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Night series: Paper Hearts

Paper Hearts | Mikey Pearce | imagine
Night series are a little thing I’ll be doing today because of The Vamps’ new album, Night & Day. It will be 7 imagines, one new song for each Buttercream boy, and you can check them here.
A/N: Okay, can we take a moment to appreciate the tittle of this song? I think it is the sweetest one of the album and, well, Mikey is the sweetest boy from the Buttercream. I think he would like this song if he heard it as well. So, yeah, this is it! Also, can we also appreciate how cute Mikey is when he has kids around them? Just saw his last vlog and it is the cutest thing ever.

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“C’mon, Mikey, you need to stop scrolling through Y/N’s Facebook.” Jack told his friend. “It’s getting creepy, honestly.”

“I know, I know.” He said sat in the sofa, putting down his phone. “I just can’t, Jack. I can’t stop thinking that things should be different.”

“Yeah, Mikey, I know it.” Jack sat down next to Mikey. “You say this same story once a week, at least.” He complained to the older one.

“She’s the love of my life.”

“Okay, honestly, you need to stop.” Jack stated.

“No, Jack! She is!”

“Mikey, you and Y/N broke up a year ago!”

“So what? I still love her!”

“Yeah, I got that, but she feels the same? C’mon, buddy, you need to get over her. You got to love yourself a little more, Mikey.”

“I don’t want to, Jack!”

“Oh, for God’s sake.” Jack gave up. “I will take a quick shower and then we can go eat something. Caspar and Joe will meet us there, then we will go to the club.”

But Mikey didn’t want to eat, or go to the club pick some random girl he wouldn’t work out anyway. That was when it hit him. What if he wasn’t meant to work out with that random girl? As he told Jack, it was you who were the love of his life.

And all those months he spend trying to figure out how to move on from the best thing that ever happened to him after you abandoning him at the path he thought you two were walking together, however he never actually did something to you. You let his hand go, but he never tried to hold it again.

He couldn’t avoid himself, when he realized, he was with his cellphone in his hands again, typing all those words he always thought of during all this time. Without thinking twice, he held his breath and pressed send.

“Ok, what’s going on?” Joe asked when they were leaving the restaurant. Jack and Caspar were talking to each other a little ahead than the other two friends.

“What?” Mikey pretended he was confuse.

“Mikey, you were sweating during all the dinner. I mean, everybody knows you sweat a lot,” he made fun of his friend “still, you were agitated.” Joe cleared out and Mikey saw he had to escape. “It’s a girl, isn’t it?” He asked, ready to have a good laugh. Mikey is in love again, everybody! Joe was going to call the other to tell the news when he took a second look at Mikey. It wasn’t like the other times, Mikey was really freaking out about this. “What happened?”

“Joe, please, don’t go and tell them.” Mikey requested.

“Mikey, you’re scarring me now. What is going on?”

The younger one sighed. “I tried to reach Y/N.”

“You did what?!” Joe asked, a little louder than he should, echoing in the street.

“Shh.” Mikey looked around to see if anyway heard what they were speaking about, Jack and Caspar were too focused in getting inside the place with the neon lights they already could see from where they were.

“Sorry.” Joe apologized. “You did what?” He whispered.

“I sent her a message.”

“Are you insane? You guys broke up last year! Last year, Mikey!”

“I know.” Mikey wasn’t so sure of himself now. “I mean, we don’t really broke up. She said she needed a time for herself.”

“Yeah, this means she broke up with you.” Joe pointed out.

“She isn’t dating anyone.” Mikey argued. Joe just stared his friend. “Look, I was caught in the moment. I was sure we were meant to each other, but now the only thing I can think is that I still love her and she’s the love of my life.” He shrugged. “If I’m luck enough, I’m the love of her life as well.

Joe sighed. He was always found of the idea of you and Mikey together and it was suck a pity when you two broke up. You loved Mikey for his pure golden heart, didn’t matter how clumsy he was, you just loved him.

“Fine.” The older one concluded. “I won’t tell the boys and, although I am worried about you getting another heart break, I’m cheering for this work out.” He rolled his eyes and something caught Joe’s attention. “I guess I will need to cheer a lot now.”


Joe nodded his head towards the club’s door. “Y/N is here.”

“Y/N!” Mikey tried to not seem so nervous as he actually was.

