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hi! just wanna say that your art is awesome and i hope it feels awesome! did you intentionally "color-coat" the chocobros to their ninja turtles counterpart or did that just happen? hope you stay safe from irma!

Ninja Turtles… Wha…? 

*Looks at doodle*


Walking on Water (Songfic)

2007!Donatello x reader

Who would I be?
Where would I be going if I didn’t have you to shake my face?
Why do you care?
Why do you care so much?
Your love’s such a stretch for my faith.

You don’t let go easily.
No, you hold onto me tight.
And it’s just what I need.
To get me through the storm tonight.

Donatello had no idea why you were with him how you have been for so long. He had fallen into a bit of a dark place. Donnie had taken a job as an IT tech support guy nearly a year ago and everyday seemed to just drag longer and longer. He swears these customers came straight from Hell.

At the end of most of his days he would feel tired and agitated, occasionally taking it out on you. When he did take out his frustration on you, you never got angry or upset with him. You never shed a tear or walked away from him or made him walk away from you. You would just hold him and kiss him and tell him that it’s okay.

“Why do you care so much, (Y/n)?”

“Because I love you, Donatello.”

Whoa, I don’t have to be afraid of the wind.
And that’s good to know.
‘Cause I’ve heard it all before.
But I’m walking on water now.
In the midst of a storm.

He lifted his head up from your shoulder quickly.

“You love me?” he asked. You nodded and he smiled and let a tear slip out. You wiped it away with your thumb, thinking that the tear was just from bottled up anger and frustration.

“Yes…are you okay?” you asked carefully. He smiled and sniffed a little.

“Yeah I…I just feel like I’m walking on water through the midst of a storm…” He paused and you looked at him. He could be so poetic. “I love you too.” Then Donnie kissed you right there.

My life fell apart and you were right there.
The fire turned my whims into smoke.
I choke on your words that somehow make sense.
And I dance with a joy only found in the pain.

You don’t let go easily.
No, you hold onto me tight.
And it’s just what I need.
To get me through the storm tonight.

Donnie was slowly feeling like his life was falling apart. Leo hasn’t written in months and everyone was worried and scared and his family was starting to fall apart. But you were the one who stayed by his side through it all. You were so patient with him and so gentle and caring. More and more often he found himself staying the night at your place. In the few weeks before Leo returned, the two of you had practically moved in together.

One night Donatello texted you to tell you that he was going to spend some time with Mikey and watch a couple movies with him, since Mikey has been feeling lonely lately at the lair. Of course you understood, feeling pretty bad for Mikey. You felt like you were taking Donnie away from him so you were okay spending some time by yourself that night and didn’t hear from Donnie until the next morning.

Whoa, I don’t have to be afraid of the wind.
And that’s good to know.
'Cause I’ve heard it all before.
But I’m walking on water now.
Whoa, I don’t have to be afraid of this sinking ship.
And that’s good to know.
'Cause I’ve heard it all before.
But I’m walking on water now.

You woke up to your phone ringing on your nightstand and lazily answered it, letting out a sleepy, “Hello…?”

“Hey sweetheart, I’m sorry I woke you up.” you heard Donnie say softly on the other line. You smiled and stretched a little.

“No, it’s okay. What’s up?”

“Leo came back last night.” This woke you up immediately and you sat up in bed, a smile spreading across his face.

“Donnie, that’s great! Oh, I’m so glad he’s okay. I know you all have been worried about him. I have too.” you said as you let out a sigh of relief. When he stopped writing, everyone started to think of the worst. It was like Leo was back from the dead.

Take me away to a heavenly place.
Rescue me my love, my saving grace.

The next night Donnie knocked on your window at the usual time. You opened it happily and he slipped inside quickly. He immediately kissed you and lifted you off the ground. He twirled you around a couple of times as giggles bubbled from your throat. He peppered your face and neck in kisses, obviously in a wonderful mood.

“Well hello, mister!” you said giggling. He smiled and kissed you again, holding it for a few seconds longer than the others. This one took your breathe away and he pulled away, making you leaning in for more, which he happily gave you.

“Leo’s back,” He kissed you once. “The family is back together,” He kissed you twice. “And I finally quit that terrible job!” He kissed you three times, the third kiss being a longer one with a little tongue at the end.

You took his face in your hands while his own hands moving to your waist, intensifying the kiss. You two finally broke away and panted a little.

“I told you things would be okay.” you told him softly as you looked into each other’s eyes. He smiled and looked down for a moment before looking back at you.

“Thank you for staying with me, no matter how difficult things got. I’m sorry if I was…different.” You frowned as he looked away from you, the guilt welling up in his chest. You shook your head and turned his head to face yours, silently telling him not to apologize.

“I love you (Y/n).”

“I love you too Donatello.”

Whoa, I don’t have to be afraid of the wind.
And that’s good to know.
'Cause I’ve heard it all before.
But I’m walking on water now.

Whoa, I’m singing in the rain.
Well that’s a joy I’ve never known.
'Cause I’ve heard it all before.
But I’m walking on water now.


A favorite series takes on another favorite series! 

Are you gonna stay the night? mikey way imagine.

A/N: woop nr. 2 of the day is done. i am proud of myself. so yeah, hope you enjoy.

Y/N`s P.O.V. 

