The Addtional "Suspects" Of Columbine

This is a partial list of other people named by witnesses as being additional shooters or somehow involved in the attack. Most of these people were interviewed by police who cleared them as suspects claiming they had alibis. It turns out that the alibis in question are not as strong as the public has been led to believe. For example, most of the alibis are the mother or ‘close friend swears person was at home or with them’-variety. Other 'suspects’ listed have never been identified but were sighted by multiple witnesses.

Eric Harris - Known shooter, identified by witnesses

Dylan Klebold - Known shooter, identified by witnesses

The BMW Gang - Circa 40 minutes before the shooting a construction worker claimed he spotted a BMW, matching the description of Klebold’s car, with 4 occupants do a u-turn in front of the school.

Chris Morris - Morris was claimed by several students to be the leader of the so-called “trench coat mafia”. He was named by several witnesses as being a shooter and was actually taken into police custody before being released. Morris’ alibi is that although he was at school in the morning that he cut class and went to a friends house to play video games prior to the start of the shootings. Morris also claimed to have gone to the before-school bowling class on 4/20 but his name does not appear on the roster. Morris’ mother was a police officer.

Robert Perry - Multiple witnesses named him as being a shooter. Perry was a 'trench coater’ but had graduated or dropped out the year prior. Perry was in the habit of spending time at the school to visit his friends. Perry had horrible acne at the time and this was a consistent feature described by witnesses. Of all the witnesses who actually named an additional shooter, the majority of the witnesses named Perry. Perry’s alibi is, like most of the people named as additional shooters, his mother (now deceased).

Brian Sargent - Not identified by name, but several witnesses described a person extremely similar to Sargent, a short, chubby/fat shooter with a round face. Sargent is important as circa a dozen witnesses described an overweight shooter. Neither Harris nor Klebold were overweight. In fact, Sargent was reportedly the only member of the 'trench coaters’ who was overweight. Sargent’s alibi is that he was hanging out with friends after going to a local Burger King. It’s not known how far the police checked out this alibi or whether they just accepted it at face value.

Joe Stair - Identified by name as being involved by several witnesses. However, no witness actually observed him to be holding or firing a gun. At least 5 witnesses heard other shooters say the name 'Joe’. At least 2 of the witnesses said a phrase similar to, “Joe, I have three of them in here”, was made by other shooters. Mrs. Mikesell, an employee of Columbine High School, advised police that several students came and told her that Joe Stair had been seen in the school during the shootings. Like Perry, Joe Stair was not a current student of Columbine High School. Stair’s alibi is that he claims he was at home with his mother until he left to pick up his sister at the library circa noon. There is no indication Stair’s mother or sister were ever interviewed by police to either confirm or deny Stairs alleged alibi. In 2007, Stair was found hanged to death. Some speculate that it was not a suicide as Stair’s body was found with a bloodied nose and with blood on the floor. Interestingly, Stair died shortly after he began posting on a message board dedicated to the Columbine tragedy.

Eric Dutro - A 'trench-coater’, at least one witness claims the shooter she saw may have been Eric Dutro.

Nate Dykeman - Best friend of Dylan Klebold. (More info to come)

Eric Veik - Friend of Dylan Klebold, helped to make videos with Klebold and Harris, was not identified by witnesses as being a shooter; however, was the person who put the 'Thought of the Day", reading, “Bet you wish you weren’t here today”, on the school’s monitors. Veik was arrested in October of 1999 for allegedly threatening to perform a repeat of 4/20. Veik was also investigated by police in conjunction with an alleged plan to blow up another school.

The Splatter Punks - Matt Nalty, Matt Akard, and Jim Brunetti, three young men who were not students of Columbine who were arrested by police in the field outside of the school. They were friends of Eric Harris. At least one witness placed them in the school in the morning before the shooting. The trio were also sighted by at least one witness at nearby Clement Park as well. According to Sheriff Stone, the three claimed they came to the school to check the scene out after hearing of the shooting on the radio. According to Stone, there were no reports on the radio at that time. The trio allegedly gave alibis involving parents or being in the company of each other and were quickly released by police.

