Book Of Promises

Last month I made a promise to you, and I made a promise to myself. While I didn’t realize it would take so long, I did realize that I wasn’t going to let this one go.

On Sunday I shoot the final video: Little Mac vs. Don Flamenco choreographed to the Punch Out Theme Song For Orchestra. It won’t turn out as BIG as I first imagined, at least I don’t think so (I originally wanted green screens, backlights, special effects, and so much more). Shoot for the Stars and you’ll land on the moon. So I’ll only have a few of those things, but no matter what happens it’s already a runaway success to me.

Even if my camera breaks or I accidentally erase the footage on my way home Sunday night - I still won’t stop smiling at how far I came. But here’s where my head has been concerned the past 6 weeks:

I lost 6 weeks of work. 6 songs of income, 6 weeks of blogs and conversing, and 6 weeks of building up my momentum.

But I don’t care.

Because in a life when I continually leave unfinished work, or lose attention on what my next errand is, or even failure to follow through with plans… this one time I said “STOP! Stop everything and don’t do another thing until you do this. For once, just see this through.”

So I thought about it, promised that if I started this then I would not do anything until it was completed, and then promised not to break on that promise.

Maybe the momentum is dead now anyway. Maybe all my followers lost interest in my work. Or maybe everyone is on the edge of their seat now?

But today I just stared at a wall and thought. Imagined. Smiled. Dreamed. Because everything I did in the past 45 days comes to an end on Sunday. Or maybe it begins?

It’s been a good month. A long, expensive, tiresome, educational, and positive good month.

So now I’m going to bed, which is another thing I have not done much recently. Starting tomorrow, I’m just happy that I get back to these weekly songs for you. And then Sunday I edit the video. It feels so good to be back, but it feels even better to close a chapter in a book I wanted to write for you.

Thanks for your support and kind words the past few weeks. I love you all, and I can’t wait to share this video with you.

Your dumb friend,


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Just beat Tyson! By decision, but still. Still got it. #impetuous #impenetrable #miketysonspunchout (at Sitka, AK)

Watch on teacherrapperhero.com

Just beat Tyson. By decision, but still. Taking heads in Street Fighter 2 next. I’m on at 10:30. #miketysonspunchout #Alaska #impetuous #impenetrable (at Sitka, AK)


The original Nintendo Entertainment System may very well be the greatest gift I ever received in my life (the original Playstation ranks up there as well), The hours I spent sitting in front of my television grinding away though unbeatable platformers, and driving myself crazy in a world before “saves”, are among the most memorable of my life. Because I’m a musician, it goes without saying that the music in many of these games has stuck with me for what seems like forever.

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out was a true mother. It was easy enough to get past the first few opponents, but a couple of bicycle training montages later the difficulty truly ramped up. There were so many great little musical compositions in the game as well, particularly the various intro tunes for the boxers. Above you will find a brief, but worthwhile trip through 8-bit nostalgia… Enjoy!