mikey's at it again

you:  Gerard: Well, are you ready, Ray?
Ray: Yeah…
Gerard: How about you, Frank?
Frank: Oh, I’m there, baby
Gerard: How about you, Mikey?
Mikey: Fucking ready…
Gerard: Well, I think I’m alright

me, an intellectual:  Are you ready Raymond? Yes. How about you frank? Oh, I have arrived infant. How about you Micheal? Intercourse equipped. Well I think I’m intent.

the signs as songs that are obviously about michael james way

aries:  miss missing you (aka mikey pls come back)
taurus: i’ve got all this ringing in my ears and none on my fingers
gemini: the calendar (that brought the end to our relationship) 
cancer: thnks fr th mmrs (the mmrs were very great)
leo: eternal summer (i wish)
virgo: fourth of july (pete can you be any more obvious)
libra:  “the take over, the breaks over”
scorpio: G.I.N.A.S.F.S (but i’ll totally be gay with you, mikeyway)
sagittarius: bang the doldrums (or mikeyway)
capricorn: twin skeleton’s (hotel in nyc)
aquarius: don’t you know who i think i am?
pisces:  irresitable (moN CHERIE)