Spaghetti Night

HEADCANON PREFACE: I think all the Burners except Julie live at Burners HQ. Since Jacob is always trying to push the nasty shit he cooks on everyone, the rest of them cook for each other too when they actually want to eat something edible and don’t want to go out to eat. Most of the time this is microwaveables like hot pockets and pizza rolls or whatever, but every once in a while, they actually make something kinda nice like spaghetti or something. This story is about spaghetti night and Mike and Chuck are on cooking duty.


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If you're still taking requests, I would love some Mike/Chuck

<3 Ahahaha, I kinda ship these two… But it’s more like a rad bromance to me. I’m personally more towards TexasxMike, but MikexChuck is so fluffy and adorables…

Maybe I’ll ship TexasxMikexChuck since I can’t decide which pairing I like more lol ;)

Keep the requests coming ;) But please, nothing to crazy lol

Motorcity: Join Me chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own Motorcity or the listed characters
Title: Join Me
Rating: T+
Summary: AU, Chuck and Mike never met in Deluxe; Chuck is leader of the Burners and Mike is still a Kane’s Commander. Despite being enemies, Chuck and Mike find themselves having feelings for each other, but are both too stubborn to leave their sides of Detroit.
Pairings: MikexChuck, DutchxTennie
Warnings: Don’t read if you don’t like or are triggered by violence or dystopian societies
Authors Note: For the sake of the AU to work Chuck is OOC and some events have been slightly changed.


1: First meeting
According to the records of Detroit Deluxe, he officially never existed; and yet he was still public enemy number one. They had him branded as an outlaw and a traitor. Of course he preferred the term ‘rogue genius’, but hey it’s not like he was the one making holographed wanted posters in Deluxe.

Plain and simply, his name was Chuck, leader of the Motorcity gang the Burners; he was of Caucasian descent made obvious by his pale, freckled skin, blonde hair, and maya-blue eyes.

But introductions aside, today he on a mission.

Currently he was at the opening 'border’ between Motorcity and Deluxe; the charging ports were wide open and the area was being patrolled by Kane soldiers,mostly grunts. The keyword, however, was mostly.

“Okay Michael Chilton, time to die.” Chuck said to himself as he stood quite some distance away, addressing the Commander of Kane’s army who was currently organizing a troop of helmetless grunts. Due to his hacking of his files, Chuck knew pretty much everything about Commander Chilton, from his birthdate to school transcripts and even online shopping habits (Chilton had a strange fascination with cowboy boots). This, however, was the first time Chuck had seen the man, even if from a distance, in person, and he had his slingshot aiming right at him.

Of course Chuck wasn’t actually planning to execute the military head, but he needed to incapacitate him - he knew that today they were planning on a raid to take down Motorcity’s electrical shield, which was the city’s main component of the defense grid, so Chilton had to go down for the time being.

On top of a mostly rundown building, Chuck was lying on his stomach with his sleeve up and trying to get the cursor of his wrist-mounted energy slingshot to line up with Chilton’s head, once it was lined he waited for the right moment. 'Little to the left, no back to the right - perfect’ the blonde rebel thought to himself right as Commander Chilton turned his back, he pulled back the energy sling of his weapon and released it to fire. He calculated the closing distance in his head '200 yards, 100 yards, 50 yerds, 15 yards, 5 yards-’


Right as the energy ball was within three yards of him Chilton made a sudden 180 and whacked the oncoming projectile with a metal staff that retracted out of a skull-shaped module. “Well damn” Chuck muttered a rare swear word as Chilton looked to the direction of the projectile and spotted the Burners leader.

Dark eyes locked with blue ones, but rather than let his missed shot show on his face, Chuck simply smirked and used his hand to make an 'L’-finger symbol on his forehead directed right at Chilton and made a run for it.

Scaling down the rusted fire-escapes of the building, Chuck calculated that given the average speed of Kane technology he had about two minutes before the Kane Soldiers and Chilton would catch up to him.

But that was plenty of time for him '1 minute 45 seconds, 1 minute 44 seconds, 1 minute 43 seconds, 1 minute 42 seconds, one minute 41 seconds, 1 minute forty seconds’ by the time he counted down to one minute and 28 seconds he had made it to the bottom the building and into his car, Blonde Thunder.

He started the car and revved up the engines, and right as the lights came on and the vehicle came alive the head icon of Julie showed up, and he accepted the call, along with calling Dutch, Texas and Jacob.

“What’s going on? Is Chilton out?” Her slightly electronic voice demanded, clearly she had noticed the Kane bots and soldiers heading towards the building and them.

“Chilton noticed and countered my shot.” Chuck said as he started driving off to his team’s direction, keeping an eye on the screen in front of him that displayed a view from the back of his car. “We need to guard the security grid before they close in and blast it, but they lost the element of preparation they originally planned for, and are currently disorganized.” Although he assured this he somewhat doubted it himself, he knew for a fact from tapping and recording phone calls that Chilton had a reputation for back up plans and and improvisation.

Texas chimed in, his head icon appearing as he accepted Chuck’s call “Texas says we should take those Kane-goons head on.”

“No,’ He said simply as Dutch’s head icon appeared also "Texas and Dutch you two guard the grid whilst me and Julie take the bots on” He directed - Texas and Dutch had the most defense and durability while he and Julie had the most weaponry and flexibility comparatively.

“Are you sure Chuck?” Dutch asked, and the mechanical beeps of R.O.T.H were in the background of his audio feed.

“Im sure, besides I have a sneaking suspicious it’s my head that Chilton’s after.” He said as Nine Lives drove up beside him and hound like Kane-bots gained on them.

“Because you fired a shot at him?” Julie inquired.

“Well that and I made the 'L for Losers’ gesture at him.” Chuck stated as-a-matter-of-factly.

His honest response earned him an exasperated sigh out of his female teammate “Seriously dude?”

“I wasn’t intending for a missed shot to bring me down.”

“You just wanted to piss him off didn’t you.”

“Since when did I care about Chilton’s feelings?”

His car suddenly rattled at one of the hound-like Kane bots briefly collided with him, noticeably Blonde Thunder was more affected by a blow than Nine Lives was. Chuck’s vehicle was small and lightweight, and wasn’t as fast or durable compared to his teammates, but that was merely because he prioritized diverse weaponry and precision, a design plan he modelled after the Amazons.

Seeing that he was boxed in on both sides and the back by Kane-bots he pressed a button to activate an oil-slick trap, which made a special formula of industrial strength, anti-friction gel slick out from all sides except the front so he could keep driving, but the three Kane-bots would be be unable to follow.

“Let’s play a game of 'Find Julie’.” He heard from Julie’s audio feed and knew it was a precursor to her creating holograms of Nine Lives to confuse the bots - since the holograms were hard-light the bots wouldn’t be able to sense that they were intangible. Chuck, however, could.

“Julie, break away as much distance between here as you can in a frame of 30 seconds.” Chuck commanded as he stopped Blonde Thunder in its place and flipped a few levers that made several small bombs disperse and appear on his radar. They all dispersed in a distance to where when they detonated it wouldn’t hit Blonde Thunder, but each could detonate and cause a five-yard radius explosion, but so that the bots wouldn’t close in on him he started up Blonde Thunders shield - which used up enough energy that he could only keep it up for a small amount of time before it drained the batteries, in this case he only needed thirty seconds.

He sighed in relief when Julie sped off with her holograms and the bots were too distracted by his stilled vehicle to follow her, and repeatedly tried breaking through Blonde Thunder’s shield.

