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How would the boys react to their s/o's little kitten rubbing up against their feet and actually climbed up their leg to get up to their face meowing with a squeak in it?


He was waiting for you to come back from work/school and so he decided to look around in your apartment since he’s there anyways. He walked towards the living room and saw a small kitten sleeping. He then remembered that you had a kitten but you said that the kitten’s very shy and doesn’t usually come out when strangers are in your apartment. Since leo had an obvious love for cats he walked closer towards the small kitten. He wasn’t even near it before the kitten woke up and stood up from it’s nap. “W-woah there, calm down I promise I’m not here to hurt you” leo said afraid that the kitten will pounce at him or something but instead of pouncing at him it actually slowly walked towards him. He was glad that it wasn’t afraid of him. The kitten slowly got even more closer to him and it started to rub it’s head on leo’s leg. This surprised leo because he didn’t think that the kitten will really like him. He kneeled down and picked the kitten up then he moved it closer to him so that he could see it better. Leo was very surprised when instead the kitten licked his face. He chuckled and said “why you’re an adorable little aren’t you” while smiling


You were in the lair and you decided to bring your kitten, you found her on the cold sidewalks of NY alone and lost so you took her in. Now she’s better and is living with you and you decided to show her to raph. You walked towards his room and walked inside. He saw you and said “hey babe, miss me?” While walking towards you and giving you a kiss “haha, real funny raph” you replied and blushed “what y'got there babe?” He asked looking at the small kitten in your arms. “Oh right! This is my kitten, she’s adorable isn’t she?” You said and put her down. The kitten walked towards raph with no hesitation and rubbed her head on his leg, after a while she wrapped her tail around his ankle and purred. “Looks like she likes me babe” raph said. When raph wasn’t looking the kitten immediately climbed up his rough body and when she reached his face she licked his cheek. “Woah! Calm down there you little rascal” raph said and picked her up with his hands. He walked towards you and kissed you passionately while putting the kitten down “sorry kitty but the only one who can kiss me is my beautiful (y/n) here” he said and made you blush intensely


He was busy working in his lab while you were busy with school. You asked donnie if you could leave your kitty here because you’d hate for her to be alone and he let you. He was busy tinkering some stuff while your cat was just staring at him. It was sitting on the table he was using but it tried to keep it’s distance because it didn’t want to bother him. The kitty was a bit conflicted because it really wanted to play with donnie but in the same time it didn’t want to bother him so it struggled to choose what to do. Donnie could see this and he thought that it was adorable. “You know, you remind me of (y/n)” donnie said and picked the kitty up and placed it in his lap. He didn’t pull his hand back for the kitty seemed to be having fun with it. The kitty purred in delight and licked his hand.


Mikey was playing with your cat. You had to help donnie in the lab so he was left alone with your cat. Your cat is a male, he is also very protective you so when he first saw mikey you had to hold him back. Mikey was trying to get his attention but he kept on ignoring him. Mikey finally gave up after almost an hour of trying so he went to the kitchen to get some cat treats. He came back and waved the treat in front of his face with a smile. As he expected the cat came closer and took the treat. While the cat was busy eating mikey prayed that it wouldn’t bite or scratch him and he rubbed his hand against his soft fur. At first he didn’t like it and was stiff but soon he got used to it and started purring. He pushed his head deeper into mikey’s hand and he licked his fingers. Mikey was just and idiot smiling too much the whole time


Authors note: I wrote Mikey next because Mikey’s all loveable and funny but what happens when he’s serious??? Also I know this is really short, but I think it’s cute so I published it anyways haha.

Summary: Mikey is jealous that you’ve been geeking out with Donatello about comics instead of him.

