miki sayaka cosplay

I just wanted to say that I never saw Catherine coming, but since she’s come into my life I’ve been so happy, she makes me happier then I have ever been and I’m just sitting here thinking about how happy she makes me and I just really love my girl ❤️ Enjoy some Kyosaya! (My Sayaka is obviously @yourawesomenesscatcosplay )


Haha now you have to look at me now~ oh the humanity! Anything but that!

featuring the adorable @pavimonster as my cape buddy, Sayaka Miki, and a great rowlet cosplayer from the pokemon meet up.

Also big thanks to Steel Cut Cosplay! for snapping such great pictures! You guys were so much fun to talk to! Keep up the great work!


With kindness comes naïveté. Courage becomes foolhardiness. And dedication has no reward. If you can’t accept any of that, you are not fit to be a magical girl.

Madoka - @glindaalpha

Sayaka - Angela Wang Cosplay

Mami - Caitlyn

Homura - @naomidraws

Kyoko - Haley

Photography - Emi from @learning-to-sew


Damn dirty bitches, becoming the witches
Grindin’ up and down cause they grantin’ all my wishes
Bring out my aces, like this game was poker
Banish all the witches, thank you based Madoka!

Homura: thelordcommander

Madoka: sin2800

Kyoko: marsonlee

Sayaka: nightmarecircles

Mami: oreos64

Photo credit: potatokraken