scrungus-admungus  asked:

If you're still taking requests, I would love some Mike/Chuck

<3 Ahahaha, I kinda ship these two… But it’s more like a rad bromance to me. I’m personally more towards TexasxMike, but MikexChuck is so fluffy and adorables…

Maybe I’ll ship TexasxMikexChuck since I can’t decide which pairing I like more lol ;)

Keep the requests coming ;) But please, nothing to crazy lol

Spaghetti Night

HEADCANON PREFACE: I think all the Burners except Julie live at Burners HQ. Since Jacob is always trying to push the nasty shit he cooks on everyone, the rest of them cook for each other too when they actually want to eat something edible and don’t want to go out to eat. Most of the time this is microwaveables like hot pockets and pizza rolls or whatever, but every once in a while, they actually make something kinda nice like spaghetti or something. This story is about spaghetti night and Mike and Chuck are on cooking duty.


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