'4 seconds, 3 seconds, 2 seconds, 1 second-’


The explosions went off, devastating all the bots that had clamoured around his shield. He smirked and took the shield down, watching as the hound-like bots fizzed visibly through the dust with disorganized electrical currents and fell to the ground.

Chuck started Blonde Thunder back up and followed the blip on his radar that signalled where Julie was.

“Dude, Chuck, we have a problem.” Dutch suddenly said frantically as his head icon came up again “The bots took a shot at the defense grids power generator.”

“Please tell me they missed.” He almost groaned, already know the answer.

The mechanic retorted, bemused “Would I be calling you if they did? The shield is down! Can you start up the back up generator remotely?”

“I can’t, the back up generator has a manual interface to prevent Deluxe hacking.” Chuck explained, feeling sweat build up slightly under bangs.

“Do you want us to cover you while you start it up?” Dutch offered, Chuck shook his head even though the others couldn’t see it.

“No, I’ll put Blonde Thunder on autopilot and make the Kane forces think I’m still in it while manually starting up the back-up generator.” He explained, already putting Blonde Thunder on 'autopilot’ and put coordinates on for the vehicle, along with a randomizer that would pick random weapons or defense when a anything besides one of his teammates vehicles came close enough.

Curling his body into a ball he pressed a button that made his seat suddenly turn into a hatch and making him fall to the ground under Blonde Thunder as the car sped off with Kane forces following to the coordinates he plugged in beforehand.

Using the dust clouds that Blonde Thunder had kicked up with its wheels to hide himself, Chuck ran towards the direction of the generators, keeping himself hidden behind any structures that came up, considering he was well about 2 kilometers away from the generators.

He kept one of the sleeves of his jacket up so he could summon his slingshot at any time he may need to use it.

When he came close to the back-up generator he could see that Stronghorn and Whiptail were still blasting at the oncoming horde of Kane-bots.

Wiping the sweat off of his forehead with his remaining sleeve, Chuck opened the keypad panel and started plugging in the access code, which was about 25 digits long and he mentally counted it off in his head as he punched it in.


“Freeze, Burner.” A sudden juxtaposition came out of nowhere, making the blonde paused as something jabbed his back, he turned around fast to face the source of the interjection.

“Well,” he pretty much deadpanned “isn’t this a nice surprise visit.” the other end of a metal staff beheld none other Commander Michael Chilton.

Looking for a specific Muckles fic...

It’s a oneshot, involves slight puppy-play; it’s basically just Chuck rubbing Mike’s tummy and there’s this line about how much Mike must trust Chuck if he’s willing to lie there on his back for no other reason than because Chuck told him to…?

I feel weird asking about this, but I’ve been dying to find it. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

Motorcity: Join Me chapter 4

Disclaimer: I do not own Motorcity or the listed characters
Title: Join Me
Rating: T+
Summary: AU, Chuck and Mike never met in Deluxe; Chuck is leader of the Burners and Mike is still a Kane’s Commander. Despite being enemies, Chuck and Mike find themselves having feelings for each other, but are both too stubborn to leave their sides of Detroit.
Pairings: MikexChuck, DutchxTennie
Warnings: Don’t read if you don’t like or are triggered by violence or dystopian societies
Author’s Note: For the sake of the AU to work Chuck is OOC and some events have been slightly changed.


4: Riding Shotgun

“Tooley’s down in Motorcity?”

“Yes,” Kane answered Mike’s question without turning around “the fool didn’t realize I did not mean a literal party was happening in Motorcity, and went down there to ‘attend’ it.” He seemed more angry than concerned, but Mike knew that this was probably because Tooley’s incompetence can be frustrating at times.

“What is actually going on in Motorcity?” For the past few days or so Mike had been too preoccupied with training a new batch of cadets to keep tabs on any plans in Motorcity.
“I released several clouds of ‘party poppers’ there.” Kane replied simply - alarm bells went off in his commander’s head; he knew that 'party poppers’ was a code name for a bio weapon that comprised of virus-like nanites that caused mindless and almost primal aggression in humans.

“Bystanders could get hurt by that-” He stopped his sentence when Kane gave him a stern glare, and knew he’d spoken out of line.

“It is supposed to be a wake up call to the 'Motorcitizens’ - the a temporary and completely reversal 'virus’ with no lasting side effects. They live in a sewer, imagine if there was an outbreak of cholera? Typhoid? They should see that they are making the wrong choice in living and forcing their children to live in such an unclean environment.”

Mike just nodded, he supposed he was right but still… a person on that virus could run off a building or bridge and get seriously hurt or worse, because they have no thought process to their actions. “Well, I’m going to go get Tooley before he get’s hurt.”

“Do you want a troop to back you up?” Kane asked

Mike shook his head and turned to the room where the hazmat suits were kept “I don’t want to put anyone else at risk.”


“This suckssss.” Chuck groaned in his protective hazmat suit - Dutch and R.O.T.H had just gotten back but all of the other Burners, including Jacob, were affected by the virus. After being chased by a horde he and Dutch were separated, and now he had no idea if the mechanic was infected or not.

He tried keeping as quiet as possible as he sat inside of Blonde Thunder; which he kept hidden in a junk pile as not to catch the attention of zombies. He’d managed to snag a small sliver of clothing from an infected person and was trying to scan it for the virus.

When the scan was complete he magnified the image and saw that tiny nanobots were crawling around the cloth. “A… Technovirus?” He wondered aloud. It wasn’t too different from a Trojan Horse virus he supposed, but it was physical and made humans malfunction rather than computers. But these were tiny and the numbers were great, what could be done to stop all of them at once? An jolt of electricity could do the job of shutting them down, but that could hurt people in the process, especially older people with pacemakers.

He heard a clatter outside and brought of a live visual feed of what was going on outside, he saw a lone figure walking around, clearly trying to stay hidden as well. “Well well well,” he said “what’s Mike Chilton doing all the way down here?”

Kane was the one who put this virus down here, why would he send his top dog too?
He couldn’t ponder the question because he saw Mike start to run, and he was being chased by a horde of infected people.

The cold, calculating and rational part of Chuck was tempted to just leave the Kane Co. commander to the mercy of the zombified people like he deserved. Unfortunately Chuck was too human to actually let that happened (but oh, he could dream couldn’t he?)

He started up Blonde Thunder as he could see from the live feed that Mike got his metal staff out to fight off some of the zombified Motorcitizens. Chuck drove up, careful to not hit anyone and opened the passenger door “Get in!” He yelled at Mike.


“COME WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO LIVE.” He shouted, unable to resist quoting the Terminator, especially since Mike most likely hadn’t watched the banned movie. Mike took the not-at-all-subtle hint and jumped into the passenger seat, slamming the door closed and prompting Chuck to drivefor for off in the opposite direction of the horde.

It was relatively silent for a few awkward seconds as Chuck questioned his own sanity for aiding the enemy.

“You should probably put your seatbelt on Mikey.” Chuck said without taking his eyes off the road.

“My what?” Mike asked, and Chuck remembered that Mike didn’t know how cars worked because they weren’t allowed in Deluxe.

“That belt with the metal part on it - you clip it into the other buckle on the side of the seat.” Chuck explained “It’s so that you don’t get hurt or fly off your seat if the car collides with something or takes a sharp turn.” Mike managed to clip it on as told. “So Mikey, what’s a cinnamon roll - no, Deluxe cinnamon roll like you doing all the way down here?” The blonde noticed that the Kane Co. soldier wasn’t as nervous or fidgety in a car as Chuck expected him to be, especially considering that it was his first real car ride, which were demonized in Deluxe culture. Chilton had stones, Chuck gave him that,

“Don’t call me that.” Mike said with an eyeroll; whether he meant Deluxe cinnamon roll or Mikey, Chuck wasn’t sure. “I’m looking for Tooley.”

