Wes Anderson - I love. We are dealing with one of these situations when you can’t really stop linking yourself with an artist’s creative world. For example, you can’t just forget the suitcases Marc Jacobs (creative director for Louis Vitton) made for Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited.

There is more; if you like to travel and vintage equally, as I do, then, again! Wes Anderson is the answer. 3 guys, 11 retro suitcases and India, the ideal winter sun holidays place… Oh, and tones of laughter: it is the Darjeeling Limited experience.

He made movies like The Royal Tenenbaums, one of my favorites by the way. The film is a trip to an imaginary colorful world.  It tells the fascinated story of a dysfunctional family. Retro aesthetics and unusual depictions of a weird world guarantee to you two hours of a bittersweet pleasure.

With his last film, Moonrise Kingdom, we find him still on the same path of creativity. Two lover birds run away searching to meet prematurely adulthood. With them they carry their world; six books, a record player, binoculars, a kitty and her cat food among other little childish things. All of them packed - even the kitty! - on a beautiful yellow vintage travel bag, an Andersonian bag one might say. 

Be patient, his next film with Johnny Depp, The Grand Budapest Hotel is coming soon!