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How would the boys react to their s/o's little kitten rubbing up against their feet and actually climbed up their leg to get up to their face meowing with a squeak in it?


He was waiting for you to come back from work/school and so he decided to look around in your apartment since he’s there anyways. He walked towards the living room and saw a small kitten sleeping. He then remembered that you had a kitten but you said that the kitten’s very shy and doesn’t usually come out when strangers are in your apartment. Since leo had an obvious love for cats he walked closer towards the small kitten. He wasn’t even near it before the kitten woke up and stood up from it’s nap. “W-woah there, calm down I promise I’m not here to hurt you” leo said afraid that the kitten will pounce at him or something but instead of pouncing at him it actually slowly walked towards him. He was glad that it wasn’t afraid of him. The kitten slowly got even more closer to him and it started to rub it’s head on leo’s leg. This surprised leo because he didn’t think that the kitten will really like him. He kneeled down and picked the kitten up then he moved it closer to him so that he could see it better. Leo was very surprised when instead the kitten licked his face. He chuckled and said “why you’re an adorable little aren’t you” while smiling


You were in the lair and you decided to bring your kitten, you found her on the cold sidewalks of NY alone and lost so you took her in. Now she’s better and is living with you and you decided to show her to raph. You walked towards his room and walked inside. He saw you and said “hey babe, miss me?” While walking towards you and giving you a kiss “haha, real funny raph” you replied and blushed “what y'got there babe?” He asked looking at the small kitten in your arms. “Oh right! This is my kitten, she’s adorable isn’t she?” You said and put her down. The kitten walked towards raph with no hesitation and rubbed her head on his leg, after a while she wrapped her tail around his ankle and purred. “Looks like she likes me babe” raph said. When raph wasn’t looking the kitten immediately climbed up his rough body and when she reached his face she licked his cheek. “Woah! Calm down there you little rascal” raph said and picked her up with his hands. He walked towards you and kissed you passionately while putting the kitten down “sorry kitty but the only one who can kiss me is my beautiful (y/n) here” he said and made you blush intensely


He was busy working in his lab while you were busy with school. You asked donnie if you could leave your kitty here because you’d hate for her to be alone and he let you. He was busy tinkering some stuff while your cat was just staring at him. It was sitting on the table he was using but it tried to keep it’s distance because it didn’t want to bother him. The kitty was a bit conflicted because it really wanted to play with donnie but in the same time it didn’t want to bother him so it struggled to choose what to do. Donnie could see this and he thought that it was adorable. “You know, you remind me of (y/n)” donnie said and picked the kitty up and placed it in his lap. He didn’t pull his hand back for the kitty seemed to be having fun with it. The kitty purred in delight and licked his hand.


Mikey was playing with your cat. You had to help donnie in the lab so he was left alone with your cat. Your cat is a male, he is also very protective you so when he first saw mikey you had to hold him back. Mikey was trying to get his attention but he kept on ignoring him. Mikey finally gave up after almost an hour of trying so he went to the kitchen to get some cat treats. He came back and waved the treat in front of his face with a smile. As he expected the cat came closer and took the treat. While the cat was busy eating mikey prayed that it wouldn’t bite or scratch him and he rubbed his hand against his soft fur. At first he didn’t like it and was stiff but soon he got used to it and started purring. He pushed his head deeper into mikey’s hand and he licked his fingers. Mikey was just and idiot smiling too much the whole time


Some clearer pictures from the promo I recorded! 

1) (Robot?) Donnie handling a pretty awesome weapon!

2) Raph and his glorious beard. (He looks like he should be on Duck Dynasty or something lol)

3) Raph without his glorious beard.

4) A clearer shot of Robo D and the mystery character behind him! I figured it may be old Mikey- given the three fingers and toes. But now that I think about it- whoever they are, they're really skinny. Maybe too skinny to be Mikey.