“That big dumb bully stereotype that works for Kane?” Chuck inquired, earning somewhat of a chuckle from Mike at the description “Why’s he here?”

“He… thought there was a party and invited himself.” Mike explained, feeling quote awkward because it was just as absurd as it sounded.

Chuck processed that for a second “…Wow. I don’t know if I should find that funny or sad.”

“Well, it’s true. I’m not here looking for a fight, I just want to bring Tooley back to Deluxe safely.” Mike explained, hands folded down in his lap. It sounded genuinely noble but Chuck didn’t buy it.

“It’d be a nice taste of your own medicine if you and him got infected by this,” Chuck said coldly, before Mike could retort Chuck shushed him so he open his his communicator. He sent a call out to Dutch, and thankfully the mechanics head icon came up soon, signalling that he wasn’t infected. “Are you okay Dutch? What’s your status?”

“Chuck, man, me and R.O.T.H managed to find a way to reverse this.” The mechanic said frantically, from the background noise Chuck could tell that Dutch was busy assembling something frantically.

“It’s not a electronic pulse right? That’s too risky.”


“What are you building then?”

“A giant laser dragon.”

“…” The answer made both Mike and Chuck give each other weird looks “…Dutch have you gotten into the stash of whatever drugs Texas is on?” Chuck asked sarcastically, Mike looked horrified because he was a Deluxe cinnamon-roll after all, and had to actually think hard on whether or not they were serious.

“No, dude, just trust me.” Dutch assured; the idea sounded ridiculous but Chuck knew better than to question the other Burners judgement.

“Alright Dutch, what’s your location?”

“Central Station.”

Chuck nodded “I’ll be there soon.” He ended the call, and took a freeway that’d lead to the central station. “Look, Tooley’s more than likely infected by now, you won’t be able to get him until he’s cured with everyone else.”

“And you actually think your Mechanic can save the whole city?” Mike was clearly not convinced, had had his arms and legs cross as he sat.

“That mechanic is one of the most brilliant men I know,” Chuck defended “if Dutch says he can cure Motorcity of a zombie virus with a giant laser dragon, that’s what he’s gonna do.”

“Are you strung out on drugs too?” Mike asked sarcastically.


Mike held his cheek as he reeled away, a bright red handprint embedded in his tan face “You…”

“Listen here you; I know in Deluxe you’re all hoity-toity about everything, but when I made that drug remark to Dutch, it was a fucking joke. Just because we aren’t stupid puppies who live in Kane’s golden and cushioned kennel doesn’t you’re better than us. Shut your damn mouth before I throw you out there with the zombies.” Chuck’s tone made Mike go silent. No one ever talked to Mike that way. Kane gave him commands and explained things logically, it usually showed his temper to others and not Mike himself. The other Kane Co. soldiers treated him as an authority figure. Chuck was the first person his own age who never spoke to him as authority, but just another peer.

The rest of the ride was quiet.

Although the ride wasn’t very long, because Blonde Thunder suddenly stopped.

“What just happened? Why isn’t it going?” Mike asked, the handprint on his face thankfully rubbed off.

Chuck sighed and pointed the the dashboard, where on of the gauges were pointed at a bright red 'E’ “Blonde’s out of gas”

“Out of gas?!” Mike didn’t know much about cars since they were illegal, but one thing he did know is that didn’t charge or recharge like the buildings in Deluxe, they ran on gasoline. “Why didn’t you refill it?”

“Oh I don’t know, Mikey maybe because for the past few days my city has been overrun by everyone I know being turned in mindless zombies!” Chuck snapped and took the keys out of the ignition “Come on, we’re hoofing it the rest of the way.”

The brunet didn’t argue, he just walked opened the passenger door and exited the vehicle. He was a bit disappointed though, he actually liked the car ride…

“Come on,” Chuck waved him over as he started towards the direction of the Central Station, Mike followed, keeping right at his side “get your weapon ready in case if we’re blitz, but don’t get any ideas, try to attack me and you’ll regret it.” Mike got out the scull module that his spark staff extended from, while Chuck got his saber out and turned it on to it’s blue setting.

“…So, what exactly is that stick supposed to be? A hard-light stuck?” Mike asked out of curiosity.

“Its an energy saber - it’s based on light sabers.” Chuck answered simply, although he knew Mike didn’t know what lightsabers were, but the Kane Co. commander didn’t press for answers. “Where’d you get the skull module? It’s made of metal.” Deluxe typically didn’t use metal, usually they used synthetic polymers instead.

“Just… A souvenir from a car burning.” Mike shrugged, which made Chuck frown slightly at the thought.

Both boys turned when they heard the screaming growls of an oncoming horde “This isn’t gonna be fun.” Chuck muttered, putting the blue taser on its lowest setting.

“I dunno,” Mike smirked at him, extending his staff out of the skull module “it might be.”

“I’ll consider taking your word for it Mikey.”

They both ran at the horde.


“You’re not bad,” The Kane Co. soldier said to Chuck as the slinked near the Central Station; they could both hear a roar-like noise along with several hoardes rushing into the station, the station was alight with several flashes of intense light “not so much at fighting, but you’re resourceful.”

Chuck shrugged, and sighed in relief when he saw groups of people gather on the outside of the station, completely normal “I hope you know this is a temporary truce, once everyone is cured and you got your meathead back, we’ll be enemies again.”

“…We don’t have to be, you know.” Mike offered, noticing Chuck pause “Look, you’re wasting your abilities down here. You should come to Deluxe where you can be safe and accomplish more.” Chuck’s quality of life had to be extremely low down here, he could be safer and healthier if he lived in Deluxe where he wouldn’t have to worry about things to drug use, diseases and other things associated with living in such an unsanitary and virtually lawless place.

Chuck looked down to his temporary companion “You really have no idea what you’ve lost from living in Deluxe, do you? Sure, you live under the illusion of being completely safe, but you live in a state of dependence with no real freedoms.” He said it as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, Mike didn’t exactly appreciate being talked down to “If anything, you should ditch Kane Co.”

Before Mike could make the speech about how wrong that suggestion was, someone called over “Chiltonnnn,” it was Tooley stumbling over, clearly confused and disoriented.

“Think about it,” Chuck said as he backed off to disappear, before Tooley could see him.

“You alright Tooley?” Mike asked as the simple-minded man leant on him for support.

“I hurt.” He groaned. “That party was too intense.”

“Let’s just go Tooley,” Mike said as he patted his comrades shoulder, as they walked off he couldn’t help looking back at where Chuck had disappeared too, and wondered what he meant when he said that Deluxe had no real freedom.

Motorcity: Join Me, chapter 6

Disclaimer: I do not own Motorcity or the listed characters
Title: Join Me
Rating: T+
Summary: AU, Chuck and Mike never met in Deluxe; Chuck is leader of the Burners and Mike is still a Kane’s Commander. Despite being enemies, Chuck and Mike find themselves having feelings for each other, but are both too stubborn to leave their sides of Detroit.
Pairings: MikexChuck, DutchxTennie
Warnings: Don’t read if you don’t like or are triggered by violence or dystopian societies
Author’s Note: For the sake of the AU to work Chuck is OOC and some events have been slightly changed.