The Balding Man - A balding man with blond hair, a chiseled face, and muscular body, described as being in his 30s, was witnessed by at least 2 witnesses. The unidentified man was in the company of a younger shooter. The unidentified man was mistaken by one witness as being a police officer until she saw that he carried a sawed-off shotgun. A witness even made a sketch of this unknown man. The witness claimed police pressured her to say that this man was Eric Harris, even though she knew Harris personally and knew it was not him.

The Round-Face Shooter - Several witnesses described a male with a round or full face as being a shooter. Refer to Brian Sargent above.

The Blue Jeans Bomber - Several witnesses described a male wearing a white shirt and blue jeans who threw pipe bombs onto the roof of the school. This bomber was seen in the company of two other people, with most descriptions of the other two people as wearing trench coats. Police insist that this was Eric Harris. Harris wore a white shirt during the attack but not blue jeans.

The Masked Shooter - Several witnesses described a male shooter who wore a mask.

The Blond-Tipped Shooter - At least two witnesses described an older male shooter with shaved hair on the sides of the head, longer darker hair on the top of the head, with bleached or blond tips to the hair. This description does not match either Harris or Klebold.

The Park Bomber - A pipe bomb was detonated in the nearby Clement Park shortly before the start of the shootings. A witness described seeing a male with a moustache.

The Park Shooter - One witness told police that he saw a person hiding in the bushes while shooting a gun at nearby Weaver park. The witness allegedly complained that he thought the police did not take his story seriously.

The Black/White Camo Pants Shooter - Several witnesses, including at least one teacher, described a shooter wearing black and white camouflage pants. Neither Harris nor Klebold wore these pants during the shooting. Interestingly, in at least one video made by Harris and Klebold, there is one person who was wearing black and white camo pants.

The Rooftop Shooter - Several witnesses described seeing at least one shooter on the rooftop of the school. At least one witness claims he was told by police to keep running as there was a shooter on the roof.

The German-Speaking Shooter - A few witnesses described a shooter wearing either a red or orange shirt, a trench coat, baggy pants, and who spoke German. It was later learned that German was spoken at 'trench coat mafia’ meetings.

The 20-ish Shooter - At least one teacher described an older shooter, looking to be in his 20s and not a student at the school. One parent also claimed to have seen an older, 20-ish, man hanging around a group of students dressed in black at the school while dropping off her daughter on the morning of 4/20. This shooter may or may not be the same as 'the balding man’ listed above.

The Duffel Bag Carriers - Several witnesses described people carrying unusual duffel bags. Most of the descriptions of these people do not match Harris or Klebold. It is believed the bags contained guns, bombs, and knives used in the attack.

On Eric Harris:

“One girl who knew Eric Harris said that he was the sweetest guy she had ever met and that he solicitously attempted to cheer her up when she was depressed.” (May have been Melissa Snowdon)

Mother of Nicole Markham(8794)
“She did relate that Eric Harris was really funny.”

Jason Romanus(9833)
“Spoke briefly about Harris being funny.”

Melissa Walker(5993)
She did not think Harris was ridiculed because Harris had a lot of friends.

Dan Fleener(5558 )
Teacher, said Harris was “nice, respectful, compliant, good student, bright.”

“Kulesza said he never saw any hints that Harris might someday turn violent. ‘I saw ….him getting hit on the soccer field. He wouldn’t get angry, try to do anything, he’d just get up, shrug it off, not even given any nasty looks.’ Kulesza said. 'That’s why I’m shocked becasue I knew him as a nice guy. Harris was sociable wtih other team members. … He wasn’t aggressive or overbearing… My impression was that anybody could have gotten along with him.”

Jesse Boyer(SDUT 4-2-99)
“He was a jock for so long.” Boyer said. “Now he was into Nazi stuff.”

Lydia Shofner(LAT, 4-22-99)
“Eric was a real nice guy. I know it sounds strange to say it, …. but to portray him as this maniac isn’t right.”

