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This is what happens when Sam leaves Dean and Lucifer alone together. (instant karma for your impertinence, Dean Winchester.) 

{{and we all know Sam’s the one who programmed Luci’s phone… 😈}}

for my darling sinners @whatisitlikeinyourfunnylilbrains and @charlie-bradcherry because you both deserve to smile a little (a lot) more. <3 


Secretly putting sharpie tattoos on yourself. One day, the boys find out and surprisingly, Raph is uncharacteristically enthusiastic to get one from you.

Only two minutes into you drawing on him and you have had to tell him 5 times to settle down. Unbeknownst to you, he couldn’t stop fidgeting because it was you, and you were so close and putting your hands on him. He could smell that shampoo and lotion you liked to use. The softness of your hands, and how cool you look in a muscle tank with sharpie tats on your arms.
You yourself couldn’t believe he trusted you enough to draw on him with permanent marker.

The cute moments of course always ended with Mikey getting a good nock on the noggin for trying to draw dicks on Leo.

The reason why your so good is because April let you draw on her, and now she proudly sports your ink drawings on her arms.

Blog (Michael)

Rating: R

Pairing: Michael x Y/N

Summery: Michael finds Y/N’s old 5SOS Tumblr smut blog and she tries to find a way to get him to shut up about it.

A/N: I like can’t find any good smut accounts. Plz hit me up with some suggestions. 

“And he roughly grabbed my breasts as he fucked me from behind. I was his dirty girl.” Michael giggles, holding my old phone in one hand. My eyes widen as I realize what he’s found. You see, before Michael and I started dating or even met, I was the biggest 5SOS fangirl you could find. I actually ran a 5sos smut blog that was pretty popular. I would write smut or reblog it. Sometimes I even had audios. The second Michael asked me to be his girlfriend I forgot it. But the pages are still up there. 

“Fuck! Mikey give me that!” I lunge for my old phone but Michael’s 6 foot stature towers over me. 

“You ran a porn blog? About me and the guys?” Michael chuckles. 

“Yes. Now give me the damn phone.” I state, attempting to grab it from him.

“The bio says ‘You can call me Y/N 18 Cal’s Girl’. I wasn’t your favorite before we met?” Michael chuckles, continuing to scroll through my teenage dreams.

“Michael give me the phone!” I whine, stomping my foot. 

“Dear god, I gotta show the guys this.” Michael laughs. I  attempt to jump on Michael’s arm to get the phone. I hang on Michael’s back for a brief second before falling off. 

“Michael, I swear to god if you tell anyone about this I will never blow you again!” I state firmly. 

“Calm down, kitten. It’s funny!” Mikey laughs. “Oh! I found a blurb about me that you wrote.”

“Mikey stop it. This is evil.” I groan, giving up on my attempt to get the phone back.

“I feel like Michael would be really kinky in bed and call you names like ‘kitten’ and ‘sweetheart’. He’d be like really into foreplay and have like a minor daddy kink. I feel like he’d leave a bunch of hickeys on your neck that you’d have to hide from everyone.” Michael burst out laughing. “Well you’re not that far off, Kitten. I have to show the boys this.”

I angrily squatted to my knees and started to undo Michael’s pants. Michael looked down at me, confused by my actions but not stopping me. I stroked him through his boxers and looked up at him through hooded eyes. 

“What are you doing, kitten?” Micheal asked, biting his lip as he stared down at me.

“Give me the phone and I’ll give you head.” I state, slowing the pace of my hand. 

“Y/N, it’s really funny. Come on, laugh at it.” Michael strains to speak. I pulled my hands away.

“Mikey, I was really proud of that when I ran it. Please it’s something I want to keep in the past.” I cross my arms.

“It’s just funny that you had these fantasies before we even met. Plus, they’re kind of hot.” 

“How did you even find it anyways?” 

“A fan tweeted me saying that you ran a 5SOS fan page before you met me and I thought you might have it on your old phone.” Michael shrugged. “If I give you the phone can I still get head cause I am painfully hard from reading your old smut.”

“Yes.” I yanked down Michael’s boxers to be met with his erection. I bit my lip and smirked before kitten licking the tip. 