6: Boost

Sometimes Chuck questioned why there were so many people who were on the side of evil. However, as he was being chased up the Cabler settlement up to the 20th level to set up an anti-bot pulse, Kane Co. soldiers including Commander Chilton nipping at his heels, he remembered that being a good guy required a lot of work.

“It’s not that I’m not flattered Mikey,” he called back towards Mike without turning around “but the audience would really kill the mood!” He almost smirked when he hear a couple of the soldiers stumble at his statement. Almost.

He felt the Commanders metal staff swing at him but he managed to dodge it, Although Mike seemed normal the other Kane soldiers seemed off - much faster than normal. That put Chuck at a serious disadvantage due to not being very strong or fast himself.

Finally he came up to the 20th level.

Unfortunately, the panel was on the side of the building.

Swearing under his breath and almost doing the sign of the cross, he threw himself off the edge.

Before he could grab a cable, his ankle was caught on something. “Gotcha!” He heard Mike say, and he popped his eyes open to see that Mike had jumped down, had grabbed his ankle, and was currently holding onto a bright red energy line/rope that the other soldiers kept them up by “What the hell is wrong with you?!” Chuck kept his face straight but he mentally cringed at how angry to Brunet sounded, he wasn’t sure if it f l was for attempting to escape or risking his life “Why are you Motorcity defectors all so insane?” The other soldiers were hoisting them back up “…Are you crying?”

“No, I’m not!” Chuck snapped defensively, though it was an obvious lie. Prior to escaping Deluxe Chuck had been easily scared by everything, often screaming in terror. When he became a Motorcitizen and a Burner he learned to repress his fear and keep it all inside, unfortunately when he was afraid at an extreme level, instead of screaming tears would stream out of his eyes. He hated himself for it.

“Don’t try anything,” Mike warned, as they were slowly being hoisted up.

“Or what, you’ll drop me?” Chuck muttered, it was a gutsy thing to say, especially since if Mike were any other Kane soldier he’d drop Chuck with no problem or remorse. The blonde kept his eyes on the walls, knowing that Mike was looking up instead of at him, when they came by the panel he hastily opened it and punched the code in before he was too far away to do so.

When they were high enough, he grabbed an emergency flash grenade that he kept strapped on the inside of his jacket - it was a small, only about two inches in diameter, but it’d be effective. Mike was first to climb up to the ledge, and he personally dragged Chuck up.

The blonde rebel leader was being held in place from behind by Mike, and there was no way he could break Mike’s grasp no matter how much he squirmed. But, he had a plan of course; they could outnumber and outstrength him, but not outsmart.

With his one free hand, he reached down and squeezed Mike’s backside.

Gasping in a mix of surprise and horror, Mike loosed his grasp enough for Chuck to shove him away and throw the flash grenade to the ground. The soldiers blinded and Mike distracted, Chuck made a run for it.


“WHY did you let the fugitive escape, Chilton?” Mike cringed as Kane yelled at him, leering over him with his arms up exasperatedly. “This has got to be the dozenth time you’ve had him and he escaped. That Cable structure was supposed to be taken down in ten months time, but that was a year ago! HOW did he evade you this time?”

“Well, sir, uh,” The military commander was still quite flustered at how Chuck had, but having to explain to his boss that a notorious criminal rebel leader had escaped him by grabbing his ass? “He… tased with his his energy staff weapon.” It was a necessary lie, lucky for Mike the other soldiers had been in front and therefore weren’t at an angle to see what Chuck had done.

Still, Kane’s eyes narrowed “Don’t let it happen again, Chilton.” The brunet nodded curtly “Better redeem yourself soon, we’re mounting another raid. Use intimidation if you must, but you can’t continue making a fool of yourself to that worthless Burner.”


“Dutch really seems to have a liking for the Cabler architect,” Chuck chuckled to Julie quietly as they watched their usually brilliant mechanic act clumsy around Tennie, resident and architect of the Cabler settlement “funny to watch him act that way.”

Julie nudged him rib with her elbow “You’re one to talk,” she teased “ever seen yourself around Claire?” She had him there. Being a technological genius, Chucks one shortcoming (*cough*of many*cough) was his blatant inability to talk normally to girls he found cute, Claire being the prime example.

“I don’t think she’s into people like me.” He waved off with a faint blush; by people he meant the male species in general. He had a sneaking suspicion she was a closeted homosexual. Although that may just be an excuse he made up to bandage his bruised ego, as she showed no interest in him despite his obvious massive crush on her.

“Oh by the way,” Julie handed him a bracelet-like device “one of the soldiers dropped this.”

“What is it?” He asked, studying it, namely the red rectangular module in the center.

“A booster, it increases physical capabilities.” Julie explained “that’s why they seemed more beefed up than usual.” He merely nodded “You could study it or something if you want, I just thought you’d be interested to know what we’re up against.”

He pondered the concept even as Julie turned away; a machine that could expand physical ability?

He wasn’t as physically capable as the Kane Co. soldiers, or Mike, or as his male teammates. The only real combative advantage he had was his knowledge of reversals that Jacob taught him, his stamina, and flexibility; but those were nothing considering he could be bashed up pretty easily by any of Kane’s trained soldiers. He just wasn’t designed to fight.

Chuck clipped the device onto the handle of his energy saber; he’d use it in case of emergencies.


After a quick trip to Antonios, and then backed to headquarters, Chuck decided to just relax and listen to music. He was listening on his earbuds from a CD player; Dutch often cringed at the device because of how primitive it was, but truthfully Chuck liked it’s simplicity. Sure he had a huge digital library of illegally hacked and downloaded songs, but having an actual physical disk just appealed to him for some reason.

A very loud red alert suddenly materialized out of nowhere and startled him enough to make him fall off of Blonde Thunder. He ripped his earbuds off and could hear Jacob announce that the Cabler colony was under siege.

Where Dutch still was.

When he saw Julie and Texas come out of Jacob’s place towards Nine Lives and Stronghorn, he grabbed his keys from his pocket and hopped into his own vehicle.

A call came in abruptly as he buckled himself, and the visual window opened before he accepted it. It was Mike, who looked none too pleased, most likely he was still irked about Chuck’s tactic of copping a feel in order to escape. “Oh hey Mike, look I can’t talk right now.”

“The hounds are on their way.” Mike sneered with a small grin.

“Aw you got me a puppy, Mikey you shouldn’t have.” Chuck grinned back at him, not letting himself get intimidated.

“You’re a freak.”

“You should see me in the sheets.” Chuck both regretted and did not regret that he just said that, but his own words definitely caught him off guard. He closed the call down before Mike could even respond.


“Ngghhh, that booster’s some intense stuff…” Chuck groaned softly as he came to, he’d put the booster on when he was faced with a platoon of soldiers alone; it had been a pretty intense rush, and he’d taken several soldiers door before he fell off of a ledge onto the ledge of a level several stories down. He’d grimly assumed he died when everything went black, but judging by the fact he was waking up the booster must have increased his durability also.

“Well well, if it isn’t Chuckles.” He heard, he looked up and saw Mike walking up. The blonde jumped to his feet to face him “So, I can see you’re wearing a booster.” He muttered, seeing his sually maya-blue eyes had changed to a deep crimson color, something he’d seen in all soldiers who wore the boosters.

“Emergency tactic,” Chuck replied as he and the other boy circled each other in fighting stance, an all-too-familiar situation, but this time Chuck was a little more at par with Mike thanks to the booster “but let’s not talk about me. Does it get you off to destroy people’s homes? To kill them if they don’t obey?”

“I’d never kill anybody!”

“Bullshit! I never forgot what you did!” The blonde spat with venom, hand curling into a tight fist.