Mikey paced back and forth, as Raphael punched a sand bag, nunchucks in hand. Raphael stopped his punching bag,
“You need to chill.” Raphael grumbled. “It’s not like don is going to steal your girlfriend.” He went back to punching his bag. “‘sides she loves ya mikey.” Michelangelo flexed his fingers around his nunchucks, huffing in frustration.
“It’s not just about that bro,” he proclaimed. “Comics are my territory, and she’s doing my thing with another guy!” Just then Donatello walked into the room, [Y/N] trailing behind him. She had her arm hooked with his, laughing all the way.
“Hey mike, do you happen to have the limited edition silver century comic from 1985?” He asked, Mikey standing still, his fists clenched his nunchucks. “We wanted to go over one of the panels in closer detail.” He laughed.
“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Mikey asked, sarcastically. Donatello nodded his head.
“Um- yeah?” He questioned.
“Oh come on Mikey don’t be such a big meanie.” [Y/N] pouted, pushing her breasts together with her arms, knowing she could convince Mikey this way. He looked at her cleavage, threatening to pop through the buttons on her shirt. He thought about Donnie touching her the way he does, or making her laugh like he does. Michelangelo thought about her pushing her breasts together for Donnie the way she does for him. He instantly flipped onto Donnie. Donnie instinctively pulled out his bo staff, stopping Mikey from pushing his nunchucks against his neck.
“What the hell mikey?” Asked donatello, pushing back against Mikey’s force.
“What the hell me?” He objected, pulling his nunchucks away from Donnie. “What the hell you, man!” He got off of Donatello, [Y/N] stepped back towards Raphael.
“I thought you were supposed to be my bro,” he said looking back at [Y/N]. “I can bench press more then him.” He said pointing at Donnie. She looked at Mikey, confused for a second before realizing what this was all about.
“Really Mikey?” She said stepping in between the turtle brothers. “This is about me?” She asked.
“Duh,” he sighed. “Both of you are messed up.”
“For what?” She snapped. “For reading comic books?”
“That’s my territory.” He whimpered. Donatello stepped forward, almost shoving [Y/N] out of the way.
“You get to kiss her and touch her and all the rewards of dating a beautiful girl,” he chuckled. “And you’re pissed off at me for reading with her?” He asked, astonished. “No, you know what? I’m pissed at you!” Donnie slipped his bo staff back onto his shell, and tightened his fists walking out of the room grumbling about Mikey. Raphael rolled his eyes, following Donnie out of the room.
“And I thought I was the hothead.” He grumbled to himself. Mikey felt guilty all of a sudden.
“Just so you know, I was totally kidding.” He joked, pointing two finger guns at her. She rolled her eyes.
“Mikey I would never do that to you,” she walked up to him. “Especially with your brother?” He sat down on the floor, and sighed.
“Yeah I know,” he looked down. “I just don’t want anyone to take you away from me is all.” He grabbed her hand as she sat next to him.
“Yeah right,” she smiled. “It’s going to be way harder to get rid of me then that!” Mikey jumped on top of her, kissing her soft lips on the way down.
“Who says I wanna get rid of you?” He smiled, as she wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him.
“Well good cause you can’t.”


Years & Years - I Want to Love @ NYC Pride Island 6/24/17

Baby. (Mikey Way x Reader)

“’Sup, bitch?” Pete exclaimed loudly as he entered your home through the front door.

The sudden appearance of your friend caused you to jump slightly in your seat on the sofa, the novel you were previously stuck in falling to the floor as you frowned.

“A little warning would’ve been nice,” you mumbled, swinging your legs off of the sofa before bending down to retrieve your book.

Pete scoffed. “Since when do I need to warn you before I come over?” his voice came out slightly muffled seeing as his head was stuck in your fridge, searching for some kind of alcohol.

“Uh, since I got married and moved into an actual house as opposed to a fucking terrible apartment,” you said while making your way over to Pete in the kitchen.

“Hey! Don’t hate on the apartment! We had some really good times there. All those impromptu parties were the best part of everyone’s lives.”

“Yeah, that’s my point. We can’t trash this place with your ‘impromptu parties’, Petey.”

“You’re no fun. What happened to my crazy party-girl best friend?” he asked, letting out a triumphant cheer when he stumbled upon a couple of bottles of beer at the back of your fridge. “Man, you really need to stock up on booze. You’d think Mikey would at least have more than this,” he held up the bottles for emphasis.