My Heart Is Yours

Prompt: Requested by @noisilyloving5sos  “ Hello ^_^ I just want to say I really love your imagines! But can I request a Mikey Way imagine were you two are at college and he ask you out and your first date but I don’t want rush you doing this so I can just wait! thank you so much!”

and Anonymous “Hi! I was wondering if you could write a super cute and fluffy Mikey imagine, I love your writings btw!! 💘💘”

Word Count: 840

Pairing: Mikey x Reader

Your class gets out early, giving you time to head over to where Mikey’s lecture will get out and meet him with coffee. He looks exhausted when you see him, eyes dull and face scratchy, his dark hair is stuffed under a beanie and his glasses are smudged with fingerprints. You hand him the coffee and he smiles at you gratefully, backpack slipping off his shoulder as it’s weighed down with books and notes. You get swept up by the sea of zombie-like students, marching along like the exhausted drones you sometimes believe yourselves to be, only finding your own path when you get outside and the breeze blows different students in all directions-lectures, food, and sleep await. Mikey is quiet, just sipping his coffee and letting his brain check back into reality, and you take the time to just watch him like the love sick nerd you are. He’s always pretty but lately Mikey has really started to grow into his features, even if he still kinda looks like a dorky high schooler, and you gaze dreamily at his jaw line, his deep eyes and down his graceful neck. He could do with a shave and a shower but even with all that he’s beautiful, always is in your eyes.

“I have so much studying to do,” He finally speaks, tossing his now empty coffee cup in a nearby trashcan.

“That class is really kicking your ass lately.” You observe and Mikey shrugs, giving you that half smile he pulls out when he doesn’t know what to say. “I can help you study if you want.”

“Ya, thanks.” He replies, caffeine still not kicking in. He goes quiet then and just looks at you, eyes soft and you flush.


“Go out with me.” He says, not a question but it’s not rude or pushy; he says it like he knows you’ll say yes but he’s scared he’s wrong. A huge grin overtakes your face as you answer, ‘Like a date? Yes!’ and Mikey beams like he rarely ever does.

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Baby. (Mikey Way x Reader)

“’Sup, bitch?” Pete exclaimed loudly as he entered your home through the front door.

The sudden appearance of your friend caused you to jump slightly in your seat on the sofa, the novel you were previously stuck in falling to the floor as you frowned.

“A little warning would’ve been nice,” you mumbled, swinging your legs off of the sofa before bending down to retrieve your book.

Pete scoffed. “Since when do I need to warn you before I come over?” his voice came out slightly muffled seeing as his head was stuck in your fridge, searching for some kind of alcohol.

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Why no, I have not watched the finale yet (it is currently 1:10am on 9-23-17). That is why I am still chipper.

Anyway, as promised, I’m going to share an excerpt from my fanfic (that I tried and failed to illustrate, but oh well). 

The fic was originally meant to be a story that takes place after the events of the show, but I wrote it during seasons 3 and 4 and so much has changed in the series that the fanfic is now a full-fledged AU. 

This bit of scene takes place right after Donnie and April finally DTR and become official. They are alone in Donnie’s lab, but ever the gent, Donnie did leave the door open…
         She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him on the cheek. Donnie could feel the warmth spread from one side of his face to the other, and soon he felt warm from head to toe. She stared right into his eyes, and he into hers. After a moment, she leaned in again, this time for his lips! He panicked and stepped back.
          “Wait a sec,” he said.
          “What’s wrong?” she asked, thoroughly confused.
          “We were… were we about to…?”
          “Yup. We were about to, before you stepped back.” She still looked confused, and Donnie hoped that his hesitation wasn’t coming off as insulting.
          “Don’t get me wrong, I want to. It’s just… we’ve never really kissed. We’ve had a couple quick pecks on the lips, but we haven’t… like… kissed.”
          “You’re not going to do this every time we get close to it, are you?” she smirked.
          “It’s just… I don’t now if I’d be a good kisser or not… you know, on TV they’re always saying things like, ‘He’s a good kisser,’ or ‘He’s a bad kisser…’ I don’t know which I’ll be! I don’t know what I’m doing!”
          “Neither do I, but it’s kissing, Donnie. Everyone figures it out. It’s not rocket science.”
          “Oh… right. Okay, um… just… come here,” she said, wrapping her arms around his neck. “If we’re no good at kissing, we’ll just have to practice.”
          She looked into his eyes again, and he looked into hers. She leaned in. This time he did, too. His heart pounded as their lips finally met.
          He didn’t know how long they stayed that way, with one of his hands on her back and the other in her hair, while she gently caressed his face before running her hands down his neck and onto his shoulders. The lab didn’t seem to exist anymore. Neither did time.
           Time couldn’t be as nonexistent as it seemed, however, because soon Donnie heard a voice.
          “Are you guys gonna come watch the show, or… WHOA!”
          It was Mikey. Donnie and April pulled apart and looked toward the door, where Mikey stood with his eyes open wide and his chin nearly on the ground.
          Donnie and April had both been blushing already, but at this point, April’s face turned a brilliant shade of red that clashed terribly with her hair.
          Donnie cleared his throat.
          “Uh…” He let out a nervous chuckle. Somehow words wouldn’t come out of his mouth.
           April just stood there brushing her hair to the side with her fingers.
           Mikey took a deep breath and screamed, “GUYS!!!” before running out.
          “No! Mikey!” April shouted.
          They both started after him.
          “MIKEY!!!” Donnie yelled.
We all know he ships them hard. XD He’d react just like any of us shippers.

