mikey can you stop

“Mikey!  Mikey, hold on… I-I’ll make you better… I promised!  I’m- we’re, we’re GONE now.  We were taken away, Mikey, b-but you, you weren’t!  You can make it!  Y-you can be happy!  You’re my friend!  Please Mikey, keep fighting… never stop fighting, okay?  I’ll be with you, like a good first mate, I promise!

i don’t even know what to think about mcr right now, i’m stuck between “holy crap all of the signs are there” and being a pessimist who has a reason for everything, none of which include mcr reunion. 

but tbh,

mikey said he wasn’t ready to perform again

their solo projects are all getting started 

frank and gerard both has shows lined up for the summer etc (frank has reading & leeds)

why would bob be hinting at a reunion, when we know that he didn’t leave on amazing terms

  • <p> <b>Luke:</b> I really don't like being called a breadstick.<p/><b>White fans:</b> Luke doesn't like being called a breadstick so don't fucking call him that!!<p/><b>Calum:</b> I'm Māori, not Chinese. Please stop with the Asian jokes. That's so racist.<p/><b>White fans:</b> Lol look at this Ching Chong dork! Why is he so mad? Did someone steal his bowl of rice??<p/><b>Ashton:</b> Can you guys stop calling me daddy to my face? That's sexual harassment.<p/><b>White fans:</b> Ash isn't comfortable with people screaming daddy at him. Don't do that.<p/><b>Calum:</b> I'm a person of color<p/><b>White artists and writers in the fandom:</b> *Continue to draw him with white skin and white features and describe him as "tanned"*<p/><b>Michael:</b> I didn't gain that much weight. Can you guys chill?<p/><b>White fans:</b> Stop fat shaming Mikey!!!<p/><b>Calum:</b> *breathes*<p/><b>White fans:</b> Lol shut up Bruce Lee<p/><b></b> <p/></p>

“Wow!  Mikey, I don’t think you’ve stopped smiling since you put on Faith’s snuggly!”

“Heh! I’m not gonna lie, this feels great!  This… everything.  … Doll, everything feels great.”

Someone messaged me after having a rough day and really wanted some Mike, Doll and Faith fluff.  I hope this cheers you, friend!