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24/04/17 Blog Post: Conclusion

Yesterday, all the performances of “Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger Final Live Tour” ended.

Thank you very, very much for all of your support during the last year.

To be exact, the beginning of filming was around December the year before, so it’s actually been almost one and a half years.

In the Super Sentai series, we’re the 40th production.
Super Sentai has been continuing since before I was born.

With many thoughts and emotions, I put my all into fulfilling the role of a hero.

To be to the children now what the heroes were to us when we were children, to have the memories last for a lifetime.
I wanted to be a hero like that.

I did everything to the absolute bounds of my ability.
I don’t have any regrets either.

I’m proud of Zyuohger.

And to everyone who’s taken care of me till this point, the director, the staff, and all of you who’ve given us your support for the past year,

All I have is gratitude.
To be able to participate in such an amazing production.
My happiness is to the extent that I wondered if I’d used up an entire lifetime’s worth of fortune.

It was really blissful.

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger will forever live on somewhere.

The time to fight will come again, so everyone, please support us.
Your voices give us strength.

All life on this planet, no matter where, is connected.

So let’s meet again.

my struggle in asking
  • Artist: "I'm now doing commissions for $25"
  • me: *broke and in the corner crying*
  • --but if they're asking for characters to draw which I think is rare--
  • Artist: "I'm doing a r t for you guys,and it's f r e e, but for a limited time o n l y"
  • me: umM...can yOu draw my dude :^))
  • --- weeks later---
  • me: "...and they never did draw my dude"

New Itakiss Love in Tokyo Blog post: 

Itakiss TOKYO’s much awaited sequel “Itazura na Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo” Already started shooting in Okinawa in February 20. Naoki and Kotoko’s honeymoon sightseeing around Okinawa successfully shot. Filming officially started on March 8 in Tokyo. 

Please look forward to the new characters that will be appearing on season 2.  New Characters that will further spice up the world of Itakiss. Itazura na Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo will be scheduled to be broadcasted in 2014. 

Miki Honoka as Irie Kotoko- Comment
When the previous drama shooting ended, I said I really want to do the sequel, Thats why when It came true, I was really happy.
In the previous drama one of my friends became a fan, my mom was avid viewer as well. I am very attached to this work and people got to know me because of “Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo”, 

Itazura na Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo, Kotoko will be a little matured and adult-like. She will have more scenes with Irie-kun too, so I think It will be interesting. We want to make you fall in love, make your heart beat faster,laugh and cry in this drama, so please look forward to it!

Furukawa Yuki as Irie Naoki- Comment 
Same like Miki-san, when the previous drama ended I said, I really want to do the sequel, because I really had fun filming the drama. Everyone had high expectations with the drama not only in Japan but overseas too. Thats why I was very moved when I got support from different countries. 
In Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo From a cold-blooded High School senior, who have changed after meeting Kotoko and becoming more human, have become the expressive Irie-kun. 
Please look forward to this drama, Because I think this drama will be better than the last!