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Can you do one where mc from otbs gets her memories back please

Based on Minato’s POV

She hesitated when I opened the door for her to step in and Miki was holding her hand, urging her to come in too.

“Mummy, this is our house.” Miki exclaimed.

I bet that she must be feeling insecure. She met with a car accident and lost her memories, even our marriage and our 6 years old girl. It must be hard for her to deal with.

“Come on in, it may help you remember something.” I smiled nervously.

“That’s right! There is nothing to worry.” Shusei smiled, who accompany us.

She finally took a deep breath and step in. Miki dragged her around the house and finally to our bedroom. She stood in front of our wedding photo which is hanging in the room and keep staring at it. I watched her nervously. Please tell me that you remember everything after looking how happy and lovely we are. On the bedside table is our family photo with Miki, smiling happily like a lovely family. However, there is no response to my wish.

“You have a rest first. I will go prepare dinner.” I smile wryly at her. “I will call you when it ready. Miki, do you want to give me a helping hand?” I continued, leading Miki out of the room.

Soon dinner is ready and everyone seated at the dining table. “This is all your favourite food.” I smile and place some on her bowl.

“I help to cook this.” Miki said proudly.

“Minato used to burn the whole kitchen down. He had learned cooking for you. You are so love by him.” Shusei teased.

“Shut up!” I blushed at his comment before meeting my eyes. Does she feel it? But all she did was just smile and look away panicking. It’s hurt a lot to see that.

We told her a lot of other past memories which she don’t remember any. With each moment went past, I can feel my heart sink further. I don’t want her to forget me. I need her. I want to hold her in my arms. Soon it night time, Shusei left and Miki wanted to sleep together with her.

“Miki, Mummy is tired. I will accompany you tonight.” I smile sweetly at her but I can see that Miki looks sad. She went to her room dragging her feet.

“I will be sleeping in Miki’s room for the time being.” I replied softly and turn to follow Miki.

“Minato!” She called my name and I paused. Please tell me that she don’t want me to go.

“Thank you!” She smiled wryly.

“There is no need to thank me. We are husband and wife.” I replied sadly, lifting my hand up toward her cheek and she immediately step backward. “Sorry! Goodnight.” I muttered with heavy heart and left.

“Daddy, is mummy going to forget us forever? Does she not love me anymore?” She whispered softly, sadly while hugging me tightly in her room. I can feel that she was trying to hold back her tears.

“Of course not! Just that mummy is sick now. Mummy will remember us. She sure will.” I replied cheerfully, but I can feel my heart breaking into pieces. What is going to happen if she can’t remember us forever? I don’t want to imagine that. I am trying hard to hold back my tears in front of Miki as I tried to comfort her.

The next day, Miki was in school while I took leave to accompany her.

“I can handle by myself alright.” She tried to assure me.

“No way I am leaving you alone here.” I replied. “Do you want to fetch Miki together with me?” I asked nervously and she nodded her head. I hope it will help her remember something.

By the time we reached the school, Miki is already waiting for us outside. She got excited when she spotted us and dashed out to the road running toward us. A car is horning loudly and my blood run cold. Just then, ______ dashed over to her without thinking.

“Miki, _______!” I shouted in panicked and run toward them, pushing us to the side of the road as fast as I can.

“Sorry, daddy!” Miki was crying hard.

“Don’t you ever run over like that!” I scolded her while hugging her.

“______, it is alright now.” I turned to her, who had turned pale. She is shaking in fear

She looks at me, tears start flowing down and I got even more panicked. “You are not hurt are you?” I asked while pulling her toward me.

“Minato, I remember. I remember everything. Your pommy is back.” She sobbed. “I recalled how I got hit by the car when I heard the horning sound just now. I was buying Miki favourite cake nearby when a car lost control and hit me. The rest of my memories started to flow back slowly.”

“Thanks goodness! I really don’t know what I can do, if you still can’t remember. You really got me worry.” I sobbed, hugging her even tightly.

“Mummy?” Miki sobbed.

“Yes, mummy is back. Sorry for making you upset.” She cried, breaking away from me. She hugged Miki tightly and kisses her forehead, showing the love as much as she can.

I wrapped my arms around them, smiling and crying at the same time.

“Let’s go home together. Nothing is going to break us a part again.” I exclaimed happily. I helped them up on their feet and carry Miki in my arm. I then wrapped my other hand around her shoulder tightly, as if I am not going to let her go. No words can describe how I feel now. I am just grad that she is finally back.