“You know that Mikey doesn’t drink that much,” you shrugged.

“Yeah, but you used to,” Pete chuckled.

“Yeah, but I grew up,” you grabbed a bunch of grapes from the fridge before hoisting yourself onto the island. “Unlike some people.”

“Hey, you chose to get married and I chose to live my 20s to the max.”

“You’re turning 30 in a couple of months.”

“Like I said, the max,” he repeated, earning an eye-roll from you, “Want one?” he questioned, holding out one of the bottles.

“No thanks, I’m not drinking.”

“Why? You pregnant or something?” he teased before twisting open the bottle and taking a swig.

You didn’t reply. Instead, you just stared at your friend as you popped more grapes into your mouth.

Noticing your lack of denial about being pregnant, Pete spit out the liquid he had in his mouth.

“Ew,” you scrunched your nose up in disgust before pointing around at all the beer spatter. “You’re cleaning that up.”

“You’re fucking pregnant?!”

You nodded before giggling at the look of utter shock on Pete’s face. “You’re gonna be an uncle! Are you excited?”

“Am I ex- OF COURSE I’M FUCKING EXCITED! OH MY GOD, (Y/N)!” Pete practically threw himself on top of you, nearly knocking you over in the process.

“Well, if this is your reaction, then I can’t wait to see Mikey’s.”

“Wait,” Pete pulled away so that he was looking at you. “You haven’t told Mikey yet?”

“Told me what?”

You and Pete turned to see Mikey standing at the front door, shrugging off his jacket with a confused look on his face.

“Babe, I have some news,” you said while hopping down from the kitchen island and walking over to Mikey.

“Yeah, I figured that much. What’s going on?”

“I’m pregnant.”

Before you could comprehend it, Mikey had scooped you up into his arms and ran into the backyard, laughing happily all the while.

“How long have you known?” he questioned as he hugged you closer.

“A few days,” you smiled, overjoyed by his happiness.

“Why didn’t you tell me as soon as you saw the positive test?!” Mikey set you down onto your feet.

“Because it was 4am and I was scared because knowing you, you would’ve literally screamed it from the rooftops and wow, look what you’re doing – GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!”

But it was no use. Mikey was climbing the ladder that was mounted against the side of the house from renovations three steps at a time and before you knew it, he was standing on the roof, his hands cupping his mouth so that his voice could be heard more clearly.


~Week 4~

Sighing as you tried once again to fasten your bra behind your back, you beamed widely at yourself in the mirror when your fifth try proved successful.

Being careful not to move too much for fear of the bra coming undone again, you walked over to the bed and grabbed the shirt you had laid out. Mikey entered the room before you could slip on the shirt and immediately made his way over to you, eyes clearly fixed on your boobs.

“Oh, wow.” he said in awe, groping both breasts.

“Ow, you idiot!” you exclaimed in a mixture of pain and discomfort, swatting Mikey’s hands away rather harshly before crossing your arms over your very tender bust in order to protect it from your extremely handsy husband. “They hurt,” you pouted, looking down at your chest only to see that Mikey’s actions had caused your boobs to once again escape your bra.

Groaning in annoyance, you struck Mikey on his right arm, causing him to let out a tiny whimper. “Now look what you did!”

“I’m sorry,” he said, still rubbing the area where you’d hit him in an effort to soothe it.

“It took me forever to get them to fit and now-“ You burst into tears before you could finish your words and Mikey’s eyes widened at the sudden change in emotion, although his husbandly instincts soon took over and he engulfed you into his embrace.

“Shh, it’s okay, baby. Here, I’ll help you get back into it and then we can go shopping for some new ones, alright?”

You nodded into his chest, still crying.

“Good. Maybe then you’ll stop hitting me,” he whispered to himself.

~Week 5~

“Baby, I’m just wondering,” Mikey started as he entered your bedroom. “Is there any particular reason you left the tumble dryer on a repeat cycle with nothing inside?”