I was sitting on Mikeys couch ”watching” the movie. It was a bad movie, which made it way more fun to make fun of the movie than actually watch the movie. There is nothing wrong with that. We were laughing about the cheesiness of one of the characters, it was so staged it was unbelieveble. ”I can’t do this Karen I love her.” he said, with the least feeling I have seen any actors express since Kristen Steward in Twilight. If you are a Twilight fan don’t get mad at me. but come on you have to admit Bella Swan is the most boring teenage girl ever. It is like she is constantly on her period. Which I imagine Edward fucking loves. When I told this to Mikey he laughed so hard he got cramps. Actual stomach cramps. I jawned and looked at the time. I looked at Mikey who turned his head to me in a sweet matter.

”I should head home. It is getting late.” I said jawning, while I got up from the couch.

He rolled his eyes, and grabbed my wrist pulling me down again.

”Just stay the night. It is to late to drive anyway.” He said.

I knew it was true, and I stayed there all the time. I just nodded and shrugged. Why not? I texted my mom letting her know I was staying with Mike. She just responded ”K” she was probably already asleep so I didn’t think anything of her short response. I poked Mikey to get his attention, he looked at me and I smirked.

”Looks like I’m staying.” I said singing the last word a little. He chuckled and shook his head at me.

”You are such a weirdo.” he said, I just rolled my eyes at him.

We turned our attention back to the movie. Just like watching Twilight, even though we missed 10 minutes, you didn’t really miss anything. I jawned for the 3rd time and Mike noticed.

He smiled a little and looked at me for approval. He put his arm around me and I cuddled into his chest. We had done this before as well. nothing new there. Finally the movie ended and we moved the party to his bedroom. I stayed over pretty often so I had a tooth brush there. I went out to brush my teeth, and put my hair into a braid. My hair is mid lenght and pretty thick. So I  hated sleeping with it loose. I walked into Mikey bedroom. he had changed into the pj´s I gave him last christmas. I smiled when i saw him wearing them. Then I frowned. I would prefer not to sleep in my current clothes, and unlike the tooth brush I didn’t have pjs lying at their house.

”Hey Mike, I have nothing to sleep in.” Said and put a pout on my face.

”Aw we can’t have that can we?” he said pouting back at me and then smiling. He turned around to look through his closet.

”uhm.. here just wear that. I am in the bathroom so you can just change here.” he said throwing me a t-shirt and some boxers.

He then turned around and walked to the bathroom closing the door behind him. I sighed and got up from the bed and took of my jeans, put the boxers on, took of my shirt and put on his t-shirt. It smelled nice. Like him. Maybe a little cleaner but that is a different story. I smiled to myself when I knocked on the door letting Mike know I was covered. He opened it and smiled at the sight of me. I looked at him confused and he chuckled.

He took my hand and spun me around.

”You look good in my clothes. You should wear it more often.” He said, I smiled and rolled my eyes.

”Even though it is like 2 sizes too big. Sure.” I said and he chuckled.

I was about to walked away but he pulled me back like he had done on the couch.

”Where are you going?” He asked and smiled.

I rolled my eyes. ”To sleep on the couch. Like I always do.” I said, he knew this.

”Come on we could share a bed when we were younger, just lay in my bed.” He said I shook my head and sighed.

”Fine. But you better not be hugging the covers.” I said. He rolled his eyes, and we laid down in the bed.

He turned of the light on his nightstand and we were in complete darkness. I could feel his arm around my waist and i scooted a bit closer to him until we were spooning. I smiled to myself and closed my eyes to go to sleep.

*the next morning*

both Mike and I awoke from our sleep like nothing had happened. we just walked down stairs getting break fast. Gerard was already sitting there eating some toast.

”Oh Hey the love birds are up.” He said and smirked at us. I looked at him confused. Since when are Mike and I love birds?

Mike apparently noticed my puzzled look and puffed my arm with his albow giving me a little smile. He then handed me a bowl and cereal and I smiled, he for no reason always made me cereal as well when he was making his own. Go figure.

I just took a spoon, handed him one and dug in. He sat down beside Gerard. Looking up at me.

”Nah, you’re just jealous because you dont have a pretty girl sleeping in your bed wearing your clothes.” 

Imagine you and Mikey are watching a movie. You’re both alone and you’re sitting right beside each other, your fingers bristling “accidentally” over each others hands. Mikey has a thought on his mind and it won’t go away no matter how hard he tries. He wants to focus on the movie but the question is just hanging there in his mind, and he knows he’ll have to say it just for the thought to go away. Mikey quietly clears his throat and turns slightly to face you. You notice in the corner of your eye and turn to face him, wondering what he has to say.

“(Y/n),” Mikey gulps, grabbing your hands. “Do you want a kiss?”

You immediately become flustered. You’re blushing like crazy. You really want to but the words won’t form. “Wh-what?” is all you say.

Mikey goes to plan B: he slides some hershey kisses on the palms of your hands, then releasing his grasp on you. “Yanno, kisses.” Mikey says, hoping his back up plan worked.

“Oh,” you reply blankly. You stare at the little chocolates on your hands and are a bit disappointed. “I thought you meant the other kind of kiss,” you say aloud. As you hear what you intended to be a thought escape your lips, you purse your lips and immediately start glowing red all over again.

