mikey 'n raph are really into it

Valentine's Day Request💕

Raph was never big on Valentine’s Day.
Sure, it was nice holiday, but when your crush has made plans with someone else, you can’t help but be a little bitter over the whole thing.
Which is why Raph was sitting on the couch, bored and a little bit angry. All he could think about was Y/N on a date with some guy. And that he should have asked her out earlier, but was too much of a coward.
“Stupid son of a-”
He heard the doors open and turned. He’d expected to see Mikey with a pile of pizzas but instead saw Y/N wearing leggings and an oversized sweater.
“Hey, Raph.”
You sat down next to him.
“What are we watching?”
“Nothin’ really…what are ya doing here? I thought ya had a date or somethin’?”
“I did. But the guy just…wasn’t as great as I thought he was. It kind of made me realize something.”
Raph started to feel hopeful for the first time in days.
You turned and smiled.
“Yeah. I hope that I’m not making things weird but I sort of figured out that…I only liked him because he sort of reminded me of you.”
“So ya like me then?”
“That’s not weird or anything is it? Because if it is then-”
Raph cut you off , mumbling something.
“I said that I like ya too. Findin’ out that ya had a date for Valentine’s kinda made me realize that.”
You smiled and held his hand in yours.
“Happy Valentine’s Day, Raphael.”
“Happy Valentine’s Day, tiger.”
Suddenly, the whole holiday was looking at lot better in his eyes.

TMNT 2012: Ghosts that we knew (will flicker from view)

Summary: Raph and Mikey, in the wake of loss and grief too deep for words.

A/N: Not the tag to “Annihilation: Earth!” I had originally been thinking of writing, but. I’m going through a pretty significant loss of my own right now, so this is what’s come of it. Let’s just say Mikey’s actions in this fic are pretty much exactly what I’ve done with a voicemail I have saved on my phone from my aunt.

Anyway. Yes. Major angst. Some comfort, but really, no happy ending. (AKA no speculation of what could happen next in the show plot-wise to make things happy again.)

Major spoilers for the season finale. Inspired by this glorious art by @danyellser - make sure to go leave some love! Title from Mumford & Sons. Not sure if it fits - not sure if anything about this fic works really, so let me know what you think.


The engines of Honeycutt’s ship gives off a constant underlying hum – a low vibration that was hardly noticeable when they were first beamed aboard but now settles into Raph’s bones in the quiet, and no matter how tired he is, it won’t let him sleep.

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