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If this hasnt been done yet headcanons for making art with one of the way bros maybe? Thank you you’re an amazing human :)

1) Imagine being a teenager in Gerard’s living room, sitting on the floor with your ankles crossed with Gee’s, both of you have notebooks in your laps and you’re just doodling and Gerard is figuring out his comic book style more and more each day. Mikey is on the couch behind you, the tv is on but he isn’t watching, he’s watching Gerard draw and so are you. He blushes and slams his book shut when he catches you both and Mikey laughs

2) Imagine Gerard taking a sharpie to your skin, covering your arms in dark lines and swirls and faces, up to your shoulders and over your shoulder blades. Imagine him creating art across your body and you feel like the masterpiece he always says you are

3) Imagine doing an art project with Mikey, winging it, pencils thrown around the room and pens and paint and Mikey has pink paint on his shirt and you did it. He sticks his hand in the blue paint and before you can react he’s wiping it across your face and you gasp and reach for the yellow bottle, squirting it on his head and he shrieks and you break into laughter. You’re both disgusting rainbows by the time it ends, laughing so hard you can’t breath and just laying on plastic you put everywhere so you didn’t ruin the carpet. Mikey holds your hand and it makes a gross squishing sound as paint mixes between your fingers and Mikey looks over at you and his smile is so bright

4) Imagine all the doodles and art pieces of Gerard’s that you hang on your wall, imagine all the half finished songs they both wrote that you kept so they didn’t get tossed, imagine all the drawings and paintings and silly birthday cards with sketches on them that you save and cherish

LeoXReader Hurt Finger

Hi guys, this is my first post so please tell me what you think! Enjoy!

     You ware having one of those days. You know those days were you just get annoyed at everything and everything sets you off. Well, you decided to head down to the lair to hang out with your friends the turtles in hopes that they could change your mood. You’ve known the turtles for about a year now after they saved you from the purple dragons who were trying to rob you and the rest is history.

           You made your way down the sewers, walking slowly and thinking about a certain turtle. The way he carried himself and the rest of the team, the way he spoke so calmly and always had confidence in anything he did. You admired him, from afar of course. You had always wondered if he liked you back, but you was too scared to ever initiate anything.

           You pushed away those thoughts as you entered the lair. Everything was quite. You looked around to find the light on in Donnie’s lab, Raph in the corner punching the punching bag, and Mikey sitting in front of the T.V. You didn’t see Leo anywhere, which either meant he is mediating in the dojo or in his room reading. You walked in a little further and yelled “Hey guys, what’s up?” Mikey immediately jumped over the back of the couch and ran towards you wrapping his arms around you in a big bear hug. “What’s up angel cakes? We didn’t think you were coming down here today!” You told him that you just wanted to come down and hang out, not revealing that you are in a bad mood. Mikey asked if you wanted to play a video game and you said sure. You said Hi to Raph as you passed him and he simply grunted towards you and continued to beat the shit out of the punching bag. You grabbed a controller and started playing (Y/F/G).