“What did I do then?”

“On your first mission as Commander, you demolished those homes, even though they weren’t abandoned and had people in them.” Chuck recounted, remembering that events that led him to escape Deluxe and eventually to the Burners. The other just looked at him shocked “How many innocent people have to die before you and Kane are satisfied?”

“Chuck, listen… I didn’t lead my first official expedition,” Mike said, sounding surprisingly gentle “On the day I was supposed to lead the demolition, I was in the sick bay with a fever.” The rebel leader felt his fist loosen up somewhat “I’d never demolish buildings that had people in them.” He wanted to believe him, it’d make so much sense, Mike never acted in ways that seemed peculiarly cruel or inhuman.

Chuck still didn’t trust him, nor fully believe that excuse; he wasn’t going to convinced by someone who was dead-set on arresting him. Good things never happened to skinny blonde guys like Chuck in prison. “Yeah, sure Mikey.” He rebuked, unconvinced.

“Look… you don’t have to do this anymore.” Mike continued “I’m Kane’s right-hand man, I can talk him into not locking you up, you can work for the right side and put a stop to all of this insanity.”

“You’re cute and all but that’s not gonna happen.” Chuck whipped out his energy saber and fired it on it’s blue taser setting, sprinting towards the other, Mike ran at him in return with his metal staff.

The two’s weapons clashed briefly, but then the ground beneath them began to shake. Chuck realized that the Cabler colony was loosening somewhat at the seams and would continue to do so unless something was done soon. Chunks of steel and concrete rained down from the higher levels, and in response Chuck took steps back from Mike and used his arms to shield his head. Mike did the same but when the floor shook again he stumbled, tripped on a rock and fell on Chuck; he brought his hands down to drip the blondes shoulders. At that moment a chunk of falling concrete struck the soldier right in the back of his head, knocking him out and making him collapse, completely unconscious.

Chuck held him up; his put an alert on his communicator that would activate Blonde Thunder, which was his communicator was synced to, and make the car drive on autopilot to Chuck’s location. Mike was completely incapacitated, he could simply just leave him there and the commander would surely perish, either by being crushed to death or falling off of the ledge. He would never be a thorn in Chuck’s side ever again, and Kane’s army would be pretty much emasculated without Mike.

It was awfully tempting, but…

“Why do I have to be a nice guy, why couldn’t I be cold-blooded and ruthless?” Chuck muttered as he threw Mike over his shoulders and behind his neck in a firemans-carry, and whisked the unconscious soldier off into safety, where Blonde Thunder would soon drive up to.

Motorcity: Join Me chapter 5

Disclaimer: I do not own Motorcity or the listed characters
Title: Join Me
Rating: T+
Summary: AU, Chuck and Mike never met in Deluxe; Chuck is leader of the Burners and Mike is still a Kane’s Commander. Despite being enemies, Chuck and Mike find themselves having feelings for each other, but are both too stubborn to leave their sides of Detroit.
Pairings: MikexChuck, DutchxTennie
Warnings: Don’t read if you don’t like or are triggered by violence or dystopian societies
Author’s Note: For the sake of the AU to work Chuck is OOC and some events have been slightly changed.


5: Dungeons and Deluxians

Near the charging ports that bordered Motorcity and Detroit Deluxe, a lone figure walked down with his hands in his pockets and gaze cast to the ground as he came up to the outskirts of town. An incoming call came up on his communicator and he brought up the video feed to answer.
“Chilton,” Kane said to his commander “have you infiltrated without issue?”

Mike nodded “No issue Kane, although I haven’t come across any people yet.”

“Good… and what is that dreadful garb you’re wearing?” Kane asked, noticing the jacket that Mike was wearing.

The jacket was the one Chuck had ditched on him a few months ago when they encountered Red, which Mike had kept hidden this whole time. But he wrapped an orange bandanna around the bicep portion of one of the sleeves to hide the Burners logo “It’s to help me blend in, sir.” Mike explained, which was at least part of the reason “I’d stick out like a sore thumb if I walked around in my uniform. It’s just a pixelated illusion is all.” He knew if Kane knew the jacket was real he’d be told to toss it.

“Alright Chilton, don’t fail your mission on stopping those Utilitons from coming anywhere near Deluxe.” Mike politely nodded again at the order and ended the call, putting his communicated back in his pocket. He adjusted the jacket around him more snugly - whilst the disguise excuse was valid, he put it on mostly because he just liked the way that it looked and felt, it somehow fit him better than his uniform did even though the uniform was tailored exactly for him.


“Sam and Phillip are missing?!” Chuck aka Lord Vanquisher gasped, keeping his floor length cowl around him for dramatic flair and entrance. Ruby the Darkslayer and Thurman the Magnificent, two Raymanthian knights from his guild. His fellow Burners just stared at them confused.

“Who’re these dorks, nerd?” Texas asked him. Ruby the Darkslayer instantly got out her plastic sword and threatened him with it.

“I should cut your tongue out for talking to Lord Vanquisher like that.” She hissed.

“Stand down loyal disciple, for he does not understand our ways,” Lord Vanquisher calmed her down, staying in-character, then turned to the Burners “These guys are fellow LARPers.” He explained, out of character.

“LARPers…?” Dutch inquired.

“We do live action roleplay - no Texas it isn’t /that/ type of roleplay wipe that smirk off of your face.” Chuck had his arms crossed “I have a life outside of the Burners you know.”

“If that’s what you want to call it.” Dutch muttered, but Chuck still heard him and rolled his eyes.
“Come Lord Vanquisher, we have to return to Raymanthia and seek out the Oracle,” Thurman the Magnificent said “time is of the utmost importance if we are to find our wayward kinsmen.” Chuck nodded and started to follow.

“Wait so, are those dudes actually missing or is this part of the game?” Texas asked as he, Dutch, Julie and R.O.T.H followed along as well.

“They are missing for real,” Chuck said, keeping his voice quiet so his ‘knights’ wouldn’t hear him speaking out of character “so this is serious.”


Mike came up to the basement he was told to go to, the coordinates were plugged into his communicator “Here goes nothing…” He said as he entered, using a 'flashlight’ function of his spark staff to light up the darkened tunnels for a few feet in front of him.

Distantly he could hear voices but they were too faint for him to find familiar. Who else’d be down here? Was it the bots? After all he hadn’t specified if the Interrogator was capable of speech or not.

Suddenly he could hear distant screaming and feet pounding on the ground, and it was getting closer.

“What the f-”


The brunet was knocked to the ground with an a sudden force, hitting the back of his head against the concrete ground in the process. “Ow…” He muttered under his breath and looked up at what knocked him down.

“Oh hey Mike.” Chuck, who happened to be sitting right on top of Mike, greeted casually as if it were the most typical thing on earth to be straddling your enemy in the middle of dark underground tunnels.

“…” Mike didn’t know how to respond besides just looking up at the other boy.

Chuck continued the conversation casually, as if nothing about the situation was odd at all “Fancy running into you here - hey is that the jacket I lost? I completely forgot about it.”

Mike finally spoke up “…Can you please get off of me.” In response the blonde pressed a finger against Mike’s lips to shush him.

“No, listen, did you hear that?” Chuck asked, een though Mike couldn’t answer since he was being shushed, but Chuck probably wasn’t expecting an answer anyways “The bots took a different turn than me.”

“You’re after Utilitons and the Interrogator too?”

“Yeah, they captured some guys from my kingdom.”