“Th-that’s what I mean!” Mikey admitted, scooting closer to you. “That was just my plan B in case you didn’t wanna. But since you didn’t…” Mikey leaned in and pressed his lips to yours, the warmth of your lips giving Mikey little shivers. He smiles against your lips as you start to kiss back, wrapping your arms around his neck. After a brief and passionate moment of smooching, you and Mikey pull away, little bashful smiles on your faces. Mikey handed you more hershey kisses while trailing kisses on your cheeks.

“I’m getting a lot of kisses tonight,” you chuckle as he pecks your forehead.

“Mm, you betcha,” Mikey whispers, crashing his lips onto yours once again. He was determined to give you as many kisses (chocolate and lip wise) as he could that night. He even melted one of the hershey kisses and wiped some on your lips, kissing it off.

G-Rated (Mikey Way)

“Do you guys ever do anything apart from each other?” Frank teased commenting on the lack of space between you and Mikey as you watched a movie from the couch.

“We shower separate sometimes.” You shrugged Frank involuntarily cringing at the thought of times you didn’t shower separate.

“Can I do something with your girlfriend today?” Frank raised his eyebrows interested in the response he’d get.

“Can I come?” Frank laughed.

“Of course not. It’s Frank day. Not Mikey day like it is every second of every single day.”

“Then no, I’d be bored. She’s mine, fuck off, find your own girl.” Mikey waved a laughing Frank of as you laughed and kissed his cheek.

“Someones sassy today.” He smiled slightly.

“Frank doesn’t get to touch you.”

“What if Frank has a supervisor?” Gerard’s voice rang out.

“Do I get to come?” Frank groaned and Gerard laughed.

“If that what it takes.” Mikey grinned and pecked your lips, Gerard running in dramatically.

“Get that porn off my couch! No babies will be made on my couch.”

“You fuck off too.” Mikey muttered giving his brother the finger and actually kissing you this time.

“You two are gross.” Gerard chanted exiting immediately.

“You’re not gross, you’re cute as hell.” He grinned and kissed your cheek.

“You’re pretty good looking yourself.” You smiled before Frank and Gerard both returned with devilish looks on their faces.

“Up lovebirds.” They made their way over making it clear that you could get up or be forced up.

You both stood up with a groan not interested in whatever shit they were gonna pull.

“Alright, so, Ray’s coming over and we’re watching movies.” Gerard announced.

“We had to get up for that?” You questioned really just wanting to return to sitting with Mikey.

“No, you had to get up because it was agreed that we need to separate you two.” Gerard paused motioning for Frank to speak.

“It was a unanimous vote. 3/3. Gerard doesn’t want to see his little brother swap spit, Ray and I don’t want to see anyone swap spit, Period.”

Mikey crossed his arms.

“I’ve watched you and Gerard swap spit plenty of times, on stage, while feeling each other up.” Both boys scoff.

“That’s for stage Mikey, unless you have a fake relationship with the lovely lady.” In which case she can come cry to me.

Suddenly Gerard pulled you to him, landing you both on the couch.

“Gerard, stop abusing my girlfriend.” Mikey said monotonously, overly used to his brothers antics.

“Not until the movies up.” Gerard moved you both so he was less in your space but still contained.

“You sir, get to spend some quality time with me and Ray.” Frank grinned throwing his legs across Mikey.

“Frank, you’re a hobbit, you know I can get up.”

Frank just shrugged.

“Try me.” Mikey just huffed and crossed his arms yet again.

“Fine whatever.”

Sometime later Ray walked in and laughed at the sight before him.

“You guys weren’t kidding about the whole separation thing… How’d you do it?” He faked awe as he plopped down besides Mikey laughing as Gerard and Frank gladly retold the tale.

“Okay. Now you two can be gross, just because this is a scary movie.” Gerard stated releasing you from his confines.

“Thanks” you laughed and walked over to Mikey who was still trapped between Frank and Ray.

“I’m not against sitting on your legs.” You warned Frank shrugging you off paying attention to the horror film Gerard had just turned on.

You plopped down on Frank’s legs that were covering Mikey’s lap a yelp coming from him instantly.

“I warned you.” You reminded hopping up and letting him remove his legs as he grumbled Ray laughing besides you.

“Man, she’s hardcore, remind me not to piss her off!” Ray laughed and you raised an eyebrow at him trying not to laugh.

“Well you’re incredibly close to my boyfriend and occupying space that I could use.” Gerard made some comment, Mikey was trying not to laugh and Frank was still too “hurt” to care.

“Yes Ma'am.” Ray laughed getting up and taking what once was your spot next to Gerard.

“Thank you.” You grinned and plopped next to Mikey who threw an arm around you and kissed your head.

“Sorry my brother held you captive.” He laughed and you just shrugged.

“We’ll just have to remember this when they have "gross” girlfriends.“ Mikey grinned and both Frank and Gerard looked like they’d seen ghosts.

"Not cool!” Frank protested.

“Yeah neither is being held down by Gerard.” You countered only causing Frank to smirk.

“I dunno, getting held down by Gerard can end pretty well.” He winked and just sighed, seeing that this was a pointless battle.

