic warrior with a grand moustage, who had been following the group as a side quest chopped the head off the frog king Em'rallok and took the sceptre away from him. The land was saved after the orb was placed and the group gave the sceptre back to Arist and said goodbye to the two more high-leveled heroes.

We have much more to show you guys in the next update! Stay fresh and look forward to the teaser for The first episode: The Tale of Alethrion.

Stay tuned! We will be uploading the monsters, the story drawings for the DnD session and the NPC drawings these next couple of days! Have a great one!

Sun Creature


Cabin times!

We went away for a long time, far away, and made the storyboard, concepts, designs, treatment and much more for the Tales of Alethrion. The animatic for the first episode is 15 minutes long now! An animatic is when you put all your storyboards in a movie timed out with music and everything, so we are on schedule!

These are some random pictures of us and a tiny sneak peak of the very first story beats, a sketch for some characters you might remember and an early concept for an important place, Arist, in the story.


The Dungeons and Dragons Campaign that took place in The Reward - Tales of Alethrion. It was a secret little reward that we posted on the Kickstarter some months ago. We illustrated some of the events that took place. The game was made for 4 cool persons from around the world! Two of them even came to Denmark and played with us! Such a great weekend! :)

We love Fantasy and good stories, and this event inspired us a lot and expanded our knowledge about the Land of Alethrion!! Mikkel Mainz was the DM and Kenneth Ladekjer an important NPC (The two directors of The Reward).

Epic Wilhelm animation (yes his name is Epic Wilhelm) from the next webisodes of Tales of Alethrion! How’s it going with the production here in Sun Creature? Well! Kenneth Ladekjer and Mikkel Mainz are just finishing up the last animations of the first little episode out of six. Simon Lee is finishing up on the backgrounds and Bo Juhl is putting the edit together before the compositing starts. 

It look great and we can’t wait to show the webisodes on our Sun Creature Studio YouTube Channel - Remember to subscribe :)


The glorious map of Alethrion and a zoom in on where we are at the moment in The Reward - Choose Their Path.

(ノ・ェ・)ノ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fBwnX9mqkpA

Learn more about the locations in the newest Secrets of the Dungeon #05 on Sun Creature Studio’s YouTube channel.

(ノ・ェ・)ノ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PA5HnvimXFk

Map and world by Mikkel Mainz and Design by Karen Bennetsen.

The Journey is the True Reward.


Pokemon battle animation jam! 

It wasn’t on our YouTube channel before, since the ending was swimming around in limbo the last couple of years! Kenneth Ladekjer and Mikkel Mainz started this animation back in the Animation Workshop study years, it is now done.

Enjoy Sun and Moon, and walk far with your buddy in Pokemon Go!


Making of The Reward - Sun Creature Studio (by SunCreatureStudio)

Watch these behind the scenes from The Reward. It is a little movie we have put together which gives an overview on how The Reward was made.


The Sun creature yelled! everyone was blinded… when they opened their eyes, it had produced a showreel ;)