“Y/N, don’t tease I gave you what you wanted. Please..” Michael groans in frustration. I quickly take him in, deep throating him. My nose meets his pelvic bone. I then hollow my cheeks and bob my head up and down his length.

“FUCK! Maybe writing smut made you so good at this.” Michael moan/laughs. I pull off of his cock and kitten lick the tip. “S-sorry princess. Please I really need this.”

I press a kiss to his head before bobbing my head up and down his length. I take a hand and run my fingers over the creases of his legs. Michael is a moaning mess above me as I continue to bring him closer to his climax. I feel him twitch in my mouth, indicating he is about to cum. I relax my throat as Michael takes my hair in his hand and face fucks me. 

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Michael curses as he cums. His legs shake as he reaches his peak. Michael releases into my mouth and sinks down onto the floor with me. I swallow before pressing a kiss to his lips. “Have any more secret blogs that I should know about?”

“Shut up.”

Treat You Right

Fandom: Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Characters: Donnie, Leo
Relationship: Donnie/reader
Request: Jealous Donnie! I love the way you write him when hes jelly.
You skipped into the lair, a massive grin on your face as you instantly headed for the lab where Donnie would likely be.
You had arranged last week that the two of you were going to sneak into one of the library’s after hours. Donnie would be able to disarm the security and the two of you could get some new books which you were excited about.
“I wouldn’t do that, if I were you.” Raph called after you, making you frown in confusion.
“Why?” You asked, turning to look at Raph who had just come out the Dojo.
“Hes been in a foul mood for the last few days.” Raph shrugged.
“What did you do?” You asked with a raised eyebrow and a slight smirk.
“Nothing. No one has. Don’t know whats got into him.” Raph shrugged before turning and heading back into the Dojo.
You shrugged off his warning. Even when Donnie was fuming a his brothers, you could always calm him down. He had a soft spot for you and you assumed he would be excited about to night because it meant he could get away from his brothers for a bit.
You hadn’t spoke to Donnie for a few days now but that was only because you had been busy. You had been out on a blind date on of your friends set you up on. You had only went because they wouldn’t stop pestering you about it but the second the date was over, you called them to say you werent attracted to the guy which they accepted it. They guy was called Thomas and he had been a dickhead all night. He constantly talked about himself and when he did speak about you, he was giving you ‘constructive criticism’ like “oh, you should wear more makeup” and “you should change your hair colour” and the deal breaker “do you really want to order the pizza with those thighs?”. Needless to say you ordered the pizza and ate it all without caring because you were more attracted to that than to the asshole in front of you.
You had been nervous about the date for a few weeks, only because you didn’t know the person.
As you approached the lab, you pushed the door open.
“Donatello?” You called out, expecting to hear a chuckle from somewhere in the lab and him to appear, shaking his head at you using his full name.
But there was nothing.
You ventured further into the lab, looking for him but nothing.
Frowning, you left the lab and went to his bedroom, knocking 3 times before entering. He wasn’t there either.
You searched the lair top to bottom but there was no sign of him so you went to Leo who was training with Raph in the dojo.
“Have you guys seen Donnie? We were meant to go to the library but I cant find him.” You frowned, glancing over the Dojo to check he wasn’t there.
“No, I haven’t seen him in a few hours. Have you tried his phone?” Leo asked. You smiled and fished in your bag for your phone as you left the Dojo. Once you found Donnies number, you called it. But it went to voice mail.
“Hey, Donnie. Its [y/n]. um, where are you? We were going to go to the library tonight, remember? Give me a call back when you get this.” You left him a voicemail, hoping he was okay.
Maybe he had went to the library. Had he maybe mentioned that he would meet you there and you hadn’t been paying attention?
You instantly headed there, running across the roofs to the library. You were grateful for the training the brothers had given you over the years. You were nearly as agile and strong as them but still not quite there yet.
Once you got onto the roof, you searched every inch of it but didn’t find your friend.
Getting your phone out again, you sent Donnie a text basically saying the exact same thing as you had said in your voicemail and that you were at the library now.
Putting your phone down, you waited.
And waited.
And waited.
Glancing at the screen, you had been sitting on the roof for 2 hours waiting for him.
It was 2 am now and you were starting to get really tired. But the worry was turning your stomach so you called Donnie for the 10th time.
