TK for altamirage
Kiyotaka Ishimaru for mikevvazowski (previously fixitfelix-jr)
Demetri Martin for starryeyed-wayfarer (seems to have deleted?)
Aranea Serket for springy-thingy

I realized too late that springy-thingy had only liked the original post, not reblogged it, so technically I shouldn’t have drawn them a thing. But wowowowow wow I love the hell out of how Aranea came out so I guess I can let it pass this one time. Ugh she is definitely one of my favorite drawings I have done for this whole project. So thank you springy-thingy. <3 Also I can’t find any trace of starryeyed-wayfarer, so I guess they have deleted. That’s too bad. I wanted to tell them how their username kept getting “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” stuck in my head. Nothing else to say about this batch except TK was especially fun to draw yeah man. If I were ever going to watch Angel Beats he would be 90% of the reason why. C: