Some Tips For Creating Your Killjoy Outfit

- Remember that you might want to wear this out and about, so make sure it’s something that is appropriate for everyday wear too.

- Keeping with the theme of the above, remember to take the weather in your country into account. Make it adaptable, for example, having an optional jumper or extra layer under that denim jacket.

- Make more than one outfit. You can keep some aspects the same, but you gotta wash that shirt sometimes.

- Bear in mind your budget. If you’re going to start collecting items now (2017), note that you might have changed sizes by 2019 if you’re still growing.

- Make it your own. Getting inspiration and borrowing ideas isn’t out of the question though. Someone wrote “Keep Running" on the toecaps of their shoes in a certain style? Think that’s sweet? You’re allowed to borrow their technique, but make it your own. For example, write “Noise” or “Killjoys Never Die” instead!

- And lastly, keep it stylish, please. For yourself and for killjoys everywhere. I have faith in you.

heartcrystal08  asked:

Hi, welcome back 💙 Could there be a scenario where the turtles' s/o tripped and the turtles broke their fall plz ?


Now he totally wasn’t going for the whole, knight-in-shining-armor thing, but that all changed once he caught you with batting an eyelash, and you looked up at him with those big colorful eyes and yknow what he just couldn’t contain that little boy inside him.

He flashed you a tomcat grin and winked, in that silky smooth voice he said; “careful now, hon, that’s the 3rd time today. You doing that on purpose?”

[You totally are, and if you think you aren’t you’re lyin’ to yourself]

Totally cocky.
He caught you with one arm, a smirk on his face and a metaphorical rose in his teeth.
He’d stoop low to set you back on your feet and get close to your ear. JUST to blow on it and watch you squirm.

You shoot him a glare but that only makes him grin bigger. What made it even worse, is when his arm curled around you and he hauls you off for ‘balance training’.

“If I wanted to able to walk a tightrope, I’d just ask Leo!”

“Ya think ya gonna be able t’ walk afta’ this?”

Hi, king of romance here?
He’d use his ninja reflexes to his advantage, swooping around just in time to catch you ‘round the waist, dipping you with a sappy-ass grin on his face.

Knowing him, Mikey’d probably say some corny pick-up line;

“Falling for me already? Can’t say I blame ya, Y/N!”

[God knows he’s gonna be humming ‘In The Moonlight’ dramatically. “To set the mood,” he says.]

Oh he had it all planned out from the 2nd time you fell.
You were bound to trip again, you had a one-track mind today and it distracted you. You would just periodically walk around the lair to check up on the boys, and in the same spot, you would go tumbling. It’s simple science.

So he waits, and sure enough, you come trotting into the lab, your foot catches on the wire and Donnie swooped in to catch you.

You weren’t ready. His eyes were the most clearest green, and his voice was SO SOFT and HE WAS REALLY CLOSE and-
You squinted at his knowing smile. For a distracted individual, you knew that smile.

“You planned this!!”

“I did not!…I was just taking advantage of the circumstances!”

[You didn’t mind, it saved face and you were beginning to think he would never catch you after all those times you tripped on purpose.]


sandygraves  asked:

I dunno if you take requests, but if you do can you draw some Leo and Casey shenanigans?

I can honestly see this shit happening. If Donnie wasnt so drunk, he wouldnt of went along with this Im sure….


Sorry for the shitty quality, by the end I got really tired. Ive been working on this for atleast two days, and my fingers hurt….comics hate me.

But I hope you like this!!! drunk Leo, Donnie and Casey are always the best.

Pissy Raph is too. Lol.

I swear one of my favorite things about My Chemical Romance’s “I brought you my bullets you brought me your love” physical cd is the anti piracy warning:

“Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws and will result in Gerard coming to your house and sucking your blood.”