“I love you guys.” You laughed receiving a slew of “I love you too’s”

“But I love you the most.” You grinned and turned to Mikey and kissed him a little “more gross” than G-rated.

“Love you too.” He grinned kissing you back and ignoring the comments received from the others.

5sos Preference #1: He's Tired

So this is my first time writing preferences. I hope I’ll do okay! Enjoy!

LUKE: You were in bed, glasses on, reading a book. You’re immediately concerned when you hear a door slam and a groan sounding from Luke’s lips. “Luke?” You ask concerned, but before you can get up, he shuffles into the room, headed to the bathroom, not replying to you. You quietly follow behind him. He fixes his hair, brushes his teeth. He starts to unbutton his shirt but you stop him and do I yourself. As you’re unbuttoning it, he just rests his head on your shoulder, taking a deep breath. “Rough day?” You ask quietly. He just grumbles in response. You finish with his shirt and lead him to bed. “Let’s get some sleep, yeah?” You say to him. He just hums in response, falling into bed. As soon as his head hit the pillow, he was out.

ASHTON: “Come on Ash, I gave you five more minutes. You have to get up now!” You sighed, shaking your boyfriend awake. “Fine” He grumbles. You guys finally make it to the airport and onto the plane, both tired and grumpy. “Explain to me again why we had to have such an early flight to LA?” Ashton complains tiredly. “Babe just go to sleep it’s a long plane ride.” You say, while brushing hair out of his face. He just nods, and cuddles up against you; as if you were his pillow. He smiled lightly and began to fall asleep with him.

MICHAEL: You and Mikey were cuddling and watching movies. He just got done with a show, and according to him it was their best and most tiring day on tour yet. You felt him shift against you and move his head onto your shoulder. “Tired?” You ask. “Mhm” He responds quietly. “You can sleep babe it’s fine!” You laugh. “No no I have to stay up you babe” He mumbles, cuddling into you closer. “Okay….” You say giggling. As you predicted, five minutes later he was fast asleep on your shoulder, soft snores coming from his mouth.

CALUM: You were at home, chilling out, waiting for Calum to come home from the gym. “Babe? I’m home!” Calum shouts. You can tell by his voice that he is exhausted. “Up here babe!” You shout back. He walks in, setting his stuff down. You have to admit, he looks extremely hot when he’s sweaty. “Well hello!” You smirk as he takes off his shirt. “Hi.” He says suspiciously. You give him a confused look, and then before you knew it he jumps on top of you. “Calum, get off of me!” You whine. No response. You look at his face and he’s half asleep. You sigh and give up, wrapping your arms around him.


Mashton grinding smut inspired by littlemashton and I’s convos and mikey’s eyebrow piercing bc hot damn.

*Ashton’s POV yaaaas*

“Thank you guys for coming, we appreciate it! We love you guys heaps!”
I waved to some fans and jumped into the back of our van sitting down next to Luke as we went on our way back to our hotel after an awesome gig on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

“Don’t do anything stupid, Mikey, and for god sakes, don’t get mobbed!” Calum yelled to Michael as he walked down the California street towards the busy city.

“Yeah, I got it, Cal! See you guys back at the hotel!” He yelled back and continued in the opposite direction of our hotel, waving and taking pictures with some of the fans.

“Where the hell is he off to?” I asked Calum, hoping he knew where Michael was so he would have someone to get him if he got lost.

“No clue, said something about going to dye his hair.” He trailed off and I frowned, pulling out my phone and turning it on. I pulled up my messages and sent a quick text him, ‘Hey Mikey, the address of the hotel is H/A in case you get lost :) -Ashton’

I got a response a minute later, ‘Thanks Ash, i’ll try not to -Mikey’ I sighed in relief, glad he hadn’t been kidnapped or something ridiculous like that. I put my phone in my pocket as we pulled up in front of our hotel and jumped out along with the other boys, heading to our rooms. Luke and Cal obviously called to room together, leaving me to room with Michael, not that I minded, as long as he doesn’t play games at 3am like he usually does.

“See you guys tomorrow morning, good job tonight” I said to them, sliding my keycard into my door lock and entering the room. It was cozy, a living room with one little seat and flatscreen tv and a full kitchen in the corner. I walked into the bedroom seeing 2 beds and a bit of a hallway leading to the door of the bathroom with a shower, bath, sink, and big mirror lining the wall. I set my suitcase down on my bed and opened it, grabbing my sweatpants and tank, stripping down and changing into them, then unloading my other clothes into my nightstand/drawer and sorting all my toiletries into my side of the bathroom. We had brought a lot of stuff since we we’re staying in California for a while to promote our album that just came out. When I finished I went into the living room and plopped down into the surprisingly comfortable seat, letting out a sigh of relief and turning on a movie.

*Time skip lmao*

The movie just ended and I got up to get some food and go to bed, considering it was 11:00pm, when I heard a the door unlock and open revealing a purple haired Michael. I nodded my head in approval at him, giving him a thumbs up.

“Nice color Mike, looks nice on you.” I told him honestly, because wow, that color really looked good on him.
“Thanks Ash, I like it too,” He grinned, walking closer to me. “Whatcha’ watching?” He questioned, raising his eyebrow and thats when I saw it.

The little fucker got an eyebrow piercing.

And damn, did it look hot.