“Long story-”

Suddenly a robotic screech caught their attention and they saw a Utiliton running towards them. Chuck tried to get his slingshot ready but since it was a ranged weapon it wouldn’t do much damage without momentum and they both knew it. On instinct Mike stood up, staying in front of Chuck and in an instant had his staff out, and used it to strike the robot in a sweeping motion that sent it flying to the side and crashing to the wall.

Mike grabbed Chuck by the wrist and dragged him down the tunnel and away from the crazy robot.

“Oh no,” Chuck groaned once they’d stopped, since Mike was sure that they were in a safe area “this is terrible.”

“Terrible? That I saved you from death?” Mike quirked an eyebrow. Maybe Chuck was the prideful type that couldn’t accept help from an enemy.

“No, now you’re the King of Raymanthia” Chuck told him, melodramatically dejected.

The Kane Co. commander blinked in confusion “Ray…manthia?” He drawled out slowly, not knowing what that was. Chuck put a coat-of-arms like patch on Mikes jacket before explaining that those were the rules of LARPing and now Mike was apparently the king of a LARP realm called Raymanthia because anyone who saves or defeats the Lord of the Realm becomes the new Lord. He also informed Mike that he was down there to save two of his 'squires’.

“If you’re going to be King of Raymanthia though, you need a LARP name though, hmmm, hence for in the Realm you shall be known as 'Mike the smiling dragon’.” Chuck said way more dramatically than he needed to and in completely different mannerisms from how he normally spoke. Mike guessed it was to stay in character.

It was honestly the most nerdy thing Mike had ever witnessed. And from an enemy leader none the less.

It was kind of cute.

Mike mentally slapped himself for thinking that the rebel leader of the Burners and his associated actions was cute. He wasn’t cute, he was insane.

Insanely cute.

The Motorcity air was really starting to affect his brain.


“Oh no,” Julie muttered when she saw Chuck walk back over with Mike. She grabbed Chuck’s floor-length cowl from earlier and put it on, along with making a hologram of a skull mask over her face. Mike was her friend in Deluxe, but unlike Claire he had no idea she was a Burner.

“What the heck is he doing here.” Dutch asked, pointing an accusing finger at Mike, before Chuck could answer Ruby the Darkslayer gasped, noticing the patch on his shirt.

“Lord Vanquisher? Have you been defeated?”

“I’m afraid he saved my skin,” Chuck said with a disappointed sigh “your new king is Mike the smiling dragon.”

“Wait so, the Kane Co. commander is a nerd too?” Texas asked, a confused look on his face.

Mike put his hands up defensively “I’m not here to fight or rule anyone, I was sent here to take the Interrogator out.”

“Take out the Interrogator? All by your lonesome? /You/?” Chuck inquired, then laughed “Is Kane trying to replace you without firing you or something? Having budget cuts?”

“What are you trying to suggest?” The brunet asked, quite offended.

“You’re one guy, this is a giant robot with a army of smaller robots.”

“Do you think I’m incompetent?”

“You told me months ago I was under arrest but look at me still walking as a free man”

“Not for long-”

“Could you two stop arguing for a moment?” Jacob broke in, exasperated by their petty squabble “We need to focus on saving the two boys and defeating the interrogator.”

“There is not defeating the master,” A small bot said to the old man “it is useless.”

“…Aren’t you Jacob, the number one most wanted terrorist?” Mike asked, shocked to be in the presence of such a notoriously dangerous criminal.

“Okay Deluxe cinnamon-roll, you need to understand that in Deluxe pretty much everyone who thinks that Kane is a cocksucking motherfucker is considered a terrorist.” muttered Chuck.
Mike was about to set the other boy straight, but the structure around them started to shake and a metallic roaring could be heard.

“The master is here!” The bot said in what could only be perceived as terror.

The giant mecha interrogator broke in, and the ceiling started to cave in, separating the groups into two; one had Mike, Julie and Jacob, with the Interrogator, the other had Chuck, Dutch, Texas, the LARPers and the bots.


Dutch was beating against the rocks “We can’t get through this!”

Being his usual tough guy self, Texas commented “Why not?”

An idea came to Chuck “Hold on,” he said as he grabbed Thurman the Magnificients shield and started sketching on the back of it “I know how to get through this, but I’m going need to borrow your van.”


Now, Mike was loyal to Deluxe. Extremely loyal. But he wasn’t heartless, when the mysteriously masked female Burner told him to go through the broken vents to get the two boys Sam and Phillip, he listened, as she distracted the Interrogator.

His beef was with the Burners, not those two kids.

He threw a rope down when he saw the room they were imprisoned in “Hey, Sam, Phillip, come up.” He called quietly, he saw they fearfully shook their heads. Oh boy, they weren’t coming up easily.

Mike slid down the rope the be on their level, when the chubby one noticed the patch on Mike’s jacket “Are you the king of the realm?” He asked, sounding both meek and amazed.

Wanting to earn their trust, the Kane Co. commander went along with it “You bet your butt I am,” he said with a small but characteristic smile “Lord Smiling Dragon at your service. Now get up there, squire.”


Okay, I’ll admit that looks pretty cool" Texas admired the design that Chuck had sketched up, with showed a drill made of his lance and the LARPers van.

“There’s no way we can build that in time,” Dutch stated mournfully.

“We can get them to help us,” Texas pointed to the group of Utilitons

“Oh no,” Dutch threw his arms up “you cannot seriously be saying we ask for help from robots that just tried to kill us.”

One of the robots spoke up “We cannot help you, our master will punish our disloyalty-”

“No! He is not your master!” Chuck, his Lord Vanquisher persona showing “You are in the Kingdom of Raymanthia, and in Raymanthia every man - er, sentient beings - is free! Break your chains, rebel against your former slaveholder and help us defeat it!”


Somehow Chuck’s completely dorky and cliche speech ended up working and winning the bots over, and they managed to get the lance and other tech mounted on top of the van, with Chuck manning it at the top.

“Charge!” He commanded.

“You got it,” Thurman the Magnificent said and put the van into drive, colliding into the wall of rocks that separated them from the Interrogator and the others.

In a mere few seconds the drilled right through the wall of collapsed ceiling. “Keep going! Right at it!” The van did as Chuck said. Struck with more brilliance, Chuck grabbed his energy-saber, put it on its red laser setting and held it with the lance. He saw the Interrogator had Mike in its clutches, which truthfully got Chuck feeling even more determined.

Because no one was allowed to hurt Mike. Besides Chuck. No one besides Chuck.

The lance and saber connected with the weak point on the robot and it almost instantly started shutting down, he saw that Mike safely made it back to the ground, which relieved Chuck quite a bit.

When the bot fell, so did Chuck, who stumbled a bit but made it back to his feet.

The LARPers, Burners, and bots cheered for the blonde man, who could only nervously smile and pant as he shut his energy saber off.

“So… the rule was you’re Lord of the Realm if you defeat or save the current king right?” Said

Mike as he walked up to his rival.


“Then, looks like you’re king again, Lord Vanquisher.” Mike smirked and tossed the patch towards the Burner.

Chuck didn’t say a word, just put it back on as he was surrounded by the LARPers, who were cheering.

“You’re still under arrest though.”

“Right, come get me bitch” Chuck challenged, Mike saw the people and bots surrounding the blonde and knew it was a fruitless attempt. The Kane Co. commander turned and hightailed it out. “Join the Burners Miiiiikey.” Chuck called after him, it was tempting to go after him, but Chuck was kind of tired.

And besides, if he did he’d be late for the battle with the Bardonians.