Your eyes widened. “Mikey!” You tried to smile. “Joe!”

“Hi, Y/N.” Joe waved at you, he couldn’t bear the awkward situation it was. “How are you?”

“Fine, fine.” You nodded. “You?”

“Yeah, good.”


You three started staring each other, the silence waving like a wale.

“Hey, Caspar and Jack are here too.” Joe commented.

“Cool!” You had no idea what to say.

“I think I will check on them. I guess they already went inside.”

“Yeah…” What would you do now?

Well, Mikey had the answer for that, since as soon as Joe walked away, your ex-boyfriend shot: “I’m sorry for what you are about to receive in your phone.”

You exhaled the air in your chest deeply. “I saw it already, Mikey.” You admitted.

“You saw it?”


“Why you did not answered it?”

“Are you fucking kidding with me?” You started getting mad.

“Hum… no?”

“We broke up a year ago, Mikey! A whole year ago!”

“You said you needed some time. I just found that one year would be enough.”

“Yeah, one year was enough! Enough time for you to come after me!”

“What the… Y/N!”

“What the hell, Mikey! You think I’m yours still?”

“No, no, no!” Kinda he did, yes.

“You had no right!”

“No right for what?”

“For jumping in my life again, idiot! It took me a fucking year to stop loving you and, suddenly, here you are!”

“But you broke up with me!”

“Yeah, because I wanted you to be more active in our relationship!”


“Don’t say ‘Y/N’ to me now!”

A tall man approached you two, he was a security guy. “Lady, please, calm down. You can fight with each other in the other block, down the street.”

You snorted. Great.

“You see?” You asked while walking away from the club. “This is what I’m talking about! You sent me that huge text saying how you wanted me back, reminding me how good we were, but here you are! At the club!”

“Y/N, can you, please, slow down the walk?” He required, taking your hand.

“I don’t want to!”


“Ugh! You and this Y/N of yours.”

“Y/N, stop.” He stopped walking and, since he was holding your hand still, you stopped as well.

“Ok, say what you want to say, Michael Pearce.”

“I love you.” Your breath got lost.


“I still love you. I never stopped. I’m freezing out here, so can we, please, just go to a restaurant and eat something? I know you, you never eat before coming to the club, and I couldn’t eat early because I was freaking out about that message. I’m really bad at communication, as we can see, and I will be really glad if we just could sit down and work things out, because I won’t understand half of it if we don’t take things slow.”

You were out of breath still. It was so Mikey. Throw a lot of things all together hoping someone would understand him. A huge statement, little details about you only he would remember, a self-deprecating comment and a honest speech. Luckily enough, you always understood him. And Mikey always was a lucky boy.

  • <p> <b>Luke:</b> I really don't like being called a breadstick.<p/><b>White fans:</b> Luke doesn't like being called a breadstick so don't fucking call him that!!<p/><b>Calum:</b> I'm Māori, not Chinese. Please stop with the Asian jokes. That's so racist.<p/><b>White fans:</b> Lol look at this Ching Chong dork! Why is he so mad? Did someone steal his bowl of rice??<p/><b>Ashton:</b> Can you guys stop calling me daddy to my face? That's sexual harassment.<p/><b>White fans:</b> Ash isn't comfortable with people screaming daddy at him. Don't do that.<p/><b>Calum:</b> I'm a person of color<p/><b>White artists and writers in the fandom:</b> *Continue to draw him with white skin and white features and describe him as "tanned"*<p/><b>Michael:</b> I didn't gain that much weight. Can you guys chill?<p/><b>White fans:</b> Stop fat shaming Mikey!!!<p/><b>Calum:</b> *breathes*<p/><b>White fans:</b> Lol shut up Bruce Lee<p/><b></b> <p/></p>

i don’t even know what to think about mcr right now, i’m stuck between “holy crap all of the signs are there” and being a pessimist who has a reason for everything, none of which include mcr reunion. 

but tbh,

mikey said he wasn’t ready to perform again

their solo projects are all getting started 

frank and gerard both has shows lined up for the summer etc (frank has reading & leeds)

why would bob be hinting at a reunion, when we know that he didn’t leave on amazing terms