“I-uh-um..” I stared at the little black piercing, tripping over my words as Michael smirked at me.

“Like it?” He asked, knowing I was staring at him as my cheeks heated up. All I could do was nod furiously,

“Y-yeah, it definitely looks really good on you,” was all I could think of as an answer.

“Cool, thanks man,” He bit his lip. “Cal’s probably gonna flip but fuck it.” He walked past me and I watched him from the corner of my eye as he jumped onto the small chair.

“Jesus, i’ve been walking around town all night my legs are so tired,” He groaned, reaching up to touch his eyebrow, wincing and muttering a “fuck” under his breath. I couldn’t stop staring at it, piercings are such a turn on for me. I pulled myself together and went to go make popcorn in the kitchen.

“Ash, make me some popcorn too, yeah?” He asked as he saw me pull down a bag of microwaveable popcorn. I nodded my head, not sure of my voice at the moment. I placed the bag in the microwave and started it, leaning over the counter and gripping the edge of it, trying to calm myself down before I got a boner and had to take care of it in the bathroom of a hotel. The microwave beeped signalling the finish of the popcorn and I pulled it out and poured it into a bowl. I walked back into the living room to see Mikey watching some random movie i’d never seen before, him taking up the entire seat.

“Do ya mind moving Mikey? I gotta sit too.” I complained, yet he made no effort to move over. I bent down to grab him to shove him over when I heard a long whine come from the boy below me.

“C’mooonnn, Ash, stop i’m tired,” He begged, “Why don’t you just sit on me?” He offered, unfortunately, his words went straight to my lower region.
I definitely cannot sit on Michael when i’m this turned on, I probably wont be able to control myself. Suddenly, I felt a tug on my waist and I plopped right down on top of Michael, my body automatically stiffened.

“Mikey, I don’t wanna squash you!” I squealed, trying to find an excuse so I didn’t have to sit on him.

“It’s fine, mate, you won’t squash me, I just wanna cuddle.” He assured me, snuggling his face into my neck.

It’s alright Ashton, it’s just a cuddle. Just a platonic cuddle with your bandmate. No big deal.

But I couldn’t help my roaming thoughts of me on top of the boy, riding him as I tug on his new lilac hair while he pants my name. That’s it.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed to go to the bathroom and take care of my raging hard on so I began standing up when I was automatically pulled down by Michael, him hugging me tighter.

“C’mon Ash I wanna cuddleeee,” he sang songed as I began to squirm, desperate to get out of here. “Ashton won’t cuddle wit-” His serenade cut off unexpectedly as his breath hitched, me still squirming on his lap.

“Mikey, i’m tired, I wanna go to bed.” I squeaked, moving around to loosen his grip on me. Suddenly I heard a shaky breath come from his mouth and his arms slowly loosened from around me. I turned my head around to see what was wrong I saw a pained expression on his pretty little face. I finally realised that I was just accidentally rubbing my bum on my best mates crotch.

“Oh, fuck Mikey, i-i’m sorry! I had n-no idea!” I was a stuttering mess, I had obviously never been in this situation before and it was definitely awkward. He nodded his head mumbling “s’okay” and opening his eyes for me to see that his pupils had now taken up most of the colour that had existed earlier. I smirked and turned back around continuing to watch the movie, now that i’ve gotten a reaction out of him, there was no way I was leaving now, wanking can definitely wait.

We sat for a few minutes and I now had an obvious tent in my sweats and I was really curious to see what Michael would do if I made a move so I decided to go for it. What could go wrong? We’d still be mates, so whats the harm?
I carefully shifted on top of him, getting comfortable, when I heard the boy groan from under me.

“Ash, do you mind trying not to fucking grind on me?” He mumbled in my ear. I bit my lip and slightly ground my ass down on Michael’s slight buldge, gauging his reaction. His grip on my hips tightened as I slowly circled against his hips, feeling him grow harder. I heard a low moan come from the back of his throat and I smirked to myself. I stood up from his lap as his eyebrows furrowed together, obviously confused, as I faced him and sat back down on his lap, leaning down to his ear and whispering, “That eyebrow piercing looks really fucking hot on you.” I nipped his earlobe with my teeth as he let out a moan,

“Don’t fucking tease me.” He growled, leaning up and connecting our lips. They were surprisingly soft, and I tasted mint on his breath, making me subconsciously move my hips against his again, begging for friction. I slowly peeked my tongue out and swiped it along his lower lip and he instantly opened his mouth, our tongues massaging each others. I cautiously bit down on Michaels lip softly, and he automatically let out a whimper, accidentally bucking his hips up as we both let out groans at the contact.

“Ash,” He moaned into my mouth, “Don’t stop.” His voice was needy, so thats when I grabbed the hem of his shirt, taking my lips off his for a brief moment, and replacing them immediately after his shirt was thrown across the hotel room. I reached down between our hot bodies and placed my palm on top of Mikey’s prominent bulge in his skinnies, wrapping my fingers around the outline of his boner and rubbing up and down, giving him the friction he obviously needed.

As soon as I began palming him, our lips disconnected and Mikey’s head dropped back, exposing the milky white skin of his neck as he let out a loud moan of my name. I leaned down and left pecks down his jawline leading to his neck sucking underneath his ear, never ceasing my hand movements on his dick.

