Never Alone Foot!Mikey/Foot!Donnie

“My son.. I fear that the tainted seed of hatred and vengeance has started to sprout within Michelangelo's once pure heart..Oroku Saki.. The shredder has delivered a blow within another..and I hold no more strength’s in my arsenal. Donatello..I know what you have stated as your mission..and I am proud of your sacrifice but now, I ask of you to make the right choices. Not only for your brother’s life..but for your peace of mind…”

Keeping his head bowed and in the lotus position Donatello kept his gaze away, his wounds had healed faster then expected, but he still didnt hold a fort against the two eldest turtles. Three failed escape attempts and each of them would just bring him back into his once loving lab. It was so hard, to ignore everything he still loved and cherish, to proclaim loyalty to one of the sickest humans that stood on the soiled ground of this very existence. To spit an laugh at his loving father’s and sensei’s lessons. He truly didnt know what hurt more anymore, his bleeding skin or his broken heart.

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Michelangelo held his old orange mask in his right hand as he approached Leonardo, his former leader... still held in some stature in the little turtle's eyes despite the fact he was sworn to be his brother's enemy. "Hey bro," Mikey said with a slight smile, deciding to avoid conflict for now, "ya' miss me?"

Leo felt dread wash over him as he caught sight of his younger brother, but swallowed any sign of weakness quick.

“What did you drag me out here for Mikey?” He said in a tone to confront his enemy.

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An entire month of solitary confinement. An entire month of people completely and utterly void of human contact. You’d think the acosial teen would adjust to it but the maniacal force was like a ball of black erratic energy slowly encasing his body, making him more high strung than ever.

Donatello’s bony hands crawled across the floor and he dug his nails into the concrete, making another scratch. Mental asylums made prisons look like a hotel.

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“What have they done to you?”

He hadn’t been expecting to hear that voice anytime soon. Well, considering he’d been in here for five days, he hadn’t heard much except the voices of the people that kept him here. But hearing Mikey’s voice sent so many emotions running through him that it took Raph a few seconds to even process the question. At first he thought Mikey had been captured as well, which made him furious and terrified all at once. 

There was nothing to see with the thick black cloth tied over his eyes and couldn’t move much at all being suspended two feet above the ground by his wrists, but that was Mikey’s voice. He was sure of it. Though he could be hallucinating again because of one of the drugs they’d pumped into his system. Raph shook his head a little bit, trying to focus, trying to hear. His mouth and throat were so dry he couldn’t even make a sound that wasn’t some sort of raspy demon scratch.

Half of him was praying it was Mikey, and the other half screamed for it not to be. He didn’t want his little brother in the same mess. Mikey didn’t need all of the torture and scalpels and cuts… Raph gave a shudder as he remembered the last time that happened. No. It couldn’t happen again.

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Donatello finished wrapping Leo’s injury as he finished telling his stry “You sure it didnt kick your head?” A talking deer? That’s just drug talk. Leo had woken up from his coma a few weeks ago, he had been healing properly except for his leg. Moving aside he place his medical utensils aside in his bag. 

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The last few weeks had been cruel to the Hamato clan.
Donnie had nearly died saving a family he saw in distress in a burning building.
Mikey had begged him not to do anything rash, but Donnie did and he jumped into the apartment through a window.
He saved the family but barley got away with his own life.
Mikey had to drag him five city blocks to hide and wait for his oldest brothers.
Now Donnie was in a sterile bubble in his lab, burnt. Healing was going to be a long process, but Splinter could finally tell his other family members that Donnie would survive, and hopefully wake up in the coming days.
But he’d be disfigured, for life.

observations - Closed Starters

Even Evil Overlords could grow bored when things in their own universe were going slow. Jack was being surprisingly calm, the monks were being ever predictable and Wuya had been quiet ever since he locked her in that Chi lamp after repeated warnings were ignored. It was times like these at when the kung fu master would wander through different Universes that, sometime in his great lifespan he planned on overthrowing. 

Most were trivial things but this one showed—promise. Bronze eyes watched curiously at the, well, he would assume mutant for now, fought off several ninja. The orange banded being seemed to be doing fine on his own for now but there would surely be more to come. He would see how well this one held up. Perhaps it was time to add a turtle to his collection of warriors, if this one could prove useful. 

