mikey price


I’m reopening my commissions because I need to save some money for a trip I’m hopefully taking at the end of May. If you’d like to commission me, send me a message and we can work out the commission details!
All prices already include the Paypal tax, so no worries there!

  • Simple Pencil Sketch: $6.49 USD

Guide lines left, sketchy work, unpolished. No Background Option. Extra character $5.46 extra.

  • Inked Drawing: $18.85 USD

Clean lines, finished inks, and higher detail quality. No background option. Extra Character $15.26 extra.

  • Digital Colored Sketch: $15.76 USD

Cleaned up sketch lines, Digitally colored, Detailed finish, 3-5 color pallet, background $5.46 extra ($21.22 USD) Extra Character $10.61 extra.

  • Detailed Digital Drawing: $36.35 USD

Clean inks, Digital Coloring, Shading, Lighting, Detailed finish. Background $13.70 extra. Extra character $20.91 extra.

If you don’t want the background option, a simple gradient background, transparent, or white backdrop will be provided. c:

These prices are calculated on how much time I spend on a piece, and reduced under the minimum wage for that approximate amount of time.

I reserve the right to deny drawing a particular image, or content. Please send a message regarding what you’d like drawn, and I can tell you if it fits my comfort zone for art. We can work something out! c:

I draw all generations of TMNT, humans, OC’s, and sometimes, if asked, I can delve into other fandoms as well. All you need to do is ask.