“Pregnancy brain,” you mumbled as you climbed into bed, the bathroom tap still running behind you.


~Week 7~

“Pleaseeeee, Mikey,” you whined, snuggling closer to him while putting on your best puppy dog eyes.

“(Y/N), it’s 3am. I have no desire to leave the warmth of my bed to go down to McDonald’s just because you’re craving a McFlurry.”

“But you didn’t buy me more ice-cream, so it’s kinda your fault.”

“I bought 3 tubs 4 days ago!”

“And I ate them! Now I want more.”

“For fuck’s sake, (Y/N),” Mikey groaned as he begrudgingly dragged himself out of bed, grabbing his wallet, phone and jacket before making his way downstairs, leaving a trail of cuss words behind him.

“I love you!”

~Week 8~

You gasped slightly as the doctor squirted the cool jelly onto your stomach, placing the transducer over it shortly after.

“You hear that?” she questioned with a smile. “It’s the heartbeat.”

“Oh my God,” you whispered, laughing deliriously as the realisation of what you were hearing set in. “Mikey, that-that’s our baby,” you gushed, tears welling up in your eyes.

Mikey was at a loss for words, completely dumbstruck by the incredible nature of what was happening inside of you.

“That’s our baby,” he repeated, laughing too before placing a kiss on your temple.

~Week 11~

“(Y/N), I’m telling you,” Pete started, leaning in across the red booth of the diner. “After you have this baby, I’ll order you a cherry pie with a hamburger patty and maple syrup and I guarantee you won’t like it.”

“Well, it tastes like heaven right now, so… MMM,” you closed your eyes as you savoured the delicious taste, while Pete just shook his head at you, a look of pure disgust on his face.

~Week 19~

“Are you sure about this, (Y/N)?” Mikey asked uncertainly, his fingers hesitantly undoing his belt buckle.

“Yes, Mikey,” you confirmed for what seemed like the fiftieth time in the last 10 minutes. “This is one of the last chances we have before I can’t have sex for who knows how long.” You removed your own shirt.

“I just don’t wanna hurt the baby,” he said, slowly crawling over you.

You rolled your eyes at your husband but couldn’t help but feel a wave of affection at how concerned he was. “You’re not gonna hurt the baby. The doctor said it’s perfectly safe, okay?”  

He nodded.

“Good. Now shut up and do me.”

~Week 23~

“So, what are you hoping for?” the doctor asks as she moves the transducer over your swollen belly.

“Honestly, it doesn’t really matter to me as long as he or she is healthy. But I’d be lying if I said that I wouldn’t love a little dress shopping buddy.”

You and the doctor shared a giggle before she turned to Mikey.

“What about you, dad?”

“Taking into account that they say that having a girl is karma for all the things you did when you were younger, I think a boy would be the better option.”

You clicked your tongue and shot a glare at Mikey, earning a chuckle from him as well as from the doctor.

“Well, look’s like you’re out of luck,” she said, looking from the screen to the two of you. “Congratulations, mom. It’s a girl.”

~Week 29~

Lounging lazily on the couch and flicking through channels, you stifled a yawn as Mikey sat himself next to you.

Positioning himself comfortably, he brought his head down to your stomach, placing a smooch on the right side. Right when his lips made contact with your body, however, the baby let out a huge and unexpected kick, startling Mikey a little and causing you to laugh uncontrollably.

“That little shit just kicked me in the mouth!” he exclaimed in disbelief, joining in with your laughter.

“That’s my girl,” you cooed, rubbing your belly.

~Week 32~

“Anndd this one is from-“

“Lemme guess, (Y/B/F)?” you chuckled, noticing the wrapping paper which matched the giant pile of torn fragments to your right, next to around 20 gifts, all from (Y/B/F). “You didn’t need to get me anything else, hon. Really.” You gestured to her other gifts.

“Yes, I did. I’m gonna be the best damned godmother the world has ever seen,” she stated proudly.