Ridiculous (Caspar Request)

~~~Caspar’s POV~~~
“Okay would you rather- Kiss (y/n) or kiss Gigi?” Joe asks Josh for the next question.
We were all sat around after filming and the idea of playing had just come up. Though I couldn’t help but get annoyed at their mentions of (y/n), also known as my girlfriend…
“That’s easy” Josh chuckles, “Its gotta be (y/n)”
“Hands down” Jack states, “Hottest YouTube girlfriend there is” He grins.
I glare at him straight away, my annoyance evident.
Deep down, I knew that nothing would ever happen with (y/n) and the guys, she was my girlfriend and that wasn’t going to change any time soon. Though, that didn’t stop me from getting annoyed at just how much they persisted to mention how ‘hot’ she was.
“Guys shut up” I roll my eyes, consciously hoping it would come off jokingly but make them stop all the same.
“Come on buddy, I think you got lucky there” Oli nudges me.
He was right. I was way too lucky. She was far out of my league and still she was dating me. For over a year. And every day I found myself questioning why. There wasn’t anything special about me to attract a girl like her. She was gorgeous, everything you could hope for in a girlfriend. She could get anybody and she chose me…
“Yeah bloody hell Caspar what’s your secret?” Mikey chuckles.
Before the guys can torture me anymore, a familiar walks through the door. (Y/n)
“Hey guys, I didn’t know you’d be here” She smiles to all of them, taking off her jacket.
“Of course” Joe replies, “Couldn’t leave without seeing our favourite”
My jaw clenches straight away.
“Well what can I say?” She chuckles and walks over to give me a kiss, “I’m just gonna get changed”
“Okay babe” I say and watch her walk away.
Part of me knows that I should forget about it, that there was nothing wrong. But the majority of me told my legs to stand and follow her. I hated them thinking of her like this.
She is just pulling her hair into a ponytail when I walk in.
“Hey babe, everything okay?” She frowns automatically.
“Yeah…” I look down.
“What’s wrong Caspar?” She questions, stepping forward to take my hand.
“Its just the guys” I sigh, “They spend the entire time they’re here just talking about how pretty you are or how lucky I am or how you could do better”
“You know they’re only joking, they’re all just trying to annoy you” She says truthfully.
“I know” I shuffle my foot on the floor, “Im being stupid”
“You’re being cute” She presses her lips to mine, “Even if it is stupid too”
I chuckle slightly and kiss her again.
“Just relax, they don’t mean any harm by it. And even if they did, they have no chance”
Soon enough, we head back out and the boys have decided to set up a camera to begin filming
~~~your POV~~~ “Wanna film with us (y/n)?” Joe asks as he adjusts one of the lights.
“No I’m okay, I’ll just help record” You smile and grab yourself some water.
“But we want you in the video” Josh pouts.
“Yeah come on gorgeous, you can help us with the questions” Caspar kisses your cheek.
You reluctantly agree and position yourself between Jack and Conor so that you are in the middle of the shot as they wanted.
As Jack tries to do his intro, Conor continues to jab at your sides, making you squeal.
“Conor quit it" You hit at his hand and he laughs
“Yeah Conor stop flirting” Mikey chuckles and you can see the look of hurt on your boyfriends face.
His eyes meet yours and you simply shake your head to remind him of your earlier promise.
He looks down and you see his lips curl into a smile.
“Are we getting on with this video or what?” You raise your brows and after that, Caspar knows the thought of the guys ever being anything more than one of your friends was one of the most ridiculous thoughts he could possibly fathom.

Daddy Luke Imagine - More Than the Sun and Stars

Requested: Yes omg

Author: Brittany


  • I want to have a child with Luke
  • That is all

More Than the Sun and Stars – Luke Imagine

“Alright, love,” Luke cooed into the phone, “Just call me if you need anything. I love you more than the sun and stars.” He smiled and hung up. He turned around and was greeted by all of his band mates awing and making kissy faces. “Shut up,” He mumbled.

Ashton threw his arm around the singer and ruffled his hair. “Aw, c’mon, Lukey,” He chirped, “We’re just messing with you. I think it’s cute that you constantly call your extremely pregnant girlfriend all the time.”

“Yeah,” Calum said, patting his back, “We don’t mean it when we annoy you.”

“I sure as hell mean it,” Michael crossed his arms and pouted. Ashton elbowed him in the stomach. “Whatever,” He snorted and left the room.