Alisa Owen(3982)
Klebold was a nice guy, Harris(who always wore a beret(?)) had a very dark side.

Alicia Oeetniczak(5067)
Harris was nice, but everything he wrote was really dark.

Kelli Brown(10675)
Harris was prejudiced and “also very hateful”

Sarah Jacob(17411)
Dated Harris, said he “hated life and people”

Dominic Duran(6023)
Harris’ creative writings were always about war or killings.

In summer of '98, Harris changed his manner of dress and the music he listened to.

Michael Bierman(6134)
In one of his essays Harris wrote about being a shotgun pellet entering a body. He started wearing a trenchcoat in January of '99.

Christin Mikesell(5784)
She suspended Harris over the hacking incident. She said he took it well as he continued to talk to her.

Adam Thomas(1211)
Says Harris had been given the nickname of “Du hast” (German for 'you hate’).

Jennifer Hazens(4964)
Harris went to halloween party as the Unabomber.

Christine Epling(10717)
Says Harris was punched in the face by Dan Lab(aka 'pretty boy’) back in '98

Evan Vitale(1246)
Says Harris fought with Cale Kennedy.

Kevin Larson(5024)
Says Harris shot out garage window with a BBgun at Brook Brown’s house.

Caleb Newberry(1593)
“stated that Harris appeared to always be angry”

Monica Schuster(1139)
Says Harris “much more angry”.

Megan Morrison(5050)
Says Harris always looked angry and in a hurry.

Sara Martin(5034)
Said Harris was quiet, closed-up, and bitter.

Kyle Morton(3786)
Harris very withdrawn in the class they shared.

Jeremy Smith(4463)
Harris was very quiet in their class and not very friendly.

Aaron Smith(24424)
“Knew Harris from French class but Harris segregated himself, only associating with the trench coat mafia.”

Scott Rathbun(5058 )
In the middle of Harris’ junior year he became introverted and got to the point that he did not talk to people. “Eric was an outcast because he chose to be….he became very introverted and anti-social with just about everyone except Klebold.”

Crystal Bragazzi(5225)
“This year, Harris has acted like he did not even know Bragazzi and would not respond if she said hello.”

Megan Minger(5526)
Harris gave her an evil stare for 5-10 minutes at the after-prom party.

Michael Biggs(6139)
He felt intimidated by Harris, who stared at him, which he said was a common tactic of the TCM.

Nathan Wittkorp(aka Red)(13633)
Associate, says Eric Harris 'really got weird’ in last six months.

Chris Meier(5327)
“This year Harris turned 'weird’.”

Stephen Partridge(5945)
Harris seemed 'unstable’

Michelle Hartsough(10150)
BJ co-worker Harris “often seemed paranoid”

Greg Hofer(6623)
Harris bought his GI Joe dolls so he could destroy them by shooting them with a BB gun, impale them, wrap fishing line around their necks.

Melissa Chavez(9023)
Says Harris talked of suicide because he was picked on.

Redacted person on hit list(10264)
Harris relentlessly teased by kids in gym class.

Nathan Lopatin(2016)
“when Harris backed into his car Harris had become angry and started to shake and pound on his steering wheel”

Jennifer Paavilainen(6977)
Says Harris got angry after minor car accident in Jan '99

Evans McClaugherty(2038 )
Bumped into Harris who became angry and pushing ensued. Evans told that he should “watch his back.”

Keith Parkison(1069)
Said Harris and the TCM began picking on people in Jan’ of '99-

-Craig Place(1090)
Says Harris picked on freshmen.

–Jason Kirk(5014)
Says Harris waved a shotgun at him back in July 4 of '98

–Dustin Thurman(7260)
A wrestler, says he had problems with Harris and Klebold in the past; says Harris wanted to fight him in the parking lot of the school back in '98. (Then, in another interview the next day, says he never had an argument with H or K(??))

Megan Minger(5526)
Saw Haris on 4-20 at the top of the outside stairs. “Eric was scary, looked really pissed off.”