I’m really quite fond of this family, never mind the obvious bias. My SimSelf pulls the same faces I do. Nick is a coward and keeps fainting all over the place, but then he goes cross-eyed and it makes me laugh. And of course, the very next picture has them all serious and somber.

I’ve decided Emma is going to marry Jonah, the Sim Hayley made for me, and they’re going to have adorable kids and it’s gonna be awesome. Hello, Sim-filled summer.

mikkaybear asked:

I love you because you are amazing. You are there when I need you, and you care so much about people. You’re supportive and wonderful and beautiful and a great friend. You love books and reading. I love you because even after all these years, we’re still friends. You’re my oldest friend, and I can’t imagine my life without knowing you.

I added a second level to my SimSelf’s house. It doesn’t look quite as awesome as it did before, but if I didn’t expand, there would be no room for the future brood! And I’m sick of expanding down, so yeah.

The only person shipping

Honestly, I think I’m the only person that ships these two from the Filippino Drama “Princess and I

Seriously. I know she has like 3 suitors but come on. These two clicked and he can’t stop thinking about her and he still has her camera.

Man. My fucking ship will sail itself.

My friend's response to what we would do if we were locked in a room together for 24 hours.

Trapped? With you? We’d be so excited, it wouldn’t be “trapped” at all! Though, I suppose it depends what is in the room with us. Since it’s not specific, I’d imagine anything could be there. We’d play a board game, and probably paint our nails with elaborate designs. Then we’d move the paint to the walls and write a life-size story, eating sushi or baked goods whenever we were hungry. Since I’m incapable of staying up for twenty-four hours, I imagine a good portion of that would be devoted to sleep, but maybe we could take our sleeping bags and slide across the floor, which I have just determined is hardwood and appropriately slippery.


So, I have a problem. A guy problem. Emma brought home this cute boy named Lavar, and I was all, “No way, she’s marrying Jonah!” and then I looked a little closer.

He has purple eyes.


And then of course, he had to go and mention the aliens when Emma asked him to prom, and I was a goner. Apparently I’m attracted to purple-eyed, alien conspirators? Awesome. I proceeded to change Lavar’s last name from McNulty to Burton, à la LeVar Burton who played Geordi in Star Trek: The Next Generation, because IT TOTALLY FITS. And then maybe Lavar and Emma will have a son named Tim and he can be a film director and it’ll be fantastic.

(Now Jonah can marry Hanna! See, it’s good to have a backup. XD)