I love my cloyster. Just look. On the verge of death but he has the smuggest look ever like fuck you I’m about to take you down motherfucker i aint afraid to die hell yea bitch dis go hard as hell flocka i will suck big dick team slut all day and week month year and century i love big naps D I C K S Q U A D

Even though Sableye has a horrible base stat total of a paltry 380, this lil fella has been wrecking mega TT mega Aggron mega Scizor etc with a bit of luck on his side

The key ability is Prankster. Stall and make the enemy phys sweeper destroy itself from inside-out. Then burn and confuse all in a blaze of glory before you’re wiped out allowing your remaining pokemon to play mop-up crew.

Forget breloom i chucked him out the door sableye is here to stay and take up the 6th slot in my team roster \m/