mikey sharks

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There was a long, drawn out moment where Don merely slapped his palm to his forehead and stared.

“Oh, sure. Cool. S’not like this is important or anything.” Don said, his voice pitching into that less than manly range that betrayed impending hysteria.

“We’re only knee deep in the middle of enemy territory with half a stick, two smoke bombs, no backup, a broken phone and your nunchacku. Leo and Raph have no idea where we are. There is an actual honest to god SHARK trying to hunt us down, along with shell knows how many foot ninja, and I think I left my bunsen burner on back in the lair, but that’s fine.”  Don said, throwing up his hands into the air.

“Where you thinking of a plan? I hope it was a plan. ‘Cause my preliminary prognosis is that we’re kinda screwed.”

🐢  ❝           oh COME ON, donnie, i never said it wasn’t important ——– don’t be a total grump, we’re both hella stressed out .. from trying NOT to die ..               ❞ he uttered, squinting as he could easily hear the impending hysteria his brothers voice betrayed. since both of them were running out of weapons, time && energy it was getting complicated to work && not lose their minds while tensions rise. 

seemed that way often these days —– sheesh. 

❝           between you, the bunson burner && us running like hell from a shark ; shell no do i have a plan ———– usually you or leo MAKE THOSE UP but uh .. we could try && trap bludgeon or something .. maybe .. find .. 

some electrical wire, break it .. && put it in some water .. && electrocute him maybe ?? that’s all i got really .. use his need for water against him ??               ❞ he offered, squinting at his older brother.