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I was feeling poetic about the b-team, and a side of Mikey not much of the fandom acknowledges.


Sometimes, Donnie watches his brother, and wonders why their other siblings can’t see all the sides to him.

Mikey is smiles. All smiles all the time. Cheery grins, cheeky grins, mischievous ones you need to watch out for. He’s fond smiles and warm smiles, given when they’re safe at home and there’s no one to fight. He’s small smiles and big smiles and lopsided ones that Donnie knows just as well as their brothers’.


Mikey is also smiles that aren’t like that.

Mikey is false smiles and masked smiles and carefully chosen smiles that can hide just about any other emotion. He’s sharp smiles, knowing smiles, terrifying ones that are all teeth and threat and terror that no one sees till it’s too late.

Mikey smiles all the time, but not all those smiles are kind ones.

Donnie sees it. He doesn’t think their brothers do, nor their father or friends.

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BROKEN FOOT: @redworld96

She didnt really request it from me, but I remember her asking for someone to draw fanart of the guys comforting Donnie after his awakening.

Sure the brothers would comfort the shit out of their dorky brother, but after a while Donnie will just feel like he’s suffocated. Its just how Donnie is in my eyes. He wouldnt like the attention, but will deal with it anyways, of course with griping buuuut his brothers could give two shells about it. They are just glad for their genius to be okay <3

I tried my best on the background, but all in all Im pretty proud of how this turned out.

I might do some brotherly bonding fanfictions, if anyone wants me to, I dunno yet. I suck at fluffy, cutesy moments. x..x 

Anyways I hope you guys like this. Please reblog if you do, itd mean a lot to me! 

duzmachines95  asked:

I am curious about your trans Mikey headcanon, I haven't been around in forever so when you have time, could you tell me more about it? :)

( crashes tf in ) of course i can tell y’all more about my trans mikey headcanons. honestly its wild what you miss when you’re gone for a couple months , armin.

but anyway here we go:

> mikey’s dead name is/was elisabetta ; named after the italian baroque painter && printmaker elisabetta sirani && he was okay with that name && being female / afab til the age of around 4 - 6ish. 

> he knew something was kind of wrong when he didn’t feel that his name was his , didn’t feel right && he just felt uncomfortable whenever it was mentioned. ( also note: he kept it quiet from anyone but in 2k12 verses with @themostattitude‘s raph he’s kind of more vocal about it since he’s also transgender/was questioning. plus raph comes out first && then mikey does a couple months or so later because now he feels comfortable

> mikey still loves “ girly things “&& if you kinda bring it up as a “ girly thing “ , he’ll 100% get upset or defensive since whatever he wears he doesn’t see as such. if its real bad day for him he might even get dysphoric or disassociate , which coupled with his adhd / autism he might have a fit about it. they can be really bad.

> uses he / him && they / them pronouns. any mention of his dead name or even his old nicknames he’ll likely visibly shudder plus be kinda meek if he responds to you. 

if you have any more questions , or like , headcanon prompts that might help with more deep things if you have anything. 

  • Raph: I dunno whats wrong with me: I can’t eat, can’t sleep; I think I’m comin’ down with something.
  • Donnie: [chuckles] I know what you’ve got: the “L” word.
  • Mikey: Yeah, leprosy!
  • Donnie: No, Mikey, no. It’s four letters, starts with “L”, ends with “E”.
  • Mikey: AHA! lice!
  • Donnie: NO. Raph, our brother, is in love.
  • Mikey: Oh, yeah! Love.
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I finally drew Turtle tots! It took me all day! OMG

Here guys

leonardo-hamato80, mirth-and-muscle, turtle-super-genius

I hope you guys like! :D


Baby Mikey is sick. Shivering, high temperature, just not feeling himself, so I think he goes to Leo, Raph comes in later and lays with him, then Donnie joins and starts talking about what he recently learned about illness whiiich sent Mikey into a scared mood.
Thanks Donnie. lol.


