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I found it amazing how both actresses, Winona Ryder and Kate Walsh, did really good in playing a mother going through pain from losing her child, it just proves how great both actresses are, they where really able to express the pain and make those who where watching feel/understand the pain

until dawn characters in a nutshell
  • chris: cutie patootie who tries his best
  • ashley: beanies and tears
  • mike: the biggest plot twist is realizing you actually give a shit about him
  • jess: boobs™
  • matt: needs a better girlfriend
  • emily: really it's only a matter of time before you're trying to get her killed
  • sam: magic towel
  • josh: didn't deserve this shit
  • hannah: mass confusion
  • beth: didn't deserve this shit 2.0
  • dr. hill: no
Sad News

I’ve just found out that Mike Davis has died. I’m sure most of you are saying to yourself “Who’s Mike Davis?” And what does he have to do with Magic? The answer is quite a lot.

Mike Davis was one of Richard Garfield’s best friends and was the one who convinced him to go to Seattle to try and sell his game Roborally to a tiny company called Wizards of the Coast.

Roborally had too many components for Wizards to produce but the CEO, a man named Peter Adkison, said he was interested in a card game that could be played in between role playing sessions. Richard said he had an idea he would throw together.

Mike Davis would later take a job at Wizards of the Coast as the Vice President of R&D. Of his many accomplishments, he was the man who hired me.

Mike has fought cancer for many years and sadly lost his battle with it today.

I would like to ask every Magic player to take a moment to bow their head for a man who was directly responsible for the game’s very existence.

Goodbye Mike. You will be missed.

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Tribes who once lived in these mountains believed that butterflies carried dreams and prophecies of possible futures. the color of the butterflies indicated the nature of the prophecy:

Fortune, Death, Loss, Guidance, Danger


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