“Hey, its me again. Please call me back. Im worried sick.” Your message was short and sweet but the worried was obvious in your voice as you hung up the phone but didn’t put it down again. Instead, you pulled up Leos number and called it. After a few rings, he picked up sounding like he had just woke up.
“[y/n]? everything okay?” Leo asked.
“No, not really. I still haven’t heard from Donnie. Its been two hours.” Just like the voicemail, your voice was filled with worry. You didn’t want to think of what could have happened.
“Uh, [y/n], Donnie came back ages ago. Just after you left. We thought he had spoken to you.”
You heart sank.
Had Donnie been ignoring you?
“Oh, well at least hes safe. I’ll speak to you tomorrow. Sorry for waking you.” You mumbled, trying to mask your heartbreak but failing.
“Sorry.” Was all Leo said as he hung up the phone. You put your phone down and stared at the city lights before picking your phone back up.
Why would Donnie stand you up? It wasn’t like he didn’t want to go to the library. It had been his idea after all.
Why wouldn’t he saying anything to you?
You decided to call Donnie phone one last time but it rang through to voicemail again.
“So, I just spoke to Leo and he said you’ve been at the lair this whole time. Im sitting here on a freezing roof at 2 in the morning waiting for you and you ditched me? Seriously? You know what? Don’t bother returning my calls or texts. In fact, loose my number.” You snapped down the phone begore hanging up.
But the anger quickly turned to sorrow as you set your phone safely down before you threw it and sobbed into your hands.
You just couldn’t understand any of it. You hadn’t done anything to him. You hadn’t spoke in a few days but that wasn’t uncommon. Sometimes he would lock himself in his lab for days on end and then come out and you wouldn’t begrudge him it.
Eventually, you pulled yourself together and went home, tears still falling from your eyes.
—————time skip to next morning—————–
Your phone buzzed for the seventh time this morning and you knew who was calling you but you glanced at the screen.
Much to your surprise, it wasn’t Donnie calling you but Leo.
Donnie hadn’t stopped calling and texting you all morning but you weren’t in the mood to speak to him after what he pulled last night. You weren’t just going to pretend it didn’t happen and he should know that. But Leo was a welcomed change.
“Hey.” You answered, trying to make it sound like you hadn’t lost a whole night sleep over it.
“Hi, sorry to bother you but do you still have a spare set of nunchucks? Mikey was messing around with his and one snapped. It just for training till I can get Donnie to sort them.” Leo sounded a little apprehensive at saying Donnie name but you didn’t want him or the others to feel awkward around you since they had done nothing wrong.
“Yeah, sure. I can bring them around now if you want?” You answered while going to your closet and pulling out the weapon.
“Yeah, that would be great, thanks.” Leo said and you hung up the phone. Throwing the weapon in your bag, you headed down to the lair, your heart beating hard in your chest. Yu didn’t want to face Donnie but you didn’t want your relationship with the others to be at risk because he was being a dick.
As you entered the lair, you saw Leo, Raph and Mikey sitting in the living room.
“Ah, [y/n], you’re a life saver!” Mikey said in delight as he jumped over the sofa and you handed the nunchucks to him.
“No problem.” You giggle as you followed him back to the sofas but didn’t sit down. You stood with your back to the door which lead to the hallway with the boys room in them.
“So, how did that date go the other day?” Mikey asked, wiggling his eyebrow at you. You rolled your eyes. You hadn’t really told anyone the extent of the way you had been treated that night.
“Awful. First, he started off by saying I should wear more makeup and then he started telling me how amazing he was at everything. When he wasn’t speaking about him self, he was telling me I shouldn’t wear this sort of top and that sort of skirt and how I shouldn’t do this or say that. He told me I didn’t suit my hair colour and it should go this shade of blonde his ex had.” You ranted, throwing your hands up in the air as the guys made hisses and growls, acknowledging what he said was wrong.
“Sounds rough.” Leo said while shaking his head and frowning.
“Oh, it gets worse.” You raised an eyebrow, knowing the final thing would sent them into a frenzy of anger.
“How could he have been more of a dick if he tried?” Mikey asked, throwing his hands up.
“So, I ordered Pizza from the restaurant. When I was ordering, he said ‘Oh, do you really want to eat pizza with those thighs?’” You mocked his voice as you spoke. The room was then filled with sounds of anger and disgust at the words.
“That’s ridiculous.” Mikey cried out.
“What a dick.” Raph growled and Leo nodded. However, it was a third voice which made you jump.
“Don’t ever listen to anyone like that.”