The blanket represents them.
The pillows represents them and those who will have a big impact on their lives

Family Matters.

Family visits were always well…interesting. That was putting it lightly.

Between little Mikey running around wild throughout my parents’ home, unable to be stopped by his grandmother or his grandfather who gladly watched as their little pride and joy tore about their most precious gifts like that small, expensive fine art sculpture that had been sitting on their wooden coffee table for years…

Between the loud bustles of my sisters, Melanie and Yvonne, in the kitchen singing as they clanged around pots aimlessly much to my mother’s dismay who yelled out disapproval in her soft German gibberish to prevent us from really understanding the harsh words she was actually saying…

Between my brother Marco insisting on following me around like some lost puppy droning on and on about the latest love interest in his life…

It was always hectic but there was never a time when I wasn’t glad to be here. I felt the same currently as I sat at the kitchen bar counter with my son Mikey fighting my tight grip to keep him in my lap, my husband Mats sitting to my right and my brother Marco leaning on the counter as he stood on the opposite side of the bar table. The conversation had quickly turned to the past, as it often did with this bunch.

“Oh, just imagine the looks I got when I had to explain to everyone my sister is dating a Hummels. The thought alone still makes me cringe.” Marco pretended to fake a dramatic shudder. He was always terrible at acting.

“The jealousy is so apparent right now,” Mats said through a smirk of his own as he chewed down his sample of pasta though I guess ‘sample’ wasn’t exactly the correct word to use. It was practically his third bowl and if he continued to eat anymore, I would be returning back to Manchester with a husband who was 10 pounds heavier.

He literally forced my mother to make her special chicken pesto pasta every single one of his visits and she obliged every single time, no matter my persistence we try to go for a different menu item. It was clear it wasn’t her daughter who was her favorite but instead, her son-in-law.

Marco reached out his arms with a look of excitement towards Mikey who quickly squealed to escape from my arms and into his uncle’s who was arguably his favorite person. It wasn’t me, it wasn’t Mats. It was Marco. I decided to oblige and handed him over to the delight of the M & M pair who were quickly playing with each other, Mikey tapping his uncle’s nose playfully and giggling when his counterpart mocked screams of pain.

“Did I tell you you look god awful in red?” Marco stated as he looked to me briefly.

I glanced down at the United t-shirt I had thrown on before our flight, too lazy to actually craft together some eloquent choice of dress. “And have I told you that joining Real Madrid was a god awful decision?”

He could only smile in response. “You may have mentioned it a couple of times.”

“Hey hey, my wife looks good in anything,” Mats quickly piped in once he wasn’t so distracted by stuffing his face. I quickly turned my neck in his direction and my mouth spread into a wide grin. “Thank you, babe.”

“No problem.” He leaned in with a knowing smirk and placed a soft kiss to my lips and I could hear my brother’s groans of disapproval in the background as he was forced to watch.

“Oh, Mom. They’re doing it again!” I broke away from the kiss to see his look of disgust as he yelled his words before he trotted off with our son in his arms. Mats and I couldn’t help but giggle. Good ol’ Marco. He would never change.

I hopped up from my seat and headed upstairs to my old bedroom, on a quest to search for something but it seemed my steps were followed because as soon as I entered the room I noticed Mats behind me who shut the door once he was inside as well.

“Ah, remember my first time up here?” He wrapped his arms around me from behind and rested his chin upon my shoulder. I closed my eyes, able to practically envision the smell of his cologne first filling my room. How I had managed to sneak him up here without my parents noticing I still wasn’t sure. Part of me wanted to believe Marco had distracted them but then I thought he surely wouldn’t have been an advocate for Mats possibly making moves upstairs on his sister.

“How could I forget? You were as nervous as ever thinking my parents would hate you like Marco.”