“I just hope you’re gonna be this enthusiastic about babysitting, too.”

“Oh, you know I will be, my love. After all, with you and Mikey as parents, the angel is gonna need someone responsible to look up to.”

Laughter filled the room as you shot a glare at (Y/B/F).

“I kid, I kid,” she defended. “Not really.”

~Week 34~

“Okay, okay, we’re almost there. No peeking. Mind the step. YOU’RE PEEKING! I SAID NO PEEKING!”

“Alright, alright. Jeez. Such a control freak. I’m glad I chose to marry the other brother.”

“Haha,” Gerard laughed sarcastically. “Okay, you can open your eyes now.”

You did, and your heart leapt into your throat immediately.

Gerard had done an exquisite job at decorating your daughter’s nursery. The walls were painted all white, except for the one on the right side of the room, where her crib stood. This one was adorned with his drawings of your family along with messages from loved ones, and in the middle was her name.

(Y/D/N) Way.

“Gee… This is… it’s perfect.”

Gerard smiled from ear-to-ear. “That’s good to hear,” he said, pulling you into a side hug while gently rubbing your belly. “Hey, sweetheart. It’s your uncle here. I just wanted to let you know that I love you. Very much. And I can’t wait to meet you.”

~Week 37~

“I changed my mind. I’m not going,” Mikey stated, tossing his suitcase onto the couch.

“Yes, you are! I’m not due for another three weeks, Mikey. I’m sure I can handle not having you around for one weekend, especially since you’re only gonna be a half hour away. Besides,” you walked over to Pete and (Y/B/F) and linked your arms in theirs. “If anything goes wrong – which it won’t – I have these two.”

“Yeah, but-“

“No buts, Mikey. You have thousands of fans who are dying to see you and who paid actual money for your stupid band so.. You. Are. Going,” you said, poking him hard into the chest with every word.

“This is a very abusive relationship, you know that?” he pouted.

“Now that everything’s settled,” you said, ignoring his previous comment and standing on your tiptoes to kiss him. “Bye, baby. See you in 3 days.”

~2 Days Later ~

“You’re a demon,” Pete said to (Y/B/F), trying to fend her off with a crucifix made from forks.

“I don’t give a shit about what you think, Wentz. I. LOVE. PINEAPPLE. ON. PIZZA,” (Y/B/F) retorted, moaning as she took a bite of pizza that she made sure had a particularly large piece of pineapple on it.

“(Y/N), just tell this crazy person that pineapple does not belong on pizza!”

“Eh, I don’t mind it,” you shrugged.

“WHAT? What drugs are you both on?”

(Y/B/F) and Pete then proceeded to get into a heated argument about pizza toppings.

“Uh… guys?” you squeaked.

They didn’t hear you.


“What?” they asked in unison.

“Can we have this conversation later? I’m going into labour.”

~About 30 Minutes Later~

Thanks solely to (Y/B/F) and her natural maternal instinct, you were able to make your way to the hospital and into the maternity wing where you were currently residing all before your third contraction hit. (Y/B/N) had managed to grab your already-packed hospital bag, drive you to the emergency room, fill in the necessary paperwork, call Mikey and keep you relatively calm all on her own.

Pete started freaking out from the moment the word ‘labour’ left your lips and didn’t stop until you were lying on a hospital bed. You couldn’t say that he wasn’t any help, though. Seeing him panic so much had a weird calming effect on you.

Another contraction hit and the doctor let you know that you were fully dilated and the baby was ready to be born.

“AHHH! WHERE THE HELL IS MIKEY?!” you screamed.

“I’m here, I’m here, baby!”

A sweaty, disarrayed Mikey practically dived into the room, looking like he’d just run a marathon; the rest of the band followed closely behind, all wearing looks of concern.

“I’m here,” Mikey rushed to your side and placed a quick kiss to your forehead. “Now, push, baby.”

You screamed out in agony as you continuously pushed, wanting to get your daughter out of you as soon as possible.

