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Give me a smile

Now this is a request for the amazing @wolfcub1635

So the scenario is: “reader has had a pretty rough week, feeling pretty shitty and has made a sort of bubble by keeping people out, not even Mikey could cheer her up. But will a hothead cheer up a hothead?”

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It was raining for starters. That black cloud had followed you all the way into the lair, the thunder reflecting your mood, dangerous and furious. It was like life was against you, of course that wasn’t true but from where you were standing it seemed like the universe was telling you to have the shittiest life ever and they weren’t there to help you out. At all. You were on your own. 

The first one to notice your foul mood was Mikey. He cheered once you entered the fortress of the pizza smelling sewers but you ignored him. Mikey didn’t get hurt easily, but your frown, your posture, the less that skip in your step had made him feel sad. 

“Hey Y/N! How are ya?” he exclaimed cheerfully a second time but all you did was sulk and sulk. You didn’t even join him to play a video game. That was how shitty you felt. 

Donnie was next. asking if you were sick, you grumbled a no and made your way to the kitchen where Leo was trying to offer you some tea. They wanted to see you happy, they really did. But maybe you just weren’t up for it. You didn’t even give them a smile. Not as much as a twitch on your lips. Finally, after what had seemed forever, they had decided to leave you alone which unfortunately for you, made you feel worse. Did no one care? 

You heard the grunting of the certain steroid invested turtle punching a sandbag so you decided to pay him a little visit. The air smelled like tension, you could cut through it with a knife. You sat cross legged by some weights, tracing the patterns of the numbers on them silently, trying to waste some time, knowing Raphael hadn’t noticed your presence. 

“Watcha doing here, shortie?” he grumbled, letting out another grunt as he pushed the bar back up into its holster. 

“Nothin’.” you mumbled in reply, not seeing his rolling of his eyes. 

He picked himself up, swaggering towards you and sitting down beside you, trying to read your hard expression. “Why ya so pissed?” 

You rolled your eyes, sure, you guys had grown closer, having something in common. You were both hotheads. You considered him a friend, maybe something more but in your mind, it wouldn’t happen. 

“I’m pissed at life.” You answered with a sigh, your fingers ghosting over the crack in the floor. 

“Woah, that’s deep. Even for you.” he chuckled but you didn’t laugh. Not even a smile. He frowned. “Rough week?” 

You shrugged. “Maybe.” 

He shook his head in amusement. “You wanna talk about it?” 

You actually scoffed, a twitch almost making its way to your lips. “When have you ever ‘talked’?” 

“I talk.” He snapped defensively. 

“When it comes to your biceps.” You teased which made him smirk. 

“Now, you’re feeling better.” He said which made you frown again. He huffed, shoving your shoulder gently. 

“Come on, shortstack. Give me a smile.” He taunted and you scrunched up your face in a sulk. He rolled his eyes at you. “All you gotta do is smile, dammit.” 

“What if I don’t want to?” 

“Well, I’m tellin’ ya to.” 

“What’s the point?” 

He sighed. “It would make me happy.” He said and you dropped your wall of stubbornness. “I like it when you smile.” He muttered under his breath sheepishly which made a grin curl at your lips. 

You made a bold move. You kissed his cheek with a quick peck and he froze. Slowly, a red blush started at his neck and traveled all the way up to his cheeks, putting his own mask to shame. He then looked at you and you looked at him. He grinned. 

“There’s that smile.”