The TMNT Writers Planning Ships
  • Apriltello: "Alright, this is going to be something that starts rolling right from episode one. There's going to be a lot of awkward teen antics and a short love triangle before Donatello eventually learns to respect boundaries and go by April's terms after getting a taste of his own medicine in season 3"
  • Leorai: "Starting off in season one Leo begins by realizing he has to put his morals before his questionable romantic interest, and then flat out tosses his feelings aside when the relationship threatens his brothers. Things only get crazier when he realizes Karai's Splinter's biological daughter, and he spends a good long time struggling between trying to appease his father and come to terms with his own romantic feelings"
  • Mikett: "The crush will be undeniable but it'll be lighthearted. Lots of heart eyes, a bit of flirting on both sides, a hug and some nice cheek kisses, but nothing solid beyond a bit of cute harmless teenaged affection"
  • Ramona: *Smashes two sock puppets together while making kissy noises* "They're married"

Candy From A Stranger Korso/Odette

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