Luke sat down and put his head in his hands. “Why is he doing this?” Luke asked with a beaten down voice, “What have I done to him? I’m just trying to look out for my girlfriend and my unborn child.” You were 8 ½ months pregnant and Luke had been dedicating all of his free time calling you. It was hard having him on tour when you were so close to your due date, but he was doing the best he could. Unfortunately and strangely enough, Michael had been pissy ever since Luke told him.

Calum sat down next to him and slapped his knee. “Look, I’m sure he’s just going through a phase that we can’t control,” He tried to comfort Luke, but it was difficult. Luke simply nodded and tried to take his mind off it.


It was 2:51 am.  Everyone was fast asleep as the bus glided over the gravel roads. Luke’s phone rang, but he didn’t hear it. He was an extremely heavy sleeper and didn’t wake up for much. Once his phone went to voicemail, Ashton’s phone rang. Being the easiest one to wake, he groaned and picked up the phone. “Hey, Y/N, what’s up?” He asked.

“Hey, Ash,” You sounded nervous on the other end, “I don’t wanna alarm you, but I kind of need Luke. Like, right now.”

“Yeah,” He said getting out of bed. He rubbed his eyes and walked over to Luke’s bunk. “Is everything alright over there?” Ash asked one final question before attempting to wake the beast.

You chuckled and said, “Yeah, I just thought I’d tell him something kind of important. Everything is great.”

Ashton shook Luke until his eyes fluttered open. “Hey, buddy,” Ash whispered, “Y/N’s on the phone. She wants to talk to you.”

Luke shot up and grabbed the phone. “You ok?” He asked immediately. He got up and went into the lounge room, shutting the door behind him rather loudly.

Ashton got back in bed, but Michael and Calum had already stirred awake. “What’s going on?” Cal asked with a yawn.

“Y/N’s on the phone,” He replied, “Don’t know what it’s about.”

“I bet their just talking about what they ate for lunch or some stupid shit like that,” Mikey snorted.

“Can you just stop,” Ash snapped, “Why are you being like this?”

Before Michael could answer, Luke burst through the door. “Guys,” He breathed, “We need to go. Y/N’s having the baby.”

The drummer’s jaw hung open. “What?” He gasped, “She sounded so calm on the phone!”

Luke laughed and threw some stuff in a bag. “She’s a tough one!” He grinned, “Now if we turn around, we’ll be at the hospital in an hour and a half.”


They were only 15 minutes away from the hospital at this point and Luke was awfully quiet. He stared out the window, barely moving a muscle. The other guys stayed up with him to keep him company, though he didn’t seem like he needed them. “Luke,” Cal tried to grab his attention, “You ok?”

Luke didn’t flinch and barely uttered the words, “I’m going to be a dad.”

“You are,” Ashton smiled, “And you’re gonna be a great one.”

“Yeah, you know,” Michael snarled, “If you’re not too awkward. Imagine your little girl or boy growing up with a dad who won’t even talk to them.” With that, Luke got up without saying a word and locked himself in the bathroom. Ash and Cal glared at the guitarist. “What?” Michael shrugged, “Just being honest.”

The bassist looked Michael straight in the eyes and demanded, “This needs to end. Your best friend is with the girl of his dreams, who we all love I may add, and he’s about to become a father. This is supposed to be a happy occasion for all of us. Why are you acting this way?”

Michael looked away for a second then sighed, “Ash, remember when you had the twins?” He nodded. “Well, after that, you disappeared for a long ass time,” Mikey continued, “Every time I called you to hang out in the man cave, you were either too tired or just having family time. It was annoying.”

“Mike, that’s part of having a family,” The eldest spoke quietly, “I’m sorry if you felt left behind, but there needs to be a balance.”

“I know,” Michael sighed again, “I’m sorry. I’m just gonna miss him.”

“Then tell him that,” Cal suggested.


The hospital doors slid open as Luke charged in with Ash and Cal close behind him and Michael trailing in last. Luke went up to the front desk and asked for your whereabouts. A nurse took them up to the maternity ward. The three band mates sat in the waiting room while Luke went in to see you.

“Y/N!” Luke ran in and grabbed onto the side of the bed. You were drenched in sweat and your hair was a mess, but your perseverance refused to falter. “How are you doing? What’s going on? Did I miss anything?” He babbled.

You laughed through your gritted teeth, “No, you’re right on time,” You explained, “It’s been a slow labor. Thanks for showing up.”

