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TMNT 2012 rant: On visible violence

I will always be bothered that the 2012 series doesn’t show blood. Beat up by the Shredder? No blood. Mike gets his arm slashed by Rahzar? No blood. Splinter is outright stabbed and murdered by Shredder? NOT EVEN A DROP.

Okay. I want a scene where Mikey my Sunshine Cinnamon Roll Baby encounters a freaky creature who beats the shit out of him, broken leg, broken ribs, sliced up limbs, massive concussion, deep stabbing in the plastron, coma. Even if blood is shown somehow in silhouette, as bruises or markings, make Donnie say out loud he needs stitches, something to stop the bleeding. Something to hint that the injury is BAD. Beyond Healing Hands. The baby of the family gets brutalized and it needs to show, and the boys need to go all wild revenge eyes (NOBODY. MESSES. WITH MIKEY). Show Mikey covered in bandages and gauze with an oxygen mask and IV tubes (where? Don’s lab? The dojo? A bedroom? Where is their infirmary?) Remember when Rahzar sliced his arm and there wasn’t even a mark or bruise or shadow? Ppfftt. Wounds bleed. Nobody wants the sweet joyous precious one to get hurt, but he would be, if an enemy were smart.
I’m vicious and practical, shut up. I wrote an entire fanfic around Mikey getting the life beat out of him. He’s an Iron Woobie. I used the Trope Break The Cutie a lot.
The turtles are not unbreakable. Their shells are like armour. But get really into a battle, aim for fleshy parts, make them bleed. This stopped being a purely kids show once they started paying homage to The Thing and Aliens and creepy creepy monsters. So? Add warning signs to episodes. Let’s see some actual ninja violence thank you.
Hey, I’ve been in the fandom since the late 1990s. We were cruel sadistic writers.

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