Closed // Mikeybro2k12 :: Last Fight

It had to happen sometime.
The week hadn’t been an easy one. The attacks from Falco were becoming more and more frequent and strong, breaking down whatever mental barrier he tried to set up. He’d managed to bar himself in his room, just so he had somewhere to hide from his brothers and hide what was happening. The last two times, the signs had been gone. None at all. The only way he’d managed to get away was because his hand shaking.
Raph sat on his bed with his hands clutching his head, teeth grit. Get out. Get out. You can’t control me. I won’t l-let you hurt them anymore. Leave me alone. He’d been repeating it for hours now, trying to push the crazy psychic back. And slowly, slowly, his strength was crumbling. Not because Falco was fighting hard. Because Falco was doing the exact opposite. He was waiting. Applying pressure and just waiting. Raphael wasn’t losing because he wasn’t strong enough.
No. This time it was because he was losing energy.
Fighting him took its toll, and now Raph was struggling to stay conscious. He shivered where he sat, eyes fluttering, breaths quickening. His hands finally fell from his head and he blinked, trying to stay awake. A gentle laugh came to his head, triumphant and confident.
You’ve lost, Raphael. Your fight is over. Go to sleep. Go on. You won’t be here when you wake.
His eyes slid closed and he fell sideways off of his bed, crashing rather loudly into his drumset. Raph shifted, whining as he tried to push himself up, red flicking over his eyes before they closed again and he slid back to the ground, listening to the voice in his head fade.
You’ve lost. They have twelve hours… and then I kill them all.
Goodbye, Raphael.


After being captured by the foot and his own brother, Donatello was forced to duplicate the retro mutagen. After many failed attempts to escape from the foot clan and Shredder he was punished and torture in many ways. Brutally beaten to the point of slight trauma. The more days he spend in that wrench facility the more he doubted his brothers. After one failed attempt of rescuing the genius and their little brother they hadnt return.

Maybe everything he thought was true, they only wanted his inventions. They found no need for their brother. Holding onto the last brother that remained by he side he threw out the last of his morals aside, and stepped under the foot. Taking under The shredders orders and commands to the excel, surpassing not only his brother but Rahzar and Xever as well. Now part of the elite force with Tiger Claw and the foot bots he gave up waiting. He gave up hope. He was no longer going to stand on the sidelines and allowed his brother to take credit for his work. Donatello wouldnt invent to protect, he would invent to revenge.


Another day spent at Casey’s, another training session consisting of hard sparring and weight lifting had been done. Raphael was moving through the sewer tunnels underneath Manhattan for the time being. He was looking forward to getting back home to check up on his brothers, seeing what was going on and what needed to be done as far as patrols in the city were concerned. All he could hear would be the sounds of running water and drips from the storm drain ceiling. As well as the occasional rat skittering through the tunnels.

Soon enough Raphael had heard another set of footprints coming from somewhere nearby. And that was something which didn’t bode quite well with him whatsoever. A rise of momentary fear welled up within but Raphael quickly replaced that fear with fiery anger.

Had he been followed? He didn’t know but if he had been.. Raphael was not going to tolerate being stalked. The last time someone had entered his territory.. he made sure they had paid for it.

He moved his hands down and took a firm grasp of his signature weapons, and he remained still as he heard the sounds getting closer and closer. He took in deep breathes, silent inhales and light exhales.

This is it.. Come on in fucker.. come on in..

Immediately Raphael had turned around and he had darted forward now. A growl escaped from him as he rushed in towards the source of the sound and quickly he had twirled his sai in his hands, tucking them in his hands as he now flew in a berserker rage.

As soon as he had neared the shape, Raphael took notice of it. It was similar to his, but perhaps a bit shorter. And it was also.. pudgy as well. Anger swelled up within him, and the red masked Turtle decided to stop fucking around at this point.

Without any hesitation, Raphael had immediately turned with his hips and he had swung his arms horizontally over from right to left– aiming for the plastron protected torso of the intruding Turtle. If this other Turtle did nothing to defend himself, he might end up extremely hurt.. or worse, maybe even dead.



Night time was supposed to be the period when all could rest and recover their energy through sleep, maybe even look forward to having a pleasant dream.  Maybe of kissing your crush, or getting that dream job, or being a superhero.  But just like dreams, there would always be nightmares…

A dark void, unseen to most, took form in the sewers, particularly to the home of four mutant turtles and a mutant rat.  In that void lived a pair of glowing red eyes, almost like blood or rubies.  Said pair of eyes moved with the creature they belonged to, and it stroked the bat-like tie around its neck whilst closing in on its target…a certain freckled turtle who was possibly hoping to have dreams of candy or his beloved ice cream-composed pet.  The creature didn’t fully know why it had its sights on him…all it knew was that he caused it hurt a long time ago…

Thus, with raised claws, the creature growled and opened its mouth over the sleeping turtle.

The young ninja slipped under the manhole cover, landing softly on the sewer ground below. A trans-dimensional portal stick malfunction had sent the ninja somewhere, specifically he didn’t know. From his understanding, he was still in Manhattan, though he was never very well versed in dimension hopping, so who knew what surprises could be in store for him.

