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Doing It Again

Carl + You

Warnings:Smut, cursing

Carl’s POV:

She was doing it again, y/n was always talking to them, the guys. I can’t help but get jealous, the guys knew we were in a relationship for months but their horny asses won’t stay away from her. I stared out the window spying on her talking awkwardly with them. I see her turn around to face the window where I was standing and Mikey was pointing his finger towards me. Her brows raised as she started running to the house.

“Carl? You can come out if you want” She said, walking through the doorway. I ignored her and poured out some water into a glass.

“Carl? Hey!?” She lightly raised her voice, coming closer to me. I dropped the glass and let it smash to the floor while pushing her against the cupboard. Her eyes stared at me in shock.

“I told you not to fucking talk to them y/n, I want you so badly but I can’t fucking stand when their around you” I groaned into her ear and pulled away from her.

“Car-” she started until my dad came downstairs.

“Is everything alright? I heard a something smash” He asked.

“Yeah, fine” I blandly replied while dad headed to leave for watch. When I looked back over to the cupboard y/n was gone. I cleaned up the glass and ran up the stairs to my room.

As soon as I walked in I saw y/n sitting on the bed in her bra and underwear, staring at me with her beautiful eyes and.

“I’m sorry daddy” She crawled towards me until she was at the edge of the bed. I felt my pants get tighter while I moved towards her. I stood in front of her and dropped my pants to the ground and threw my t-shirt across the room.

“I’m sorry isn’t good enough” I smirk standing in my briefs, looking down at her. She began rubbing my leg with her foot. 

“Okay, well maybe this will be good enough” She grinned dropping to her knees. She slowly slid my briefs down, letting my cock spring free. I held onto her hair pushing it closer to my boner as the tip entered her mouth. She sucked in and out making me moan multiple times.

“Fuck y/n” I whimper lifting her to her feet. I look at her still body still in her bra and underwear. We stared into each others eyes while I undressed her. I stepped closer so she could feel my erection growing against her wet pussy. I started kissing her neck and lay her down on my bed before grinding against her skin.

I stroked her cheek with the back of my hand “My precious” I said digging my face into her neck pushing myself into her.

“Fuck, Carl!” She moaned sticking her nails into my back while I thrusted into her. The sound of our skin slapping against each other echoed the room. 

“Carl, I’m so close, shit” She gasps while I thrust into her harder and faster. I hold onto her hair again banging into her making her moan my name over and over again

“Me too” I moan before releasing it, following by her releasing. I roll over to my back catching my breath. 

“Do you forgive me daddy” She pouts while getting on me to straddle me.

“Yeah baby, but don’t fucking talk to them ever again, you’re mine” I say gripping onto her waist.

Yea so this happened and I wasn’t emotionally prepared

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MEU HOMEM ok ja sei q a emi ja fez mais eu fiz no trem tava no tedio kkkkkjjjj beleza ta ai se usar da like


 °₊·ˈ∗mIKey,,cLIffOrD,.,,micHaEL,,,clifford,,.;mIChaEL,..,CLiFford.,:mikey *ೃ°₊·∗ 

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