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SO I am having some issues getting my gifs to work out properly. I have my post set out and it looks good but it just won’t post. But I worked on it for three hours so you know its gonna be half way decent. 

If I can figure it out, I will have two posts up tomorrow or the next night. If not, more waiting. 

In the mean time, we can than our lovley @captofthesswolfstar for putting up with my questions and on occasion random comments that aren’t meant for her because of our hatching “friendship” 

Thank you for dealing with me Tara!

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Awhile back, I was taking requests for post ideas. This topic was astronomically requested, and I’ve been working on this for the past two weeks trying to make a suitable guide for you guys! I tried my best toi thoroughly cover the above topics. Before you delve into this post, I do go over types of clothing that flatter different body shapes. If one of the clothing types I mention and are your absolute favorite, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! You should continue wearing what you love and what makes you happy! The ideas presented here are meant to me taken as loose suggestions in a guide format. I did my best to make an absolute masterpost of everywhere I could think of that sold plus size items.

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I’ve been planning this post for the past two weeks, and I just haven’t gotten around to actually typing it up until today. Over the past half year on tumblr, I’ve seen a spike in self-depreciation. There’s so much glorification of negativity, it makes me physically ill to see it. This post, although originally planned to be another rant, is going to be (more or less) a guide instead, on what I did to be more confident in myself.

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