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  • Gerard: Sometimes it blows my mind that there are people that don’t wear glasses/contacts. Like they can literally see with no aid. Like they wake up and just be out here seeing. What a wild concept.
  • Mikey: And people say stuff like ‘lol don’t you hate it when you look up in the middle of the night and see a spider on your ceiling’ like bitch! I could have Nicholas II last czar of Russia hangin from my ceiling fan and i would be none the wiser

I was feeling poetic about the b-team, and a side of Mikey not much of the fandom acknowledges.


Sometimes, Donnie watches his brother, and wonders why their other siblings can’t see all the sides to him.

Mikey is smiles. All smiles all the time. Cheery grins, cheeky grins, mischievous ones you need to watch out for. He’s fond smiles and warm smiles, given when they’re safe at home and there’s no one to fight. He’s small smiles and big smiles and lopsided ones that Donnie knows just as well as their brothers’.


Mikey is also smiles that aren’t like that.

Mikey is false smiles and masked smiles and carefully chosen smiles that can hide just about any other emotion. He’s sharp smiles, knowing smiles, terrifying ones that are all teeth and threat and terror that no one sees till it’s too late.

Mikey smiles all the time, but not all those smiles are kind ones.

Donnie sees it. He doesn’t think their brothers do, nor their father or friends.

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As soon as Leo’s eyes locks on the screen of the ultrasound, they go wide. He can’t believe that’s actually his baby. It was in that moment he got the real feel of that he’s gonna be a dad. His eyes get watery, but no tears falls down his cheeks. It’s hard for him to move his eyes away, he can only stop and stare, admire that little baby in your belly that someday soon gonna be laying in his arms. Hearing the heartbeat is another confirmation that the baby is safe and good. 

Throughout the session he will hold your hand and he wont stop smiling. He has now been filled with a new kind of love and happiness. The rest of the day will be spend by relaxing with you and just being close. 


Raph has been a nervous wreck since he found out you’re pregnant with his baby. He even fainted when you told him! He tried his best to hide his nerves, to show his excitement and happiness instead, but no matter how hard he tried, you knew. He would sit next to you, joking and laughing, but his eyes widened as soon as he saw that screen; you weren’t just having A baby, you were having TWO babies! You had to calm him down and reassure him that everything will be alright and that he will be a good daddy for the twins and even also for you. *wink* 

After looking some more at the ultrasound and hearing the heartbeat for the first time he would also get watery eyes and shed a tear or so, lying to both you and Donnie that he wasn’t crying, it was just very dusty in the lab. He was now more than excited to become a dad. The rest of the day would be spend spooning and cuddling together in his bed. 


Donnie is very calm about it all. Inside him, he’s very excited, happy and proud, but he knows it’s for the better to stay calm. He make sure you’re comfortable as you lay on the lab bed he has set up and he will explain everything as it goes when he starts the ultrasound. All of the sudden he goes quiet. You look up at him and see him smiling, tearful eyes as he watches the baby in your belly for the first time. The same with the heartbeat, it was all so perfect and surreal. 

For the rest of the day, he will be (just like Leo) taking care of you, making sure you get enough rest, that you eat and drink to stay hydrated, but also that you get all the necessary vitamins in. When you’re asleep, he will take out that ultrasound picture that he took a screenshot of and tears will flow out of his eyes. 


Mikey is wild! He has been nagging on Donnie to hurry up with the ultrasound machine ever since you told him you were pregnant. When you both finally got the green light that it was ready, he could’ve jumped to the moon of happiness. First seeing the baby, he was so excited! His eyes wide open, admiring the unborn baby, but something was off. It looked so different. Mikey’s words made both you and Donnie take a much closer look to the screen. Your heart almost stopped at Don’s “uh-oh”. You just found out you were expecting tripplets. 

The rest of the day, you would be laying down and chilling while Mikey now had to come up with more names on the name list he had made. He would also cuddle with you, talk with the babies in your belly and just chill even more. 

a reminder that you can never truly appreciate any of Oscar Wilde’s works if you don’t first accept and keep in mind that he was gay. Basically all his works (notably Dorian Gray, but also his short stories) have parts of character or plot that stem from his life as a gay man trying to keep his sexuality hidden from peers and the Society that inevitably finds out and imprisons him. If you say “him being gay isn’t important” you are not only blatantly wrong, but you definitely don’t understand important parts of his works.


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Baby Mikey is sick. Shivering, high temperature, just not feeling himself, so I think he goes to Leo, Raph comes in later and lays with him, then Donnie joins and starts talking about what he recently learned about illness whiiich sent Mikey into a scared mood.
Thanks Donnie. lol.


The blanket represents them.
The pillows represents them and those who will have a big impact on their lives