mikey bouchereau

Jamie: Andrew, do you want to tell the Kevin story very quickly?

Andrew: Yeah, you could start off.

Jamie: Okay, well, Kevin Steck - just - if anyone ever had…

Andrew: Oh, well - oh, okay. [laughs]

Jamie: …a book to read…

Mikey: Don’t ever read with Kevin Steck.

Andrew: He had finished reading before…

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: …any of us.

Jamie: Do not read with Kevin Steck.

Andrew: A while before any of us, because he’s Kevin. He’s a fast reader. And I gave him the nickname, “The Player’s Guide,” because what he would do is - we would be reading the book, he’d be like, “Oh. What page are you at?” And we’d be like, “Page 496, Kevin.” He’s like, “Oh. Five more pages you’re going to hit a really good scene!”

[Audience laughs]

Andrew: “A really good scene! And just wait for…”

Jamie: Throughout…

Andrew: “…fifteen more pages…”

Jamie: Throughout…

Andrew: “…after that.”

Jamie: …this entire thing. Yeah, throughout this entire thing he’d be like, “Jamie, what page are you on?” And I had to be like, “501, Kevin,” and he’d sort of put his hand on his head and be, “Oooo.”

[Andrew and Audience laugh]

Jamie: “You just wait until 504.”

[Andrew and audience laugh]

Jamie: And then even worse than that is you cannot get any silence when you’re reading and Kevin’s around, because…

Andrew: Or Eric. Eric. Eric. [laughs]

Jamie: Or Eric, because you’ll say like, okay, it’s reading time now. For the next 45 minutes, all we’re going to do is read, you know, to get further in the book. So you’ll sit down, and everyone will open their books and start reading. And then before you can really get into it and relax, Kevin will say something and this will jog you out of your concentration of reading the book. So you’ll say - complete silence and then two minutes later, “Guys, I am hungry.”

[Audience laughs]

Jamie: And then soon we’ll be like, “well, in 45 minutes we’ll go get some food.” And he’ll say, “okay.” Then two minutes later, “Andrew, have you seen that new article on the Internet about this thing?”

[Audience laughs]

Andrew: “No, Kevin!”

Jamie: Yeah, then Andrew will be getting as annoyed as I am, and we’ll exchange a look that says, you know. And then two minutes later Kevin will come up with something else again, and again, and again…

Andrew: And then Eric will be like, “Hey, Kevin, you want to go see Transformers tonight?”

Jamie: Yeah, yeah, and Eric will come up with some…

Andrew: No, shut up!

Jamie: And then, in the end, we’ll just go read in the bathroom or something. Close the door so Kevin can’t annoy us with his comments.

(From MuggleCast Episode 103: Live from Chicago)