“Marco hated me for at least 3 months. I still have that mark on my shin from when he kicked me. Accidentally of course,” Mats spewed sarcastically then followed by a chuckle. We both knew that challenge was far from an accident. Marco wanted nothing to do with his teammate when he found out he was putting moves on his sister and he made that quite evident throughout the first few months of our dating. There just reached a certain point where he couldn’t deny my happiness and seemed to replace his anger with at least a sort of acceptance. Of course now he couldn’t hate our relationship as much as he wanted when he had Mikey to entertain him. The little guy was practically his own as he tried to whisk him away to Madrid as often as he could.

There were many babysitting trips I got random calls in the middle of the night from a panicked Marco who couldn’t handle my son’s cries and fretted over what exactly to do to quiet him. It never took long for him to figure out a solution to his problem on his own.

“He did. You remember my parents thought you were here for my sister? Hilarious.” My dad had practically pushed my love interest into my sister’s arms, calling her to trot downstairs when Mats showed up on our doorstep with flowers. You could imagine his look of shock when it was me instead, his youngest daughter, who came running down. Our few years of age difference had never mattered to us but I could tell it was something initially in the back of my parents’ minds.

What was heavily embarrassing was the fact we didn’t end up even going on a date out that night. We instead ended up smushed on the couch between a disapproving Marco and my smiling mother as we watched old dramas and my siblings and father sat around us. Mats couldn’t help but love my family since then and they quickly welcomed as a member.

Before Mats could say much else, we both turned in response to the door creaking open, spotting Marco with Mikey still in his arms. “We’re going out for a second,” he said in reference to the true pair.

Mats simply gave him a nod of approval before I turned completely and playfully pushed Mats’ chest. “He’s not using my child as chickbait,” I said between laughter. I knew Marco would often find his way to malls or the parks to stoop women into seeing him as this adorable, loving figure with a young child in his arms. Mats always encouraged it.

“Come on, look at the poor guy. He needs this. He’s been lonely his whole life.” He pointed off to a half laughing Marco who was trying to sustain a straight expression instead to express his disagreement. “Thanks, Mats.”

“No problem.”

They were now practically brothers, here to plot against my sanity.

Feedback? Also, I so do not advocate for either party leaving BVB for clarification :)


If you guys notice the B team as much as I do then you must of seen this scene where Mikey thought Donnie was gonna smack him for making him explain, but to his and probably the fans surprise he didnt, instead he just patted or rubbed Mikey’s head.

The brotherly affection between these two I need so much in my life bro.

I tried my best at the animation, so forgive if its at amature level! Im still learning ^^

please reblog the cute! i spent most of the day on this, and im quite proud of it! Cause i colored! thats right I actually colored something ;)


Request: Can you please do an au where the reader has a really huge crush on basement gee and they both go to high school together and their always flirting and the reader i super shy and so is Gerard but he builds up the guts to ask her out and give her a peck on the cheek?

“Hey Y/N,” Mikey smiled as he answered the door, taking a step back to let me in.

“Hey Mikey, ready to work?”

“As ready as i’ll ever be,” he groaned, leading me upstairs to his room. Mikey and I were working on a science project together for school. We usually worked at my house, but Mikey was coming down with a cold and his mom refused to let him leave the house. I was willing to risk getting sick to get the project done. 

We were in the middle of a study break, chatting about one subject to the next while eating sandwiches, when suddenly music erupted from under us, making the whole house quake. Mikey groaned in annoyance, sitting up on his bed.

“Sorry, that’s probably my brother. I’ll go ask him to turn it down.”

“No it’s okay, i’ll do it.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, it’s no problem,” I insisted, I could tell Mikey was in no mood to get out of bed. Besides, it wasn’t that big of a deal.

I followed the music down to the basement, my ears ringing as the bass intensified which each step I took. I saw a boy laying flat on his back on a twin sized bed, drumming his fingers onto the mattress. 

“Excuse me?”

His head shot up and eyes widened, staring at me like a deer in head lights for a minute before shuffling onto his feet. 

“Uh hi, i’m Gerard. Are you M-Mikey’s friend?” he rushed out, pulling his sleeves down over his hands. I looked up into his eyes, feeling my cheeks heat up at how gorgeous the soft hazel orbs were.