           A few more games later of you losing did not help your mood. What also didn’t help was Mikey rubbing it into your face. “Come babe, you have to do better than that if you want to beat the all-time champion!” Mikey yelled while jumping on the couch. You set down the controller onto the table and leaned back crossing your arms. “Oh come on angel, don’t be a sore loser” Mikey said with a huge grin on his face. You just turned the other way on the couch so you didn’t have to look at his stupid “I beat you” grin. Mikey frowned at your reaction and decided to try and cheer you up with tickles! Mikey yelled, “tickle fight!” and jumped on you trying to tickle under your armpits. You were not in the mood and tried to push him off of you, but somehow your finger got caught in his belt and he twisted his body crushing your finger. You yelled out in pain and Mikey immediately jumped back with a worried expression on his face. You held your finger close to your body trying not to cry cause of the throbbing pain as Mikey asked if you were okay and starting saying he was so sorry over and over again. He started to move closer to try and help but you put your hand up to stop him. He kept telling you how sorry he was. You yelled at him to go away and to leave you alone. Raph and Leo had heard you yell and were by your side in a matter of seconds. Leo asking you what happened, and you telling him that Mikey crushed your finger because he was playing around and you told him to stop. Leo glared at Mikey as Raph was keeping him from moving any closer to you. Leo asked to see your finger, but you were to scared he was going to touch it and make it worse so you told him no. Leo understood and took you to Donnie to see if it was broken leaving Mikey and Raph in the living room. You Look back to see Mikey with big puppy dog eyes looking at you. You could tell he was sorry and really didn’t mean to hurt you.  You felt bad for yelling at him.

           You got to Donnie’s lab and sat in a big chair he uses when one of the brothers gets an injury. He examined your finger and had you bend it and move it to see if it was broken or not. All the while Leo was right next to you with his hand on your back making sure you were okay. A blush slowly crept up your face and your heart started to beat faster. He was touching you. Your long time crush, Leo, had his hand on your back making sure that you were okay and knew that he cared. Donnie concluded that it was just badly bruised, no torn ligaments or broken bones. Leo signed in relief and mumbled something about Mikey and left. Donnie put an ice pack on your finger and went back to whatever new invention he was working on. Through the door you could hear Leo yelling at Mikey about being more careful, and that he cannot mess around with you like he does with his brothers. You smile slightly at the thought that he is that worried about you and is being protective over you.

           Donnie wraps up your finger and tells you to come back tomorrow so he can look at it to make sure it isn’t getting worse. You say okay and start to head out of the lair. “Y/N” Leo calls out. You turn around to see him walking towards you. “Mind if I walk you home? It’s getting pretty late.” “Sure you say,” a blush slowly creeping over your cheeks. You both walk for a little, not really saying anything. Finally, right before you were about to climb up the stairs out of the sewer, Leo lightly touches your arm to make you turn towards him. You cock your head to the side and raise your eyebrow to what he has to say. Leo takes a deep breath and starts talking. “Y/n, I am not that good with words, but I need to just say it. I’m in love with you. I have been for a while now. I just didn’t know how to tell you and I feared that you would reject me.” His head bends down not wanting to make eye contact with you. You both stand there in silence. Your mind is racing a million miles per hour. You can’t believe the turtle that you’ve had a crush on for months just admitted that he was in love with you! Leo took your silence as rejection and slowly turned to walk away. You grab his hand and slowly pull him towards you. Both staring into each other’s eyes; you didn’t even realize how close you were. You can feel his breath on your lips as he leans down to slowly kiss you. You return the kiss and deepen it. You pull away only after a few seconds not wanting it to get to heated, and smile. “I love you too, Leo” you say back. You both stand there smiling, staring into each other’s eyes for what seems like forever until you break the silence. “I got to get going, I’ll be back tomorrow.” You say as you lean in a give him a kiss on the cheek. Leo blushes like crazy and nods his head.

           You walk up the stairs and into the city. The night air felt cool and refreshing after being in the sewers for so long. You walk back to your apartment thinking about everything that happened today. How happy you are that Leo told you his feelings for you and to know that he loves you back. As you walk back you can feel somebody watching you from up above. That’s when you realize its Leo making sure you get back to your apartment okay. You look down and smile as you feel so protected and loved. You reach your apartment and look up to where you see a shadow of your turtle on the rooftops. You give a little wave and walk in. You can’t wait to return to the lair tomorrow.