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“I shake it like jello, make the girls say "hello!”, cause you know I’m rockin’ the beat.“


Odd Future - “Oldie” (Music Video)


My Focus Episode 1

My Focus is a series of 30 second videos that display ones passion and devotion.

Mike Guerino

Focus - guitar

“What’s your focus”

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Review: Southside Beatbox EP Turn It Records

Title: Southside Beatbox EP

Artist: Mikey G & Mitch De Klien

Label: Turn It Records

Turn It Records has dropped their Southside Beatbox EP, featuring individual tracks by producers New York’s Mikey G and Holland’s Mitch De Klein. De Klein’s “Beatbox” is up first, a rat-tat-tat techno jam that draws noticeable inspiration from the classic underground. Sweeping sirens and purging bass layer in over the drums manufacturing a dark, industrious, and ultimately utilitarian end product.  Mikey G’s “Southside” is a raw acid house track that will leave you with one of those hangovers you can only get after partying one night in New York City.

In an interesting move, De Klein remixes Mikey G’s track, and Mikey G does the same for “Beatbox”.  De Klien’s take on “South Side” is a bit more progressive and dubbed out, while Mikey G enlists the help of Gina Turner to create a version of Beatbox that is straight up NYC. 

Out now via Turn It Records.  Get it here at Beatport


This song is so dope for many reasons. Pretty much ever member of OF spits out a sick verse and it’s the first new shit from Earl in years. Even Jasper (not even a rapper), somehow pulls off a decent line.