“Oh, I’m not going anywhere,” The blond took hold of your hand and kissed it sweetly.

Outside in the waiting room, the three other boys sat eagerly. “What do you think is going on in there?” Michael asked. Ash and Cal shrugged in unison. “Well, is everything ok?” Mikey rambled on, “Is the baby here yet? When can we see them? What is Luke passed out? What is Y/N passed out? What if one of the nurses passed out? What is the guy delivering the baby passed out? Maybe I should deliver the baby.”

“Whoa, slow down before you pass out,” Ash ordered laying a hand on his knee, “And you only wanna deliver the baby to get a look at Y/N’s hooha.” Michael rolled his eyes and slumped back in the chair.

A couple of hours later, they were all asleep in the waiting room. Suddenly, a door opened and they all shot up. A nurse came out with a sickly sweet smile on her face. “Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, and Michael Clifford?” She asked and they nodded, “The parents of Y/D/N Hemmings want you in there.”

“It’s a girl?” Cal asked with a giant grin on his face, “We’ll get to teach her to be the best prankster so that she can kick all those little boys’ asses in school.”

Ashton led the way into the room and couldn’t help but immediately smile when he saw the family. You and Luke were both squeezed into the same bed with your daughter sleeping perfectly in the middle of you two. Luke’s eyes were glossy and your face was already tear-stained. “Hey guys,” You whispered. You couldn’t keep your happiness in.

“She’s so beautiful,” Michael admired.

Luke popped his head up, “You really mean that?”

Mikey inched closer to the couple. “Yeah, I do,” He ran his fingers through his hair, “I’m really sorry for how I’ve been treating you, Lukey. I’m just gonna miss you a lot when you have to focus on your family more.”

“Mikey, we’re not going to leave you,” You grinned, “There are such things as babysitters so we’ll be able to hang whenever. Besides, we’re gonna need some time away from this crying machine.”

“Well, any time you need some sleep,” The guitarist laughed, “That’s all that happens at my house. I know you two will be up all the time with this little angel.”

You turned to Luke, “Speaking of this little angel. Don’t you think it’s time you held her? You can’t hide from that forever.”

Luke’s cheeks turned bright red as he tensed up. “I don’t know, I’m nervous,” He stammered, “What if she doesn’t like me?”

“Then we’ll just have to give her away to the Irwin family,” You joked, “But seriously, you have nothing to be afraid of.”

“Ok then, here goes nothing,” He took a deep breath as you handed Y/D/N to him. He cradled her like she was a porcelain doll, easily breakable. “Wow,” He breathed, “She’s ours. This is our little girl.”

“That’s right, Lukey,” You spoke softly.

Y/D/N’s small hand coiled around his pinky finger and a gentle tear slid down Luke’s cheek.

Calum awed at the sight, “Look at her. She’s unconscious, but it’s like she still knows she can hold on to you no matter what.”

Luke leaned his head down so his forehead was touching hers. “I want you to know,” He whispered, “That I love you more than the sun and stars.”

request here but only prefs please!


Matching Hair (Mikey)

Once again you were standing in front of rows and rows of hair dye with your boyfriend Mikey. You sighed as you watched him bounce around in front of the colors, he was like a kid in a candy store. A woman walked down the isle towards you. “Do you need help finding anything?” she asked. “No, I’m just waiting for this man child to make up his mind. Thank you though” you replied.

You crossed your arms in front of you and you followed Mikey with your eyes as he paced and checked out the dye. “What about this color?” he asked, holding a bright blue out to you. “What have I told you about that brand?” you replied. “I’ll sweat it out on stage in two nights” he answered. “Do you want a blue?” you asked him. “I think so. WAIT. What about this?!” he shouted, tossing yellow hair dye at you. 

“You’re slowly trying to turn yourself into an anime character, aren’t you?” you squinted your eyes at him. “Let me see your hair” you ordered. He ducked down so you could get a better look at his hair. “I’m not going to be able to get your hair light enough to get a nice yellow” you said. He sighed “Then blue”. You walked down to where your favorite brand of hair dye was and picked out a blue. “This is the brand my teacher suggested. Do you like this blue?” you asked, tossing the blue at him. “Yea. This one is good” he said. 