Just when you thought you might pass out from pain and exhaustion, you heard Mikey exclaim in pure joy.

“Oh, my God. There she is!”


“She looks so much like you, it’s unbelievable,” Mikey whispered while cuddling closer to you and softly caressing your daughter’s tiny hand, gazing lovingly at the small human.

“She’s got Gerard’s nose, though,” you pointed out, ‘booping’ her nose gently.

“You’re right, she does,” he giggled in amazement.

“We’re parents, Mikey,” you said, turning to smile at him.

“Yeah, we are. You did amazing, baby,” he complimented, placing a soft yet loving kiss onto your lips. “I do have one question, though.”


“The ladder is still mounted to the side of the house, right?”


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honestly I’m still not over how much Michael made wrapped around your finger his bitch

Accidental Infatuation

Bullets! Mikey fluff

“I’d like to dedicate this last song… To my kid brother, whose girlfriend just broke up with him ‘cause of all of this rock 'n roll shit.” The lead singer was breathing heavily in the mic- ready to start the last song of the night. He was drenched in sweat and the guitarist named Frank had already broken a guitar in the five songs they played. The crowd was more amped for the upcoming band instead of the opening act, but not you.

Finding yourself late to get in, you were stuck in the back, waiting for the main act to play, completely disinterested in the opening acts from the flyer, but at the first song, you fell in love. Any other band fell from your mind, getting lost in the energy of their performance.

Standing the outskirts of the crowd, you were completely ready to burst down the hall to meet the band buy a copy of their CD.

“We’re My Chemical Romance, from New Jersey, Thank you!”

Waiting a few minutes for the band to cool off, you slammed against the doors, feeling the temperature drop from the sweaty crowd.
It was now your goal to be one of the first at the table. Bypassing the main act you’d originally anticipated, you felt a cool breeze as you sped down the hall, nearly blowing up your skirt.

Turning into the secondary hall, you found yourself at the back of a line of a few dozen people, the band just settling down at the folding tables, the guitarist that didn’t break his guitar and drummer missing . You could feel your heart pound, toes wiggling within your shoes excitedly.

As you came to the table, you realized you were second to last in line, not counting those who milled about and littered the hall.

“Helllll-o there, I’m Gerard. May I offer you a gen-u-ine copy of our album?” The lead singer grinned, sweaty black hair a mess on top of his head, obviously under the influence of something.

“Yessir.” You replied, smiling as you handed over the money. He handed it off to their bass player, who looked fairly cool and collected, bill held between two fingers.

His hair definitely needed a cut, the overly-fluffy mop somehow endearing at the same time. There was no denying how attractive he was, especially on stage with his tight shirt- it completely allowed for his slim figure to be shown off in the best of lights. Seeing him there- you could see the slight muscle definition in his arms. Keeping your observations to yourself mentally, you notes exactly how nice his jawline was.

“Mikey-” Gerard elbowed him, your gaze dreamily fixated on him as he stared at his phone beneath the table.

Looking quite startled, he slammed the flip phone shut, shoving it away in his pocket before looking up to you with wild eyes, a green glint coming from somewhere beneath his glasses. His mouth was somewhat agape when he first saw you. You gave a nervous smile as Gerard serviced the last person in line, taking their exact change.

Toying with the CD in your hands, you gave Mikey a small smile, tucking a stray strand of hair behind your ear.

“Mikey, I uh- I think she’d like her change.” Frank gave a nervous laugh. An amused grin taking its place an instant later, taking a moment to turn his attention from the person he was talking to to observe the two of you.

“S-Sorry.” He blushed, nervously trying to pick out the right change.

“Oh, it’s fine.” You breathed, “You guys had a great set tonight! I don’t know why they put you as an opening band.” You tittered nervously. Taking your change from Mikey, you gave one last smile, knowing you were expected to leave. “Oh, and Gerard- give your brother my condolences. Breakups are shit.” You swore softly, giving a nervous laugh, turning to leave.

