mikey reed

Fuck it, here it go, in no particular order my tumblr crushes are:

@ohpenmike You’re funny, sarcastic, and straight foreward. Also you’re unafraid to be yourself, artistic and quite handsome. Always out here looking like somebody sexy grandpa. First time you crossd my dash you were bitching about the price of magnum condoms.

@thesnobbyartsyblog As I’ve said you fuck with yourself heavy. Your self confidence is wavy. I  enjoy the fact that you can give me a legit art lesson (not a look at the art its pretty aint it which is my basic extent of knowledge on art), and the fact that you will throw some gangsta rap on my dash all at the same time. You first gave me the term art hoe and now it is my (internal) aesthetic. aye turn up

@kimreesesdaughter You are the first visible person that I see out here repping hard for dark skin black girls. You are unafraid to take up space, have an opinion and call folks out on ther colourism bullshit. You also have a wonderful sense of humor and you’e hella cute. You first gave me pro dark skin girl posts. Ergo you will forever be a fave

@hwgac You’re whole vibe for some reason makes me feel so wholesome. You give off fun and positive energy even though I know you’re not always feeling 100%. I enjoy seeing your posts on my dash with your quirky sense of humor. Stay cute Reed! (btw I also enjoy calling you Reed as I’m sure you can tell)

@imbetteroffinhell You possess what I call an ethereal sadness. I like your effortless charm in the way you always seem to pay a compliment back to those that are complimenting you. Then I heard you sing it was a wrap. Your voice is like soulfood, so please keep singing. You first crossed my dash in what you called a moodboard photo set of yourself. I seen it so many times I was eventually moved to publicly thank jesus for your fineness.