“I’m going to get the bleach” you told him. You met him back at the counter and he had three containers of blue hair dye and one of black. You looked at him and he just smirked. “No” you told him. “Pleaseeee” he pouted. “No” you repeated. He grabbed your wrists and pulled you close. He leaned down so his forehead was pressed to yours. “It would be so hot” he murmured. “You say that every time” you laughed. “And it’s always been true” he smiled. “Fine. I have to go grab more bleach” you mumbled. 

“I can’t believe we’re doing this again” you said, looking at all the hair dying supplies in front of you. “You love this” Mikey smiled. “No. You love this. I love you” you corrected him. “Aw babe. I love you too” he smirked. “Well. Let’s get to it” you said. “I’m going to bleach my hair first” you said walking into the bathroom and closing the door. “I don’t get to see how you’re doing it this time?” he asked through the closed door. You turned the bathroom vent on and then walked over and opened the window. “Nope” you said, mixing the bleach. “Whatever” you heard him mumble. 

You walked out of the bathroom with your hair split down the middle and bleach on one half of your hair. Mikey raised an eyebrow. “That’s different” he said. “I’m trying something new” you replied. “Now come on” you said, pulling him into the bathroom. He sat backwards on the toilet and turned some music on, knowing the process. You quickly combed through his hair and used the dye brush to scoop up some bleach. “Tilt your head back” you instructed him. He leaned back and you could see hints of his smile as you put the first bit of bleach on his hair. 

When you finished and he stood he automatically went to check his hair in the mirror. “Have I ever missed a spot?” you asked as you checked on the bleach in your own hair. “No. You’re looking pretty blonde there girly” he said. “I’m about to rinse it out” you replied as you wiggled out of your jeans so you could kneel in the tub without worrying about wet pants. “I love this part” Mikey laughed as you adjusted the water temperature. “Some of us aren’t tall enough to comfortably wash our hair in the sink” you said as you glared at him. 

When the water was the perfect temperature you ducked your head under and made sure to wash the bleach out thoroughly. When it was out you reached out and Mikey handed you a towel that was already stained with bleach and hair dye. When your hair was about halfway dry you told Mikey he needed to wash out the bleach. With the bleach washed out of his hair you switched spots so he could dry his hair and you could start putting the dye in your hair. You started with the blue, working it through one side of your hair. When you began putting the black on the other side you noticed Mikey staring at you. “Let me do this. Then I’ll do yours” you told him. 

He sat back down on the lid of the toilet and took out his phone, scrolling through something to occupy himself. When you finished you grabbed the blue dye and brought it over to Mikey. He shifted and straightened up so you would be able to work with his hair. “You’re so lucky I’m going to school for this” you told him. “Mhmm” he hummed, clearly enjoying this. You were about ¾ths of the way through his hair when the doorbell rang. “Fuck” you mumbled, setting the dye down and walking out into the living room with Mikey following. 

You tried to use your elbows to open the door because you didn’t want to stain it blue. After a few tries you succeeded. “You could’ve helped” you muttered to Mikey who just shrugged. You looked out to find Ashton standing on your doorstep. “What’s up?” you asked, letting him in. He walked in, quickly closing the door behind him. You shot him a confused look. “You’re not wearing pants and look like you strangled a fucking smurf” he laughed. You looked down at yourself. “No shame” you shrugged. “I just wanted to hang out” Ashton said. “How about we finish our hair and then watch a movie?” you suggested. Both boys nodded in agreement.

You finished putting the dye on Mikey’s hair as Ashton watched. “I can’t believe you two are doing this again” Ashton laughed. “His idea. Always his idea” you blamed Mikey as you washed your hands and started throwing everything out. “I think it’s sexy” Mikey said, grabbing your waist from behind and pulling you towards him. “Come on Mikey. Stop. Ashton is here” you scolded him. “We can make it work” he replied immediately. “Oh my god. No” you said, walking out of the bathroom.

You sat around talking until you had to wash your hair. Once again, you kneeled in the tub nearly curled up into a ball so you could get your head under the faucet. When you stood up and grabbed the towel you heard the boys giggling. You looked up and they were standing in the doorway. “It’s really not funny” you mumbled as you turned on the blowdryer and began to dry and style your hair. You parted it off to the side so some of the blue would sit on top of the black.  You paused to tell Mikey to wash his hair and ask Ashton to get you a pair of sweat pants. 