“Mikey, she says she sends her condolences.” Gerard drawled casually, sipping at his solo cup, peering over the rim at the bassist next to him.

“Oh, shoot! Sorry!” Feeling the blush creep across your face, you wanted nothing more than to flee the scene. Mikey, however, kept you in your place.

“It’s nothing, really. Thank you, um… What’s your name?”

“It’s y/n.” You smiled softly, taking and shaking the hand he extended.

“In case you couldn’t tell by Gerard’s big mouth, I’m Mikey… Way.” He breathed, fingers slipping away from yours.

“Well it’s really, really, very nice to meet you, but I doubt I’m supposed to be hanging around back here.” Tugging your lip nervously, you clutched the CD close to your chest.

“Actually, if you don’t mind, I’d really like it if you’d stay a while.” He gave a hopeful smile, pushing his glasses up further into the bridge of his nose.

“I don’t mind at all.”

Family Quality Time

How do the Boys spend time with their wives and kids? (The kids are like 4-7 in age)

Leo: Yoga. Which is weird because normally a kid isn’t interested in yoga or sitting still. But when she wants to be just like her Papa, she’ll copy anything and everything he does. They all have different shades of blue yoga mats and they are all spread out in a makeshift circle. Leo’s is dark blue, his S/O is aqua blue, and their daughter’s is baby blue.

Raph: Naps. Most people would say training together but I say naps. Raph does like to be lazy from time to time and I would picture his S/O to be like him in that aspect. So, when it’s nap time for their son, they all gather in the parents bed and just make a makeshift nest of blankets and pillows. Raph is on one side, his wife on the other, and their son in the middle. They all have their own specific pillows as well. Raph has deep Crimson, his S/O has coral, and their son has fire truck red.

Donnie: Minecraft. Donnie believes that stimulating his son’s mind by being creative in this way will help his brain develop more. He and his wife normally let their son lead the way during their Minecraft adventures but Donnie will occasionally take over when they are building something big like Hogwarts or a game version of the lair. Continuing with the color pattern, they all have specific controllers (they play the XBox version). Donnie’s is his signature medium purple, his S/O’s is plum, and his son’s is lilac.

Mikey: Finger Painting!! What better way to let your kid express them self than to let them finger paint?! Mikey, his wife, and daughter will all sit at the kitchen table and just have at it. Mikey normally does Graffiti with his fingers (he’s so talented), his wife will draw pastel flowers or something, and his daughter will probably paint crudely pictures of her dad and Uncles kicking butt. They don’t have specific paints, but they do have special rags to wash their hands with. Mikey has orange, his S/O has peach, and their daughter has vermillion.

Used to Be Pt. 2

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So what I think I’m going to do is make two different endings- one with Michael and one with Calum

Part One / Masterlist 

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The Nutcracker - Michael Clifford

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I really need to get back on track with this. Like ASAP. It’s really bugging me.

There’s one thing Michael would never admit about the holidays. And that was that he loved the Nutcracker. He despised everything about ballet from the stupid slippers to the fluffy tutu’s that were, in his mind, just a waste of fabric…yet, somehow, that boy was infatuated with one of the most classical parts of Christmas. And somehow, this boy ended up at the show every year. He had been going since he was younger, his best friend’s mom taking the two to see the ballerinas since it was her favorite thing in the world, her dream one day to be the lead in the show. It was his Christmas tradition whether he wanted to admit it or not.

When they were twelve, y/n had come running through the fence in their yard, envelope in hand with the casting roster to the show for one of the major production companies in their province, y/n getting a role as a sugar plum fairy, her entire being jumping with joy at the fact she was going to be on the big stage, even just as a sugar plum fairy because, “you can’t get better if you don’t take the roles you’re given.”

This happened for the next year and next year until she was eighteen where she was offered a full time position in the company performing in shows year round, gaining leads in swan lake, Giselle, and Sleeping Beauty, yet still not gaining the one roll she had been striving for since she had started as a dancer, her hope dwindling down with each passing year.

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