mikes davis

until dawn characters in a nutshell
  • chris: cutie patootie who tries his best
  • ashley: beanies and tears
  • mike: the biggest plot twist is realizing you actually give a shit about him
  • jess: boobs™
  • matt: needs a better girlfriend
  • emily: really it's only a matter of time before you're trying to get her killed
  • sam: magic towel
  • josh: didn't deserve this shit
  • hannah: mass confusion
  • beth: didn't deserve this shit 2.0
  • dr. hill: no
jeff davis watching pretty little liars
  • *aria says "i've always seen you as more of a cute werewolf type" to mike*
  • jeff: i think i found one
  • *mike plays lacrosse*
  • jeff: this is looking good!
  • *cody christian (who plays mike) is shown to be an amazing actor that can play both an antagonist and protagonist*
  • jeff: !!!!!! I DID IT GUYS I FOUND ONE !!!!!!!

Until dawn + text posts

I found it amazing how both actresses, Winona Ryder and Kate Walsh, did really good in playing a mother going through pain from losing her child, it just proves how great both actresses are, they where really able to express the pain and make those who where watching feel/understand the pain

The Smiths photographed by Chalkie Davies, 1983.

“So one Sunday afternoon in 1982 the Smiths showed up at the door of our little studio in a Bayswater Mews. To say they were young and inexperienced at photo shoots would be an understatement. They took direction well but they had yet to really get their individual looks together and their clothes were pretty bad. Doing what we often did, we gave them black turtle neck sweaters and decent jackets to wear, but the singer, clad in this terrible rayon smock refused to wear anything else. He seemed to only have one name too, that of Morrissey.” - Chalkie Davies