Motorcity: Join Me chapter 10

Disclaimer: I do not own Motorcity or the listed characters
Title: Join Me
Rating: T+
Summary: AU, Chuck and Mike never met in Deluxe; Chuck is leader of the Burners and Mike is still a Kane’s Commander. Despite being enemies, Chuck and Mike find themselves having feelings for each other, but are both too stubborn to leave their sides of Detroit.
Pairings: MikexChuck, DutchxTennie
Warnings: Don’t read if you don’t like or are triggered by violence or dystopian societies
Author’s Note: For the sake of the AU to work Chuck is OOC and some events have been slightly changed.


10: Liaison

“Ah man, this is painful.” Dutch scoffed as he used a special hologram type paint to turn the Burner symbol on Chuck’s jacket sleeve in a Kane Co ‘K’. Currently they were swapping their pallet’s to blend in with Deluxe regulation white and light blue, Chuck’s jacket was now light blue with white trimming, with his shirt and jeans white, and his belt blue.

“I know I know but it’s the only way we won’t stick out up here.” Chuck admitted with a sigh. They’d attempted to capture Kane by hacking his War Pod, but unfortunately the redheaded megalomaniacs anti-hacking software was too much for Chuck to handle in such short notice, if he’d known about that type of software sooner he’d had been better prepared to override it. Now, they were stuck in Deluxe with all of the buildings back in their charging ports and sealing them off from Motorcity, where only Julie and Texas had made it back.

“You watch the cars, R.O.T.H.” Dutch told his helper bot, patting the top of it, R.O.T.H chirped in agreement and floated up to arch where Whiptail and Blonde Thunder were magnetized to cling to upside-down, and were currently in a stealth mode. With R.O.T.H guarding the cars, Dutch and Chuck wandered off from the site and tried acting as natural as possible, Which wasn’t too hard, considering they’d both grown up in Deluxe.

“Don’t cry Chuck.” Dutch harshly whispered to his leader, knowing he had to tendency to get watery-eyed if he was afraid enough, which it was easy to be with wanted posters of them on every block.

Offended, Chuck elbowed him “Would you have some faith in me? Geeze… Although those are some really inaccurate posters; they made me look like a blob, an angry blob.” Who made those posters anyways? Someone who specializes in caricatures? Because while it was easy to assume that because Chuck was a hacker he was someone who sat around hiding behind a screen, that was way too much a computer geek stereotype.

Dutch laughed softly at the melodramatic reaction “Whatever - look, I have somewhere to go, I’ll meet up with you later.” The taller Burner walked off somewhere, and Chuck assumed that he was most likely going to visit his family.

Which left Chuck to dodge enforcer drones.


“2, 3, 4, attention, at ease. 2,3,4, attention, at ease.” Mike commanded the march of the cadets through the blocks.

“God the mundane regimen is almost painful to watch.” Chuck muttered as he watched from a distance; Claire was set to meet him a few blocks away with her pod, so he way lying low.

But watching his boyscout-like rival in action was too amusing to pass up, although it got dull rather quickly. Chuck turned away and watched the block where he was supposed to meet Claire, not noticing that the formation was taking a break and that Mike Chilton was walking his way, although the latter didn’t notice that he was there untill their shoulders bumped.

“Oh I’m sor- Chuck?!”

‘Oh fuck…’ Chuck thought as he looked down at his shocked rival. “O-oh hey Mikey, fancy meeting you here huh?”

Without responding Mike turned back towards where the troops were and was about to call them over and alert to the wanted man, but obviously the Burners leader wouldn’t have that.

“Oh no you don’t.” Chuck stated and silenced Mike in the fastest and most effective method he could think of - by grabbing him by the face and pressing his lips against his. Shut Mike up pretty much instantly, and the Kane Co commander was stilled in shock.

The troop of other soldiers however, did in fact look over. However, do to Mike’s back facing them all they could see was that he was in a rather secluded spot, presumably making out with some blonde person, and it made them figure that their superior officer didn’t want to be interrupted.. With rumors of scandal dispersing between the soldiers like a dandelion on a windy day, the troop walked the opposite direction to give Mike some privacy. After a few moments and noticing that all of the soldiers were gone, Chuck let go go of the other boys face and wiped his sleeve across his mouth nonchalantly, his adversary was completely stupefied, wondering if what just happened really just happened or if he was having a working overtime induced hallucination.

“Don’t think I’m the hit it and quit it type, but I really need to go. See you later, Chilton.” The blonde made him look up by cupping his chin as he made that announcement in an almost gentle tone.

And then knocked him out by tasing him.


“I can’t believe you’re doing this, I was only supposed to give you a ride.” Claire huffed after Chuck managed to get Blonde Thunder and Whiptail into her pod. He put his hands up defensively, now that he’d made the agreement with Foxy to stop pining after her he no longer got as incoherent around her he used to be, although admittedly he was still a little weak-kneed in her presence.

“Relax Claire, I’ll treat your pod like it was Blonde.” He assured, although he processed his own statement and knew her reaction immediately.

“Yeah but doesn’t Blonde get destroyed like every other day.”

“Well it still here isn’t it?” He nervously smiled, then pulled her into the pod so they could fly off, and to Dutch’s location.


Chuck knocked on the apartment room door, and a large man with an uncanny resemblance to Dutch answered “May we help you?” he asked.

“Are you Mr. Gordy?” Chuck inquired politely, the man nodded “I’m Dutch’s friend, we need to leave right away.” When the older male opened the door for Chuck to come through, the blonde rushed in, stopped to quickly wave at the woman who must have been his mechanics mother, and burst through the door.

“Dutch we need to -” the blonde stopped himself right as ‘leave right away’ was about to come through his lips, he saw that Dutch was standing with a younger teen boy who looked a lot like Dutch, but resembled Dutch’s mother more “am I interrupting something? Who’s this?” Chuck smiled politely and out of courtesy held out his hand to shake the other boy (who’s actually be pretty cute if he was a little older, in Chuck’s opinion). Unfortunately, his gesture was only returned with a glare from the younger boy, who must have been Dutch’s younger brother,

“I know you.” The younger brother growled pretty much, pointing an accusing finger at Chuck, right as red electronic pulses began to make the building shake, and interfered with the palette-swap hologram of Chuck and Dutch’s clothes, making their outfits seem to shift between colour palletes.

Chuck took steps back away from the younger boy “Did I come at a bad time?” He asked almost nervously - he then noticed the cadet uniform and the Kane posters hanging in the room “…Kind creepy in here.” He muttered under his breath so the other two wouldn’t hear him.

“Chuck the hacker.” The boy hissed, recognizing Chuck almost right away,, then focused on his brother.

“Daar, wait.” Dutch attempted to soothe the younger.

However, Daar swiped his hand across his older brothers shirt, and saw the yellow Burner symbol on his shirt “You’re a Burner?!”

“Wait, I can explain!” Dutch again tried to console, but to no avail as Daar clicked the communicator that was attached to his risen collar.

“This is Gordy in sector 12, I found the Burners.”

Days like this Chuck was glad he was an only child.


Everything turned shit side up, really quickly. Sure the situation was shit right from the start, but now it was so much shit that Kane’s equivocation fallacy of Motorcity being a sewer almost had a leg to stand on.

Not only were all of the Deluxe buildings overloading from being plugged in for so long, and the people inside of said buildings were locked inside, but Dutch had been captured and now their fate rested on the shoulders of Dutch’s cute but snot-nosed brother.

“Look, I know it’s hard to accept this - it goes against everything you’ve been taught, everything you think that you know.” Chuck tried reasoning with Daar.

“What do you know?” Darr shot back, although sounding strained.

