The lyrics are taken from a poem by Morris Rosenfeld commemorating the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. It’s a few months yet until the anniversary, but the song came on while I was working (it also struck me for it’s similarity to Simon & Garfunkel’s El Condor Pasa (If I Could)).

These are the lyrics in English and Yiddish:

Mayn Rue Platz

Nit zukh mikh, vu die mirten grinen,
Gefinst mikh dortn nit, mayn shats.
Vu lebns velkn bay mashinen,
Dortn iz mayn rue plats.

Nit zukh mikh, vu die feygl zingn,
Gefinst mikh dortn nit, mayn shats.
A shklaf bin ikh, vu keytn klingn,
Dortn iz mayn rue plats.

Nit zukh mikh, vu fontanen shpritsn,
Gefinst mikh dortn nit, may shats.
Vu trern rinen, tseyner kritsn,
Dortn iz mayn rue plats.

Un libst du mikh mit varer libe,
To kum tsu mir, mayn guter shats.
Un hayter oyf mayn harts, dos tribe,
Un makh mir zis mayn rue plats.

Don’t look for me where myrtles are green.
You will not find me there, my beloved.
Where lives wither at the machines,
There is my resting place.

Don’t look for me where birds sing.
You will not find me there, my beloved.
I am a slave where chains ring,
There is my resting place.

Don’t look for me where fountains spray.
You will not find me there, my beloved.
Where tears flow and teeth gnash,
There is my resting place.

And if you love me with true love,
So come to me, my good beloved,
And cheer my gloomy heart
And make sweet my resting place.

anonymous asked:

My personal pipe dream is that for the final season of Vikings, Michael Hirst will give roles to all Alex's friends: Christoffer, Mikh, Peter, Elias, Kasper. Put Rikke on too. Let us see them on screen all together, Mr. Hirst. Please?

Fine with me :) bring them all in! They always got a spot for extras and some of them should have a big part of you ask me 😍

anonymous asked:

Gurl!!! Tell us everything: what was he like? What did he smell like?! Were Christoffer and Mikh there?

What was he like?: he was the nicest person I have ever got the chance to meet, he was very laid back and he greeted us with a bright smile when we stopped him to ask for a picture and quick video

Where Mikkel and Christoffer there?: yes and they very awesome and nice about us stopping them for a quick few minutes to get a picture we asked if they wanted to join in one but they politely declined. They were very nice people, happy i got to meet them also!

What does Alex smell like?:………There is no way to describe his scent except that it makes you want to fall to your knees in praise that such a being was created by the gods!

anonymous asked:

Here is Mikh's comment translated by Google: "Mikhjort After an excellent time both on the road and in Miami featuring the strangest bar / restaurant we've all been to, New Orleans shows itself from the best side of jazz, bourbon, and hell's rainfall as well as Høghen's birthday. Hopefully Austin will keep it at a ridiculously high level in a few days" Did I really just do this...?

Thank you anon!! That is awesome! Now we know a bit more and what they are/have been up to! 🤗😘

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prompt: speak in a language that you know! (this is yiddish!)

OOC transcript:

[Joly]: Sholem aleykhem! Ikh heys Joly, vos makht a yid? Es freyt mikh dikh tsu kenen.

translation: Hello! My name is Joly, how’s it going? It was a pleasure to meet you.