“Fuck, Ash, oh my fucking god,” he panted, I removed my hand and he instantly whined but was cut off with a moan as I started thrusting my dick against Michaels, shoving my fingers into his hair and pulling him to me, kissing him once more. The friction on my painfully hard dick felt like heaven as I groaned into Mikey’s mouth, needing him to come soon as I wouldn’t last much longer. I gave one particularly sharp thrust and gasped as pleasure shot through my body, shoving my face in Mikey’s neck to conceal my moans. I tugged Mikey’s purple hair softly, loving the feeling of it between my fingers and was granted with surprisingly loud moan from him.

“Do that again, Ash,” he gasped, looking into my eyes with his lust filled orbs. I bit my lip and slowly ground our dicks together while pulling on his hair hard, never breaking eye contact, but he broke it when his eyes rolled to the back of his head and his lids fluttered closed as his whole body tensed up, his lips parting slightly to let out a silent moan. The look on his face was so perfect (heheh) as he came, with swollen red lips and pink stained cheeks, especially with that little eyebrow piercing and his soft lilac hair. I ground down on him a few more times to draw out his orgasm, feeling his legs slightly shake underneath me.

His eyes finally re-opened and met mine, the brilliant emerald shine returning to them as I leaned down to peck his lips and stood up from his lap, grabbing the bowl of popcorn from the floor and returning it to the kitchen.

“Shit, Ash! You made me come in my fucking pants!” Michael squeaked as he jumped up and ran to our bedroom, probably to change clothes. I smirked to myself and headed to our room, seeing a newly-changed Michael sitting on the edge of his claimed bed, looking at the wall lazily. I headed for the hallway to go to the bathroom to take care of my problem when Michael finally perked up.

“What are you doing now?” He questioned, stretching his arms over his head.

“Still hard as fuck, need to go take care of it,” I mumbled, opening the bathroom door. Michael tsked and grabbed the handle from behind me, shutting it, then gripping my hips and spinning me around to face him as I see an angry look upon his face.

“You make me come in my pants then expect me to let you off the hook?” He hissed in my ear as my cock twitched, making it even harder, if possible. “You think i’m done yet?” He questioned, pushing me against the wall as I whimpered. “It’s only fair I make you come too.” He gave me a devilish smirk and chuckled as I was nearly panting by now.

“Mikey, please,” I begged, as he grabbed my hand and led me back towards our bedroom.


WOWOWOWOW I KNOW IM GOING TO HELL IM SO SORRY omg that was dirty as shit someone get me the holy water bc i need jesus.🙏
ANYWAYS, that was my mashton smut that i worked on for like weeks and weeks but i hope it was worth it ?? Idk guys, lemme know if i should do a part 2 *clicks tongue* or nahh. Kk ily soso much okay peace chicken grease nipples
-Hayley xx

Criminal!5sos (part 8)

Part 9/END 

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WARNING: slight smut, guns and violence 

Michael’s movement makes me wake up with a smirk, his erection grinding into my back side looking for some type of release as he lets out tiny moans and whimpers in his sleep. I remove his arm from my waist so I can get out of bed, leaving him thrusting into the comforter. I laugh a bit at the sexually frustrated boy, his eyebrows furrowed and his bottom lip inbetween his teeth as he keeps moving his hips into the balled up sheets. I walk out of the bedroom so I can go upstairs and get my daily dose of caffeine, seeing as I am not a great morning person most of the time. I walk up the steps and open the door to the kitchen, closing it behind me and heading straight for the coffee maker that surprisingly seems as if its a fresh pot.

“Hey! Look who’s awake!” Cal says walking into the kitchen and giving me a one armed hug.

“Good morning.” I say with a small smile as he hands me a coffee cup.

“I thought you and Mike would be having another round this morning.” He says with a joking tone and a smirk.

“Shut up.” I say as I punch him lightly in the arm and roll my eyes.

He hold the arm I punched and fakes a hurt look as he starts to whine about how you’re “so mean!”

I sit at the dining room table and drink my coffee, reading the daily newspaper column about our stick-up that happened a few days ago. I hear foot steps walk towards me and I turn around to meet a messy haired Michael who looks embarrassed , yet happy. He gives me a smile and a kiss on the cheek before he sits down with his arm around me on the seat to my right. 

“I woke up this morning and you weren’t there.” He says.

“Well.. I needed my coffee.” I say still looking at the newspaper with a smirk.

“Well.. I needed your assistance with certain problem.” He says while caressing my inner thigh.

“Well it looked like you were already taking care of that problem, so I left you to finish your business.” I say with a smirk while getting up from the table to put my cup in the sink. 

Michael follows me to the kitchen and wraps his arm around my waist and places a kiss to my jaw as I start to clean my coffee cup.

“Do you know how embarrassing it is to wake up from a wet dream about the girl who’s sleeping next to you, and realize that you just came in your pants and she isn’t there.” He whispers in your ear. 

You turn around in his arms and place a chaste kiss to his lips as he lowers his hands to grip your ass.

“Well then I guess you got your problem sorted out then!” I say while moving away from his arms and walking into the living room.

I turn around to see him when I walk through the door way, and see him staring at me with his jaw agape. I let out a laugh and join Calum on the couch, leaving Mikey in his surprised state.

