Mikhailo and Marina

Mikhailo, or Misha, is Pesha’s twin brother (fraternal, obviously). And he is a fuck.

Marina is Gosha’s mum. This is how he’s related to the Zelenko family.

Misha went into a bar or club, drinky-house, and spotted this pretty girl, Marina. Now, she was engaged and this was a party for her. This guy, Misha, comes in, spikes her drink, tells her he’s a friend of someone and offers her a ride home, since suddenly she is very drunk/not feeling too hot.

Then he takes her outside to his car and has his way with her.

And then just leaves her.

She’s too disoriented to figure out what happened. Later on, she has a baby, whom she and her husband thought was theirs, and well… Let’s say he looks the opposite of his parents.

Mum’s Ukrainian/Jewish and dad’s Ukrainian/Korean.

Red hair, freckles, blue eyes, and rather darker than the rest of his family, kind of stands out.

PS: He is not supposed to look so much like Gosha here. Gosha actually looks a bit more like his mum. Misha’s face is supposed to be more square/round, oops.