“I know what it’s like to realize you’re working for the bad guy.” Chuck explained with a sigh “But what you have to realize now, is that I know your brother. And I know he has faith in you to do the right thing.”


Once again Chuck’s penchant for cliche speeches ended up not only working, but winning over an unlikely ally on the other side. They’d managed to bypass the security grid and force a repair cycle in the buildings, releasing them from their charging ports and giving them means of escape.

“Thanks for the help solider, you’re an honorary double-agent now.” Chuck told Daar - after Dutch had roughly him up and now they were tying him up with wires and putting a ‘courtesy of the Burners’ sign on him.

“No problem.” Daar said with a weak smile, but Chuck pecked his cheek in thanks before waving and walking off back to Blonde Thunder, leaving a dumbstruck and now embaressed Daar.

“…Bro your leader is weird.”

“I know.” Dutch sighed and a shrug “But he’s harmless… For the most part.”

“Is he gay?” Daar asked, quirking his brow best he could despite one of his eyes being swollen and miscolored.

Dutch thought for a moment, good question really. “That’s uh, never been all the way clear.” He admitted before briefly hugging his brother, and escaping into Whiptail, driving away.

Moments later Daar was greeted by a rushing platoon of soldiers, who were horrified at his current state, and they were headed by none other than Mike Chilton.

“Those Burners are animals,” Mike muttered and he hastily tried untangling the cadet from the wires that bound him “you reported them and you got beat up for it. You’re a hero, kid.”

“All in a day’s work, sir.” Daar waved off modestly.

“So…” One of the higher ranking soldiers, Jenzen, began “did you gt lucky with the blonde you were with earlier, Mike?”

“WOULD YOU GUYS STOP ASKING ABOUT THE THE BLONDE.” Everyone jumped at the uncharacteristic yelling from Commander Chilton, something they’d usually expect from Kane whilst Mike was usually kind to them, even when he was being stern.

For a few moments everything was silent, you could hear a pin drop even.

“…Was it a chick or du-”


Motorcity: Join Me chapter 2

Disclaimer: I do not own Motorcity or the listed characters

Title: Join Me

Rating: T+

Summary: AU, Chuck and Mike never met in Deluxe; Chuck is leader of the Burners and Mike is still a Kane’s Commander. Despite being enemies, Chuck and Mike find themselves having feelings for each other, but are both too stubborn to leave their sides of Detroit.

Pairings: MikexChuck, DutchxTennie

Warnings: Don’t read if you don’t like or are triggered by violence or dystopian societies

Authors Note: For the sake of the AU to work Chuck is OOC and some events have been slightly changed.


2: Leader vs Commander

“You know, I kind of thought you’d be taller.” The Burners leader said to Mike as he made him step away from the back-up generators by keeping his spark staff pressed against his back and nudging him in warning.

“I kind of thought you’d be a blob.” Mike replied, prodding Chuck forward - although the Commander actually was caught off guard by seeing Chuck for the first time in person - the hacker had deleted all of his own files in Deluxe so he was mostly a ghost of a man and nothing was known about him besides that fact that he went by ‘Chuck’. Mike assumed he was an obese nerd who hid behind a computer like the Wanted Poster in Deluxe alluded too. But instead he was skinny and tall, even if a bit slouchy in posture.

Chuck casually sighed and shrugged, moving ahead as the prodding enforced “Yeah that Wanted Poster isn’t very flattering.” He expected Chilton to be little more… Harsh.

“Well Chuck, you are under arrest for several counts of hacking and being a defector.” Mike said; he didn’t let it show that he was taken aback when the blonde Burner started to laugh.

“So I’m a defector huh? I had no idea humans were supposed to think and make decisions for themselves.” Chuck sarcastically chuckled, Mike got out the industrial padlocked handcuffs. He knew that despite his unintimidating appearance and demeanor, Chuck was still a criminal genius and should not be underestimated.

Mike grabbed the skinny wrists of the Burners leader and crossed them behind his back “You best stay silent if you want it easy.” He didn’t see Chuck smirk as he got the handcuffs into place.

“I don’t do 'easy’ on anyone else’s terms.” Chuck said as he suddenly opened one of his palms, revealing a small pellet like object. Mike didn’t have time to react before a sudden flash of light assaulted his retinas and robbed him of his sight. The pellet was a small flash grenade!

Mike dropped the handcuffs and brought his hands up to his eyes on impulse, trying to rub the white light that blotted out his vision. He heard the blonde make a run for it and tried to follow him

“Stay where you are!” He yelled as he blindly swung his fists where he assumed the other man was, but he missed.

He could hear buttons being hastily pushed, and he knew that Chuck was back at the back-up generator to initiate the manual start up. Mike blinked several times in an attempt to clear his vision, but he could only see basic blurry shapes - that was enough though.

He came up behind the Burner and put his arm over his throat in a tight choke hold, he heard Chuck gasp from his airway being constricted as he tore him away from the back up generator.


“…” Mike was silent as he heard that, and although he couldn’t see it he could imagine the defector smirk; he was too late, Chuck had punched the whole start-up code in, right before Mike had pulled him away “…Oh no.”

“Oh yes~” Chuck said, even though his voice was hoarse - he elbowed Mike in the gut hard enough to loosen his grip and slipped away from the Commanders grasp.

Mike whipped out his spark shaft and had it pointed at the lanky shape he knew to be Chuck

“You won’t get away with this, Chuckles.” He said

“TEXAS!” A sudden deep voice cried out followed the sound of a loud engine, the shape of a car with bright red streaks whizzed right by and Chuck disappeared right with it.

“Later Mike!” He could hear Chuck from a distance, his vision cleared enough for him to turn and see Chuck basically dangling from the window of a Burner vehicle, a large hand holding him there by the back of his navy jacket - he could also see that Chuck was again making the 'L’ on the forehead gesture at him, as the car disappeared back into the rusty cesspool called Motorcity.

Mentally swearing, Mike brought his communicator up to his mouth and made a call to Jenzen “Organize the troops and retreat back to Deluxe, the security grid is back up.” He ordered.

“Do you need someone to pick you up?” Cadet Jenzen asked. Although he’d prefer one, he politely refused before turning his communicator off, and running back to Deluxe.

What a waste of talent that someone like Chuck would be on the criminal side.


“That was great.” Chuck said to the other Burners as they sat around Jacob’s diner. Chuck was downing a soda as Jakob tended to some random and probably gross dish. “Thanks for the lift, Texas.” He said to the shorter man.

“No problem, Texas wasn’t going to let the nerd deal with Chilton on his own.” Texas announced with a random sound effect and a karate chop. Chuck playfully rolled his eyes. Despite being the leader of the Burners he was still always nerd first in Texas’s eyes.

Dutch piped up “So, what was Chilton like?” He asked, nursing a root beer.

'Kinda cute’ Chuck’s gay thoughts chimed, which differed drastically from what he actually said “Shorter than I thought he’d be.” He shrugged and finished off his soda. Honest he knew most physical aspects about Mike from hacking and reading his medical files - height, weight, BMI, resting heart rate, blood type, ect. Still he didn’t imagine Mike not being much taller than Texas. He imagined someone more intimidating with a cruel face.

Of course Mike didn’t look like he had a cruel bone in his body, but Chuck highly doubted that was genuine. He that Mike wasn’t much better than Kane…

His train of thought was broken by Jacob popping a muffin tin full of green muffins with slimy white topping in front of him onto the counter “You know,” Jacob said to him with a kind smile “Tomorrow would be the one year anniversary of you becoming a Burner.”