The sewer would be his best bet at the moment, keep him safe long enough to figure something out. The young ninja started his trek down the sewer tunnels, not sure what exactly to expect.

Worthless struggle - Chase Young

Chase stared down at the four brothers as they fought off their pursuers, mutant and otherwise, fingers gently tapping against the concrete brick on the rooftop as he stared down to watch the fighting. Honestly, what sort of Warlord was this ‘Shredder’? If it were Chase he would have captured the turtles personally, found Splinter and executed them in front of him IF he had been so wronged as the warlord claimed. Yet what does he do? Send countless numbers of robots against them, lackies who fail time and time again followed by doing nothing other than sitting on his own hands and waiting for his plans to work! This was becoming insufferable—perhaps it was time to give the Warlord a proper demonstration on how to get things done? For example, when one wants to get a point across do it yourself and do it thoroughly. 

The brothers were just about to reach an exit before being promptly blocked off by a group of robots. A group of robots which was, in a flurry of kicks and punches, quickly dispatched of. “You would think with as much as he uses them he might try to make them less—disposable.” Chase mused, glancing over at the four before moving past them in a calm stride. “Continue running if you feel necessary,” he spoke as he looked over at the fish man, dog thing and tiger, promptly sizing each of them up, “though this annoyance will be dealt with in a matter of moments.”

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((For the freak show meme)) It had seemed like such a colorful, beautiful, fantastic place filled with animals and acrobats and glitter and food... but the magic of it all suddenly disappeared into a sickening sense of spite and regret after a greasy show-runner gave his grisly introduction and the curtain flew open to reveal his brother. His ingenious, witty, captive brother. The surrounding audience flared up in a gasp and the small hooded figure's three-fingered hands balled up in anger.

Donnie refused to do anything he was told. He tried to stay completely quiet, make his eyes seem blank and unintelligent. Tried to make it appear as if he was nothing more than an animal. He figured it’d be worse for him if they knew how intelligent he was. He might be instantly sent away for testing, to see why he was so human. He also needed to buy time. If they knew he was intelligent, they would know he could cook up some sort of escape plan, making it even harder to try to get out of here. He needed to think of some sort of plan. Which was kinda hard when some guy was yelling and kicking at you to try to force you to do his stupid tricks. It was nothing compared to anything the Foot had done to them, so it was pretty easy to take. Though, Donnie couldn’t help a small wave of fear. The difference between these humans and the Foot was that the Foot saw them as worthy adversaries, while these humans saw him nothing more as an animal to use for their own gain, which could mean his treatment could get even worse. And he couldn’t fight back….that could ruin everything. He froze as he was lifted up and rammed into the wall. A large hand wrapped around his neck, squeezing tightly. Donnie gasped. No, no, no, this wasn’t supposed to happen. This man wouldn’t really kill him…would he? After all, didn’t he need him for his act? Panic filled his body as the seconds went by, the hold on his neck getting tighter and tighter. He tried to claw and wiggle his way out, but to no avail, making the man laugh at his plight as he smashed him against the wall again. No…no…he had to stay quiet. He couldn’t let this get to him. This man needed him. Besides, if he talked, he might not be able to escape…his brothers could be found out. It would ruin everything. But…but…the seconds lingered as he tried his hardest to breath. His brain began to feel fuzzy and this, combined with his panic, made him forget his plans. If this kept up any longer he would….

“Please,” Donnie croaked, tears in his eyes, “Stop.” He regretted it instantly as he was dropped roughly to the ground, gasping for breath. No, no, no! Everything was ruined! What was he going to do now? The plan was to make them think he was a stupid animal, making it all the more surprising when he showed his true colors. The man laughed and kicked him in the sides, but Donnie hardly noticed. He was then roughly grabbed, and thrown in the cage. Donnie’s eyes widened as he saw an assistant come with chains. It was just what he had feared. He tried to fight them off, but he was exhausted from the afternoon of physical and mental abuse. A curtain was draped over the cage, until he could hear the audience pour in. He heard the man introduce him and then he was revealed. He heard gasps…of shock, of fear. Something inside him welled up when he heard a little child in the audience shriek in fear and mutters of, ‘monster.’ He wasn’t really that….hideous was he? He felt tears well in his eyes, and a pain in his chest made him step back. He tried to shake them away. No. He had to ignore that. Of COURSE they were scared of him. He was a mutant turtle! He had to ignore it and try to form a plan. He noticed a hooded figure who wasn’t screaming. In fact he looked…angry. He gave a soft smile as he noticed the figure. Mikey. If Mikey was here, he could help. He felt a sudden sense of hope,