“Yeah, i’m Y/N,” I said meekly. “I just came to ask if you could turn the music down a bit? We’re trying to finish our project-”

“Oh my god i’m so sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking. God i’m such an idiot sometimes. Here, i’ll just turn it off,” he blurted out, scurrying over to his record player and turning it off. “Again, i’m really sorry. I won’t bother you guys anymore.”

“It’s okay, we’re almost done anyway,” I reassured, trying to keep eye contact without my face turning bright red. We both stood there awkwardly for a minute, not sure what to say or do.

“So,” I said, trying to break the silence. “I’ll see you around?”

“Y-Yeah sure. Great, uh yeah,” he stammered, laughing slightly at himself. “I’m sorry, i’m being weird.”

“I’ll see you later Gerard,” I smiled shyly, waving bye at him before heading back up the stairs. I took a deep breath when I walked out of the room, leaning against the door. “Whoa,” I murmured to myself, a smile creeping up on my face.

That was the day I feel helplessly in love with Gerard way.

“Ready to go?” Mikey asked as he leaned against the locker next to mine.

“Yep,” I nodded, slamming it shut and following Mikey out to his car. This was our normal routine after him and I grew closer, going over to his house after school to hangout. Mikey was definitely my best friend.

I hated to admit it, but I was also always eager to see his brother. Gerard was an awkward human being, stuttering and blushing whenever we came face to face. But, I could barely keep my composure around him either so I wasn’t in any place to judge.

Mikey always teased me about it and mocked me for crushing on his older brother. I internally cringed at how obvious I probably made it when I was around him. But I was certain he liked me too, not only because Mikey never hesitated to tell me everything Gerard said about me when I wasn’t around, but from the way he flirted with me.

Well, our version of flirting anyway. It was always simple stuff, telling me I liked really pretty today or that I had beautiful eyes. While I told him he had an amazing voice, was a talented artist, and that he looked adorable in his over sized sweatshirts, a statement that made us both blush.

It was simple and pretty child like, but it was flirting to us.

“Before we go, Gerard wants to see you.”

“Really? Why?”

“Take a wild guess,” Mikey said sarcastically, nudging me with his elbow. He rolled his eyes when I didn’t respond and only gave him a confused look. “Jesus Christ Y/N, he wants to ask you out.”

“Really?” I gasped.

“Why do you seem so surprised?”

“I never thought he would actually do it,” I admitted, suddenly feeling very nervous.

“He has a band meeting right after school, so it’s gonna have to be quick. So don’t sit their and ogle at each other for too long,” he teased, stopping at the door to the band room and gesturing for me to enter.

“Shut it,” I muttered, taking a deep breath and walking through the door. Gerard was sitting on top of a piano, talking to a boy with short black hair and a lip piercing. He spotted me and his eyes widened, turning to the other boy for a minute before jumping up and walking over to me.

“H-Hey. Mikey sent you?”

“Yeah, he said you wanted to talk to me?”

“Yeah. I um…do you maybe want to g-go to a movie with me sometime? The new Star Wars comes out this Friday if you want to go with me?” He rushed out, stumbling over a few words.

“Like as a date?”

“Uh if you want it to be a date but if you don’t feel the same way I understand and we could go as friends or something.”

“No no no, I would love to go, you know as a date instead of just friends,” I reassured, feeling my face heat up at the smile that took over his features.

“C-Cool, great. Um i’ll call you tonight?”

“Okay, sounds good,” I said, shifting my weight as an awkward silence fell on us. He suddenly leaned forward, giving my cheek a quick peck and making both of us turn as red as our school colors. 

“Okay bye,” he said nervously, his fingers touching his lips. My cheek felt like it was on fire, tingling where his lips brushed onto my skin.

“Bye, see you Friday,” I smiled, hearing Gerard’s friend whistle at him as I walked out of the room.

“So how’d it go?”