“So Y/N, what do you wanna do today?” Cal asks.

“Actually… I have an idea of something ive been wanting to do..” I say, unsure if I should tell them.

“Well, what is it?” Cal asks.

“I wanted to go back to my apartment and grab some of my things. Theres just some things that are there that I need.” I say biting my lip.

“Ok.” He says, giving me a shrug.

“Really?” I ask.

“Ya, why not… You just need to grab something. There’s nothing wrong with that.” He says looking back at the t.v.

I let out a breath I didnt even know I was holding in.

“Cool, lets go get ready then.” I say getting up with the two other boys to get dressed and head to my apartment.


We arrive at my apartment and start to pack up the things I need.

“Wow! You weren’t kidding when you said your apartment was shit.” Cal says with a laugh.

“CAL! What the hell man!” Mikey says with a stern look on his face.

“Naw.. Its ok, I did say my apartment is a piece of shit.” I say with a grin.

After we packed up the stuff, We stepped out in the hallway to be greeted by my “crazy cat lady” neighbor. 

“OH Hello! I was just wonderin’ if you’ve seen any kittens in your apartment? Ive been trying to reach you for a couple days now an-” I interrupt her before she can finish.

“You can go ahead and check.” I say with small smile.

She may be crazy and annoying, but she means well.

“Thank you dear.” She says returning my smile with one of her own and walking into my (old) apartment.

The boys and I all walk into the apartment along with my neighbor.

“What does the kitten look like?” I ask

“He has grey fur and blue eyes, hes only 2 months old.” Shes says, looking under the furniture.

15 minutes later and we find the kitten in my kitchen cabinet, chewing on a box cat treats I got for whenever the cats would come over. It was actually quite nice sometimes to have the cats in the apartment, they were good company.

“There you are!” The cat lady says, picking up the kitten and holding him close.

“Oh my god! He’s so cute!” Mikey says running up to the both of them and petting the little creature.

“Yes, he is adorable. Thats why it makes me sad to have to put him up for adoption.” She says in a sad tone and a pout.

“Wait. Why cant you keep him?” I ask.

“I have so many of them and I cant take care of this one, so Im hoping that somebody else can give him a a better home.” She says.

With that one sentence, Mikey looks up at Cal and I with a hopeful look on his face.

“No Mikey.” I say

“But, but-”  

“No.” I say giving him a serious look.

Michael crosses his arms over his chest and pouts.

“Come on Y/N, Let him have the kitten.” Cal says.

“ugh, Fine.” I say rolling my eyes.

“YAY!” Michael yells with a huge smile on his face, throwing his hands up in the air in victory.

“Under on condition.” I say crossing my arms.

Michael’s happy demeanor is replaced with confusion.

“I get to name him.” I say with a smirk.

Michael sighs and gives me a little pout.

“What are you gonna name him?” Cal asks.

“Freddy Mercury.” I say with a smile.

“Wait.. Like Queen Freddy Mercury?” Mikey asks

“Yup.” I say

“Oh my god… This is why I love you.” Michael says more to himself than to me, but I cant help but look at him in shock.

“What did you just say?” I ask.

“NOTHING!” Michael says, picking up the bag full of my stuff and taking the kitten from my neighbors hands thanking her and rushing out the door.


When we get back to the house, I unpack my things and meet Michael in the living room were he’s playing with the kitten on the floor.

“Hey Mikey, ya wanna watch a movie? I ask.

“Sure, what is it?’’

“Stephen King’s The Shining.” I say with a grin.

“Sure.. Where did you get it from?” He asks, getting up with the kitten in his hands and sitting on the couch.

“I took it from my apartment.. I mean, come on. Its The Shining, its a classic!” I say while putting it into the dvd player and turning on the t.v.

I sit down next to Michael and cuddle into his side, as he puts his arm around me and places a his on my temple…By the end of the movie I look up at Mikey and see him fast asleep, the kitten curled up in his lap, asleep as well. I lay my head on his shoulder and place a soft kiss on his jaw before I close my eyes and fall asleep.

I wake up on the couch noticing that im by myself and Michael isnt there.
I get up and rub my eyes, walking to the kitchen. When I walk in I see Mikey making a fresh pot of coffee and the kitten on the counter eating dry cat food.

“Where’d the cat food come from?’’ I ask, wrapping my arms around Michael’s waist.

“Good morning to you too… And Ashton and Luke got it this morning before they came over after I asked them to pick it up.” He says with a laugh as he grabs my arms to take them off his waist so he can turn around.

He places a kiss to my lips that I return, which makes the kiss turn into a mini make out session.

“Good morning..” I mumble in the kiss and pull away from Michael’s grasp and head into the dining room to say hello to the others.

“Everybody ready!?” Luke asks.

We all nod, masks and gloves on, guns loaded and ready.

“Alright! Lets go!” He says, opening the car door and we all jump out and run into the store.

“EVERYBODY GET DOWN NOW!” Ashton yells as Luke gets behind the counter and tells the man working there to open all the registers and place the money in the bag, while pointing his gun at his head.

Cal and Mikey head to the back to see if they have a safe,as Ashton and I make sure that nobody does anything to ruin the plan.

Luke is still filling up the duffel bag, when I notice somebody behind the customer service counter moving their hand underneath it.