The room froze as you turned to see Donnie standing behind you looking surprised. You assumed it was because of what you had told them. You glared at him and placed one a hand on your hip. You were instantly angry but telling the others about the things that were said on that horrible date didn’t help.
“Yeah, well, I have one guy who tells me im not good enough and one guy who stands me up. Maybe is me, eh?” You spat before turning on your heel and storming out the lair.
You heard footsteps running after you and you sped up.
“[y/n], wait?” Donnie called after you. You stopped suddenly and turned back to face him.
“What? Like I waited for you last night?” You growled as Donnie stopped a few steps short of you.
“No, I didn’t..” Donnie trailed off as he looked down at your feet.
“You better have a good reason as to why you ditched me?” you glared, crossing you arms.
“i-I-I” Donnie stammered and then took a few deep breaths.
“I would have expected that from anyone else. But not from you. I never thought you would treat me like that. I don’t understand why you ignored me. For all you would have known, I could have been in danger. I stood out in the cold waiting for you and you didn’t come.” You started out screaming at him but your voice dropped into a whisper as you sadness overtook your body and you couldn’t control the tears.
“I didn’t want to hear about your date.” Donnie mumbled, making you look up at him.
“because you don’t care about me.” You mumbled, turning on your heel again and walking down the sewers with your head hanging.
“I do care about you. I just couldn’t listen to you tell me about how great this guy was.” Donnine called after you as he ran up behind you. You stopped for a moment which allowed him to dart in front of you.
“Well, he was horrible. He spent the whole night telling me I wasn’t good enough.” You cried out, throwing your arms up as tears ran down your cheek. “And I thought it was fine because I had someone who would never treat me like that. Who would never speak to me like that. And that very person, the one who I actually care about, the person Ive come to love, stands me up!” You cried, screaming in his face with tears streaming down your face.
Words tumbled from your lips without you thinking. You screamed the things you had been thinking since last night.
“You… you love me?” Donnie stares down at you with wide and disbelief eyes. You froze as you realised you had just told him the very thing you had kept from him for years.
But you couldn’t lie.
“Yeah, I do.” You sighed, looking down and using one hand to wipe away your tears.
You slowly walked up to Donnie who held his breath until you went around him and continued on the path home. You felt like your whole body was going to collapse but you pushed yourself on.
“I love you.” Donnie words caused you to freeze and turn around. He was facing you, his eyes trained on you. You started to shake your head, not believing him but he darted forward and cupped your cheeks to stop you.
“I do, I love you. I love your eyes, your mouth, your hair, your nose. I love everything about you. I think you’re the most beautiful woman in the world. I love your kindness and yur strength. i couldn’t watch you fall in love with someone else. Because he could give you everything in the world and I…cant.” Donnie sighed, letting his hands drop from your cheeks. You were gazing up at him with wide eyes. No one had ever said any words so sweet to you before. “I never thought you could have loved me back.” Donnie whispered as his eyes began to brim with tears. You stared up at his eyes, searching for any sign of deceit but you found none.
“I always have.” You breathed, seeing a flash of joy in his eyes. He reached up to cup your cheeks again before faltering a little. But before you could ask what was wrong, he dove down and kissed your lips. You gasped into the kiss before kissing him back.
The kiss was passionate and apologetic. It made your head spin as you felt Donnie let out a soft moan. One of his hands dropped from your cheek to gently wrap around you waist and pull you closer. You reach up and rested your hands on his front, resisting the urge to drag your nails down.
You pulled away first for breath but Donnie couldn’t seem to get enough. He instantly kiss down your cheek and jaw line to your neck which sent shivers down your spin. He mumbled apology after apology as he showered your neck with kisses. Your mind couldn’t concentrate on anything but him as he pulled away. You realised you were panting slightly.
“I cant take you out to fancy restaurants or showing you with gifts like you deserve. But I’ll never let anything hurt you again.” Donnie looked deep into your eyes, trying to persuade you.
And he did.
You leaned forward and gently pressed your lips back to his, missing the feeling already. Donnie instantly kissed back, his body physically relaxing as he pulled you closer.
“Come back to mine?” You asked as you pulled away from the kiss. “I think we have some things to talk about.” You smiled, assuring him it wasn’t bad.
Donnie nodded his head, unable to contain his smile as the two of you walked back to yours.
You didn’t know what the future held, but as you walked arm in arm with Donnie, you knew he would treat you right.


Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Characters: Raph, Mikey, others mentioned
Relationship: Raph/reader
Request: Can you do a Raph x readern where the reader is very shy and a petite little thing but both have a crush on each other (she’s open with the other brothers but not Raph 😸)
“Just tell him.” Mikey groans as he tried to push you towards Raphs room.
“No, Mikey, Stop!” You growled as you dug your heels in the ground as you frowned at Mikey.
“Why not!” Mikey moaned as he let you go once again.
He was trying to persuade you to go and tell Raph about your crush on him but you were refusing as normal.
You had known the turtles for a long time now but you had never managed to get close to Raph. You were defiantly attracted to him physically and when you did manage to get a little closer to him, you started to fall for him even more. But then he would push you away and you couldn’t figure out why.
You were close with the other brothers. Leo had trained you with a couple of weapons and he said you could come along with them. He said your small size would be an advantage to a number of things. But you knew Raph was against it so you never went.
He always seemed to tiptoe around you like you were a monster which would bite him if he got too close.
So you never get close to him.
But that didn’t stop you from watching him from afar.
you had come to realise what despite his tough outer ‘shell’, he was actually really sweet. He would protect his family from anything and everything’s, not caring if he got hurt in the way.
But that wall would always come up when it came to you.
Donnie and Leo agreed with Mikey many times that you should say something to him but you never understood why. Did they not see the way he pushed you away, how he would walk out a room or how he wouldn’t even help you train.
“Just go say ‘hi’ then!” Mikey said as he pushed you to the door once again and you knew he wasn’t going to give up. He had found out you had had another dream about Raph and was determined you go tell him.
“Fine. I’ll go say hi, he will ignore me and push me away and then I’ll come back.” You said as you gave up, walking to the hall.
“Yeah, go get him!” Mikey cheered you on, pumping his fist in the air and totally ignoring what you had said.
But as you approached the dojo which was more than likely where he was, you heard voices. You were about to turn away when you heard your name being said.
Curiously got the better of you and you walked up to the entrance to the dojo. As the dojo didn’t have a door, you were able to peek inside to see Raph and Leo, who looked like they were arguing.
“Shes advanced enough to come out with us, Raph. She can get into places we cant!” Leos voice sounded annoyed and exhausted so you guessed they had been arguing for a while now.
Your whole body slouched as you leaned against the wall. Raph was fighting to stop you going with them, to stop you going with him.
You felt like you were going to be sick. Why had you fallen for someone who made it apparent they didn’t want anything to do with you.
“And what if she gets hurt? Whos conscience is that going to be on?” Raph growled. His words took you by surprise. You looked back inside, seeing his fists were clenched.
He wasn’t saying you weren’t good enough or that he just didn’t want you there. Was he concerned for you?
“she wont. Shes progressed a lot in the last few months. You wouldn’t know that because you wont even look at her!” Leo snapped. You knew why. Apparent from Leo, Raph was one of the most advanced in hand to hand combat. You didn’t really know how he fought so if he did agree to practice with you, you would know if you were ready to take on strangers.
“Sorry if I don’t like seeing three 7 foot monsters trying to fight a tiny doll!” Raph snapped, his voice dripping with sarcasm as his anger started to build.
But once again, his words took you off guard.
While it was true you were tiny, you never thought of yourself as a doll. But you supposed that to someone as big as Raph was, it was easy to see you as frail.
“but shes tough! You don’t see it because-“ Leo started to say but he was interrupted.
“Because shes scared of me!” Raph screamed, making you jump slightly. You were surprised Leo didn’t jump or get scared like you did. But he kept calm and collected.
“No, because you are so scared to hurt her, you cant see that’s exactly what you are doing.” Leo said in a calm voice but his words cut Raph like daggers.
with that, he turned and walked out the dojo. You managed to keep yourself pressed against the dark part of the wall so he didn’t see you. Once he was gone, you looked back into the dojo to see Raph was now kneeling on the door, staring at his knees.
