Nickelodeon: Release Kappa Mikey digitally or on DVD/Blu-ray
Kappa Mikey is a beloved cartoon that follows young American actor Mikey Simon when he wins a contest to become the new star of popular of the hit Japanese series LilyMu & finds out what life is like as a superstar in Japan with his fellow cast members. It ran on Nicktoons Network (and Nickelodeon)...

Ha! :D Well I didn’t expect to see this show pop up on a petition site for more world-changing stuff, but hey, I’d love to see a least one last released of this first show I worked on ever. It’s NOT in HD, because it was made for Nicktoons Network which wasn’t in HD anyway (and it’s STILL not! >_< ), so I’m afraid there is no use for a Blu-ray release except for any HD-filmed extras. But only 3 episodes were on DVD here in the States, and iTunes took all their sold copies down, so maybe this could be for the die-hard Nicktoons collectible fan or something.  The show is really funny for kids, the actors previously worked on a ton of 4Kids dubs for nostalgia fans, and the theme song ROCKS!  Support this little slice of a bygone, short-lived era where Nicktoons the network used to run their own original shows!

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