“HEY YOU!” I yell and point my gun at the woman behind the counter.

She looks up at me, fear in her eyes as I walk over to her. I get behind the counter and push her out of the way to see what she was doing, when I notice a little red button. ‘Oh shit… She pressed the panic alarm..’ (A/N not supposed to be a danisnotonfire pun btw)


Cal and Mikey run out of the back room while Ashton holds the doors open for them.

“COME ON LETS GET OUT OF HERE!!” I yell to at Luke when I notice he’s still collecting the money.

Luke finally gives up on collecting all of the cash and takes what he can get and leaves.

When we get back to the house, Luke looks furious.


“Luke, calm down. We got a lot of money fro-” Cal gets interrupted by Luke slamming his fist into the wall.

“BUT THATS JUST IT! WE DIDNT GET ALL OF IT!” Luke yells while tugging at his hair.

“Bro, you’re being paranoid..” Ashton states

“I am not.. Its all her fault..” Luke says, pointing at me.

“WHAT?! She saved our asses, what the fuck are you talking about!” Mikey yells.

“SHE SHOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING BEFORE THE LADY PRESSED THE PANIC ALARM!!” Luke yells as he gives me a death glare while I back myself up into the corner in fear.


Luke paces in front of me mumbling to himself.

“Luke, are you ok?” I ask in a quiet voice, still shaking in the corner from fear.

“Shut up..” He spits out his words, still pacing in front of me.

“Luke, dude chill..” Ashton says from across the room.

“I SAID SHUT UP!” Luke screams pulling out his gun and pointing it at me.

“DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE!” Michael yells, a mix of fear and anger showing through his words and his demeanor.

“Its all your fault…Its all your fault…” Luke mumbles again and again looking me straight in the eyes, still pointing his gun at me with his finger ready to pull the trigger.

“Luke…Please..” I begged, tears falling from my eyes.

The last thing I remember, was a loud bang from the gun and an excruciating pain hitting me before I hit the ground and feel a warm substance ooze from my stomach…
It took me 3 hours to write this… WOW… tell me what you think!!


BTW the kitten will not be talked about later on in the series but its still there dont worry!

He Cheats- Ashton Irwin Imagine Part 2

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Read part 1 here! 

Part 3? 

“You can stay here on the couch with me, I mean, if you want.” Michael told you. Michael was one of your best friends, Ashton always didn’t like you hanging around him, but you didn’t care. Michael was always the one to help you when you were upset, when Ashton wasn’t around. “I don’t want to be any trouble Mikey.” You say sweetly. Michael knitted his eyebrows. “Y/n, are you kidding me?” Michael said slightly aggravated. “You are never a bother to me, you know that.” He explained. You smiled lightly. You and Mikey sat around watching movies, when Michael paused the film you were watching. He scooted closer to you, and put your arm around you. You stood there still. “Do you think you’re going to get back together?” Mikey asked once again. “I don’t know Mike, I want to.” You say. “What do you see in him, anyway? I know me and him are best friends, but I could treat you better, just saying.” Michael confessed. Mikey looked into your eyes. There were times where he looked at you, but this time it was different, he looked in love. You were confused when Michael closed his eyes, and softly placed a kiss onto your lips. You kissed him back, it was full of passion. His lips became dominant over yours, until you slowly pulled away. Michael looked at you in shock, realizing, what he just did. “Y/n.. I’m so sorry.” He wiped his lips, as his cheeks turned into a deep shade of red. “Mikey-” “Save it y/n. I know you still love Ashton, I know that. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it. You are so beautiful, and you looked so sad, I… I don’t know.” Michael said as he ran his fingers through his vibrant hair in frustration. “Michael, it’s alright, don’t beat yourself over it, please.” You said. “I know you didn’t mean it to be like that.” You smiled at him. “It makes me so mad, you’re such a beautiful kind-hearted girl, and Ashton just walked all over you, and treated you like shit.” He yelled. You grabbed his hand. “Mike, it’s alright, I’m so confused right now. I just need some time to think.” You grinned. “Just forget about that kiss, if you’re going to be happy with Ashton, be happy with him. That’s all I want. For you to be happy.” He said. “Thank you, Mikey.” You said, kissing his cheek lightly. “Thank you for being the best.” You smile at him. Michael wrapped his arm around your waist, while you checked your timeline on Twitter. Your whole phone blew up with Ashton cheating on you. You sat there in shock. Michael reminded you not to think about them, and just to worry about your happiness. Michael was always so good to you, which is one of the reasons you were so happy to have him in your life. All of a sudden, Ashton walked into the apartment, of course it was still his. “What are you still doing here?” Ashton asked Michael. “Being a good guy, and caring about the well-being of my friend, because her asshole boyfriend cheated on her.” Michael yelled. “Mate, don’t start-” “No, Ashton. You’ve hurt Y/n, more than you’ll ever know. She’s been here, upset for the past week, and you didn’t even think to ask if she was okay, better yet apologize. Hope you don’t take offence to this, but she’s a beautiful girl, with a beautiful mind, and you just threw it away for some girl you met a club. That’s low Ash. Really low.” You stood there in shock. “You should date her then, if you like her beautiful mind so much.” Ashton spat. “Maybe I will.” Michael said.

Part  3