slowly and silently, you gathered all your courage and tiptoed into the dojo. When you were about 4 foot away from him, you stopped.
“Im not scared of you.” You said, your voice soft and sweet as you spoke. It was probably the first full sentence you had ever said to him.
Raph jumped slightly at your sudden presence in the Dojo as he looked up at you. Even when kneeling, he was only slightly shorter than you.
“You should be.” He grumbled, trying to sound angry but you could see the flash of pain his eyes as he looked away from you.
“Would you ever hurt me?” you asked, taking a few steps forward and slowly kneeling in front of him.
“Not on purpose.” Raph mumbled, his shield seeming to fall away as you sat so close to him. It was the closest you had ever dared venture to him. But despite this, you weren’t scared of him. It was more out of respect you never got close to him because you had always thought he didn’t like you. But now, sitting in front of him, you could see a hint of longing in his eyes as he looked at you, his eyes locking with yours for the first time.
“I don’t think you could hurt me.” You said, a sort of resolution in your voice as you made up your mind that he wouldn’t.
“Look at me!” He suddenly growled, making you jump slightly but you kept your ground. “its only a matter of time.” He grumbled as his anger faded as quickly as it came as he looked away from you, shame in his eyes.
“What do you mean?” You asked, trying to keep your voice light. Raph glanced back at you.
He sighed, as if he had been having a mental dispute with himself and he gave up.
He reached forward and took your hand off your lap, much to your surprise. But as he raised your hand so your palm was facing him, he moved his other hand to touch his palm to yours.
You saw how his hand seemed to dwarf your own. Your fingers barley reached the joint of his fingers to his hand.
“I could crush you in a second and not mean to.” Raph mumbled, more to himself as he stared at the two completely different hands.
“but you wont.” You finally said, reaching out your other hand and you took his one hand in your two petite ones.
“How do you know that?” Raph asked. But you heard something else in his voice. Almost like he was begging you.
Suddenly, everything seemed to fit together in your mind.
All the times he had distances himself from you. Every time he had walked out when you were training. Every time he felt he was getting too close to you. It was because he was afraid of hurting you. He wasn’t doing it because he didn’t like you. It was the opposite.
“Because you care about me.” You said boldly. Despite your shyness, despite your racing heart and red cheeks, you knew it was true.
Raph didnt respond straight away. He stared at you for a moment and you could see the internal battle he was having with himself.
As you began to doubt yourself, he leaned forward and pressed his lips to yours in a bold and unexcepted move. You were taken back to say the least. He had never been able to stay in the same room as you and yet he had gathered up the courage to kiss you.
Slowly, you began to respond to the kiss, gradually becoming comfortable and even more attracted to him than before.
“They cant say two words to each other but kissing’s fine!” You two jumped apart to see Mikey with his hands out in front of him pointing at the two of you as he looked at Leo and Donnie in disbelief.
You heard a growl emit from Raph chest and the three brothers walked away. Well, Leo and Donnie had to drag a confused Mikey.
You turned back to Raph who was still staring after his brothers with a scowl.
“I think its more like 10 words now.” You giggled, turning his attention back to you. You saw a small smile dawn him lips. You don’t think hes ever smiled at you like that before.
“We should probably fix that.” He mumbled, as if suddenly shy.
You couldn’t help but giggle as you got to your feet. Raph followed you quickly and stood beside you for the first time. You looked up at him, noticing how despite the fact he towered over you, you felt like he was more afraid of you than you of him.
Giggling, you took his hand in yours and started to drag him out the lair, manging to avoid his brothers.
“Where are we going?” Raph suddenly asked but you knew he didn’t mind. He could quite easily turn and walk back but something told you he couldn’t bring himself to let go of your hand.
“Up to the roof tops. To talk.” You clarified.
“That’s all I ever wanted.” Raph smiled as he suddenly scooped you up and threw you up so you were perched on his right shoulder. You couldn’t help but laugh as you felt tall for the first time in your life. You knew you were safe when you felt his hands holding onto your ankles so you didn’t fall back.
Suddenly, you felt completely safe with him.