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Thanks For Making Breakfast

The summer of 1984 had been positively unremarkable for Nancy Wheeler. She’d gotten a job at the local diner, Mike had lost his last baby tooth, and she and Steve had been okay. Just okay. The problem was that there wasn’t a problem at all—nor was there anything particularly good with them. They were… drifting. Not apart or together, but parallel to one another—neither willing to make any sort of move.

He’d dropped off a bouquet of flowers (daisies) not ten minutes before. It was a sweet gesture. He was sweet. But she felt suffocated, for whatever stupid reason. Maybe it was just the heat. Maybe they needed a break. Maybe they didn’t need anything and she would just get over it.

Nancy contemplated this as she sat on the sofa, watching the TV signal flicker in and out. Mike was across from her, their legs tangled together, playing on his Epoch.

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A Change Begins

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Author: locke-writes

Title: A Change Begins: Lies Spite And Possibly Love Chapter 4

Synopsis: Quinn is affected by a case in a way that is somehow all to familiar and Mike begins to see a shift in the nature of their relationship

Rating: T

Word Count: 1,506

Warning: Homophobia, Transphobia, Usage of Slurs, Mentions of Sex Trafficking

Last Chapter

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AN: I set out to write the next chapter and this happened and I’m not even sure what ‘this’ is

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are we strangers?
part of the karamel fanfiction challenge


Since moving to Metropolis six months ago, Kara Danvers has found a home at a small diner across the street. It might have something to do with the delicious Apple Caramel Pie or it might have more to do with that cute waiter, Mike Matthews.

A Karamel Diner AU with a little twist.

We`ve Gone to "Jonah`s Diner" Before & Another Pie Clue

In 5x19 Aria and Emily follow Mike to “Jonah`s Diner”. If you pause the show when A&E get out of Andrew`s car you can see a bright yellow sign to their left. It says “Jonah`s Diner” and then in smaller letters “The best rhubarb pie in the state”. Another ‘pie’ reference in a scene with Aria in it. Just sayin`. (thanks to an Anonymous follower who pointed this out to me ;) )

Also, I`m pretty sure we`ve seen “Jonah`s Diner” on the show before. In my “Key Lime Pie” theory post I talked about how in 2x12 Dr. Sullivan was having a meeting with an -A team member. I don`t think it`s been explained who it was she met with though. After she leaves a waitress comes over, calls black hoodie “Pretty Eyes” and offers him/her some pie. During the same scene the camera also zooms in on the cake display and you can clearly see a key lime pie

The red seats - 

This is the cake display from 2x12 -

This is the cake display we see in 5x19 –

Although from a distance, I see the same handle in the same spot, so I think that this is the same diner where Dr. Sullivan and Black Hoodie met which would mean that 'pie’ definitely has something to do with -A and the -A team, and maybe (this is a very big maybe), Cyrus is a member.

PLL + Pie

Are pies and Pi symbols a clue? Is the Pi symbol indicating that
we should be paying attention to S3:E14 just like the symbol?
Are they significant? We need to ask the question, why pie?

S2:E3 - We see Lucas wearing a t-shirt with the Pi symbol. 
S2:E12 - At the end of the episode A looks at pie’s in the diner. 
S2:E12 - The waitress looks at A and asks if they want a piece of pie.

S4:E1 - In the episode a liars guide to rosewood (narrated by Mona) at 2:00 in the video Mona says: “hefty Hana Marin stuffed her feelings with pie when her parents broke up” and it flashes back to the scene of Ali saying “you don’t have to feel this way, I know how to get rid of it.” …big clue?
S4:E5 - The boy spencer is talking to is wearing a Pi symbol shirt
S4:E9 - Pastor Ted brought Ashley pie when she was on house arrest
S4:E17 - Who could forget boysenberry pie and board shorts ale?

S5:E4 - Aria’s inbox shows an email from Pie@ptmails.com!
S5:E5 - Aria is seen with the Paula’s Pies box with the Pi symbol.
S5:E15 - A book Blackberry Pie Murder is behind Emily on a bookshelf and later Double Fudge Brownie Murder is on another bookshelf next to Aria. 
S5:E19 - Rhubarb pie deal shown at the diner where Mike meets Cyrus.