When he came back you pulled on the pants just to have them nearly drop back down, they were Mikey’s. “Did you really think these would fit me?” you asked, to which he just shrugged. You pulled the drawstring as tight as you could and went to work drying Mikey’s hair. 

You put in Mikey’s favorite movie when he was finished admiring his new hair color. Halfway through Ashton cleared his throat, trying to get your attention. “So… People seem to be enjoying your new hair color” he said. “You didn’t” you sighed. “Already?” Mikey asked. “They also said that y/n should trim my hair” he added. “Do you want me to?” you asked. “Kinda” he replied. “Come on Ash. I’ll do your hair too” you said, ignoring the fact that the movie was on and leading Ashton to the bathroom so you could cut his hair.

Preference #20 Road Trip

A/N: Hi guys, this wasn’t requested but I really wanted to write something so here you go! Also, as far as I know, Ashton’s the only one with a license, but just pretend like they all do. And lastly, the song I mentioned is really great, so check it out. Happy reading!

Ashton: “So, what’s it like?” You asked. “What’s what like?” Ashton responded, his fingers drumming on the steering wheel. “What’s it like being a rockstar?” He chuckled and shot you a big smile. “Well, I wouldn’t consider myself a rockstar, but it’s pretty cool. You get to meet all these people, and make so much music and see all these places and play all these shows, and it’s just great.” You had been watching intently all along, smiling at your boyfriend who clearly loved his job so much. He looked over at you, and saw you staring at him. “Stop staring at me, babe.  It’s freaky.” You giggled. “Sorry Ash, I’ll try to stop.” He smiled and grabbed your hand, running his thumb over the back of it.

Calum: “Oh my god, I love this song!” You happily exclaimed as Boomerang by The Summer Set came on the radio. You turned up the volume and started singing along. You were really getting into it, and looked over at Calum, to see if he was enjoying it as well. When you turned to him you saw him filming you, and you instantly turned red. “So, this is what road trips with (Y/N) are like!” He said as you buried your face in your hands. He chuckled, putting his phone down. “Don’t worry, babe, it was really cute.” He took your hand in one of his, the other one on the steering wheel, and gently kissed your knuckles. You softly punched his shoulder, and he just laughed at you. Road trips with Calum were always like this, you’d sing along to every song on the radio, Calum would find it adorable and film you, then you’d be embarrassed for a bit, then it would start over again.

Luke:  “Penguins are clearly better than elephants. No doubt about it.” Luke said, half-looking at you as he was driving. “No, you’re wrong. Elephants are better. They have trunks, Luke. Trunks. How cool is that?” He shook his head. “Not very cool. Penguins are cooler, they can swim really well.” You crossed your arms over your chest. “They’re flightless birds, Luke. There is nothing cool about that.” He once again shook his head. “I’m not giving this one up, babe. Penguins are cooler.” Letting out a frustrated groan, you became silent and turned your face into a pout. Luke looked over at you, chuckling a bit. "Come on now, princess, don’t be like this. I’m just stating facts here.” You continued to pout, not wanting to give in. “Well, I can’t do anything since I’m driving, but if I wasn’t, I would totally kiss you right now, to get that cute little pout off your face.” You practically ignored him, even though what he said was adorable. “So, I guess this will have to do for now.” He said, kissing his fingers and pressing them to your lips, finally making you giggle. “You’re such a dork.” You managed to get out in between giggles. “Yeah, but I’m your dork.” He said, chuckling. “Oh my god, that was so lame!” You exclaimed, before pressing a kiss to his cheek.

Michael: “Mikey, I’m hungry.” You whined. “Cool.” You groaned. “Mikey. I’m hungry. Can we please stop somewhere and get something to eat?” He smiled. “Sure. There’s a gas station over there, were we can get ya’ some food so you stop being so grumpy.” You huffed, crossing your arms over your chest, pretending to be mad at him. “Oh, come on princess, I was only joking.” He poked your side repeatedly, finally getting you to smile. “There’s that smile.” When you got to the gas station and got out of the car, Michael instantly had you pressed up against the side of the car, pressing his lips to yours, whilst mumbling “Sorry, babe, you know I didn’t mean it.” You could only smile as you kissed back. After a little bit, you pushed him off you, leaving him with a confused face. “I’m still hungry y’know.” You said, making him smile, before grabbing your hand and dragging you along to get your food.