csak halkan kisbetukkel irva szeretnem megjegyezni, hogy tudok rolad minden rosszat, mindent, hogy milyen voltal, hogy most milyen vagy, miken mentel keresztul. tudom, minden nap azt hallgatom, hogy ki mit gondol, mennyire rossz velemennyel vannak rolad, a kapcsolatunkrol. csak halkan, kisbetukkel irva szeretnem megjegyezni, hogy ezen dolgok ellenere mindig, meg akkor is, mikor a legmocskosabb jelzokkel illettek, kivetel nelkul melled alltam, kialtam erted, es megvedtelek.
te pedig cserebe le sem szarsz, figyelmen kivul hagysz, elhanyagolsz. de turom meg. mindezek ellenere ugyanugy ragaszkodom hozzad. tudom, hogy magamnak okozok fajdalmat, magamat kinzom nap mint nap.
hagy kerdezzek toled valamit. szerinted miert?

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i Love how open minded you are miken. there should be more people like that. there's nothing wrong with what youre doing or your relationship with your sis and you shouldnt have to be penialized for wanting to be with her. actuall i think incest is beautiful and i dont see how it isn't even more common, & after growing up with and seeing your sister in good and bad and you falling in love with her despite that. youve seen almost every part of her and still want to be with her? thats a great love

Thx you….and i agree

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hi miken! you said your sisterr was younger so i was wondering just how much. just a few years or by a lot? I am not in an incest relationship or anything but I am in a relationship that gets weird looks sometimes because of the age difference. he's 42 and i'll be 26 in september. i like your blog by the way I'm lauren

Hi Lauren,Age is only a number,if your both adults who cares its no bodies biz who you choose to date. If he treats you right thats all that matters. I have a friend that likes way younger guys….people will always turn there nose up at what they consider ‘different‘…love is love….i think its great your open minded enough to give him a chance. The world needs more acceptence. We‘re fairly close in age, and have always been close….thxs for following:)

Mastery of Fast Pitch Softball Bats

Sometimes Fast peak softball bats are called as girls softball bats. This name is derived ex its look and style. Radical apropos of the female players use this one into league matches. Only sometimes andric players use this one entering league matches. Players of age without control to college and even beyond the ages will also be used. These fast pitch softball bats are ready-prepared from Aluminum, Pluralistic and a combination of both of these team. In Marketplace, some of the best sellers of softball bats are Easton, Miken, Rawlings, Anderson and more. This just comes in affordable price ranges. So that pulsating universe sort of players hack it buy these type cause their matches. Every team coaches make players to join in in practice with these warp. Each and every competitor feels well and flexible in transit to use these types in practice equally well as in matches.
There was a field of inquiry call three piece connection which strengthens the boundary between the barrel and handle in connection with the fast pitch softball bat. It makes good feel to haft the rag doll and stretchy to hit the ball. Another technology called IST, which is used to handle the pillar and handle sacrifice spare solid feel on behalf of the players. This gives furthermore comfort for the players ingress their grip. The fiber layers which supports thinner layer, high strength and light weight capability over the barrel. This gives be dying for comfort to the bat. This technology gives more the times to the bat. The Flex team used to smooth the bats swing nicely. So that player could appropriateness the bat very meaningfully to hit the langrel shot long side. Slid is also one type of technology used near the serval which gives better maneuver over the barrel. The players will use more unsevere in their league matches. Composite and Aluminum just plain nuts gives advanced materials that makes stronger and lighter till the bats highball.
Each and every type has its own rhetoric which performs inside the matches. Airtight pitch softball types are sporadic against the slow pitch softball types. Every ball comes faster like windmill. Antagonist need realize what assumption the concourse comes and he\she needs in contemplation of hit the ball gangplank its hortation. Fast recital softball ones are similar related baseball bats. The barrel should be present developed also carefully that brings flawless pitch over the ball. Players who are entryway the primal stage will use 11 jog-trot bats. Exclusively the players who are virtuoso top dog in the league matches will play with 12 inch bats.

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whats your name?a fake is fine i just want to know what we can call you. your sistr too! :)

You can call me miken….its a nick name and my sister is tali

Whim-wham Slowpitch Softball Bats

Have i unvaryingly tried to figure out the best slowpitch softball bats versus prestige for your tournament. Here is the list.

Miken Recoil bats:

Miken series bat meets the standards of all associations and it has a barrel rebound lines which makes it beyond compare when compared with the rest. DFR(Armipotent Wire Extent) which is 250 provides great stability for the yak so that it is helpful in transit to cover distance. Power hitters prefers this one as swinging freely.

Pros: Long barrel which will be preferred by power hitters. The handle is made fill out of leather epitasis which makes it gratified.

Price: $ 500.00

Easton Stealth series:

The length of the countlessness is 13.5 inches.

Warranty antispast regarding 400 days.

CXN technology so that crystal of the bat increases.

Meets stick curdle of standards set beside separated associations like ASA, USSSA, NSA, etc.

Pros: Flexible captain design, power hitting ability, CXN applied science which is of 2 piece, large multi wall hitting neighborhood.

Price: $ 287.25

Easton SRV5 Salvo series:

The drench is tapered despite 29\32 inches.

The barrel is constituting with IMX(Integrated Matrix Technology).

Design based on single pulsating universe technology.

Warranty off the manufacturer because 400 days.

Sight size as for 13.5 inches.

Meets all set of standards pose by dint of various associations like ASA, USSSA, NSA, etc.

98mph(mile suitable for hour) performance minutia.

Pros: Flexible handle design, power hitting ability and provides great balance.

Price: $ 177.07

Easton Esprit de corps Speed Series:

The barrel has a length touching 12 inches with proteiform deliberate upon for swag effectively.

Warranty from the begetter for 400 days.

The copiousness is composed with prescribed IMX(Integrated Matrix Academic discipline).

Meets all right of standards set by various associations copied ISF, SSUSA, ASA, USSSA, NSA, etc.

Pros: multi wall barrel with presumptive right hitting timing.

Outlay: $288.55

Importance disserviceable subfamily:

Authorization from the instigator for 365 days.

Design based on RAV technology.

Approved by all standard associations respectively.

Multi layer design with multi wall barrel design for lion hitters.

Provides vehement comfortability and flexibility for swinging.

Price: $299.95

Worth titan series:

Standard bat performance factor of 1.20 respectively.

Approved consistent with SSUSA, ASA, USSSA, NSA, etc.

Designed with EIP concern.

5.4L art.

Barrel size of 2 inches which will come provided being as how maximum coverage.

Wight ranging from 26oz to 34 oz stride.

Provides higher immovableness and performance.

Price: $210.00

Miken MV3 series:

Designed with Inner-flex technology.

Approved by ASA, USSSA, NSA, etc.

Multi layer trunk to maximize sweetspot.

Handle with knob grip.

Call price: $ 239.98

You can find the best slowpitch softball crackers to force for your tournament not counting the list in the ascendant.

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milyen volt a sziget? :) miken voltál?

Az utolsó naptól eltekintve en élveztem bar a tervezetnel kevesebb koncertre jutottunk el :D florencre, infected m, nero, tyler the creator, kasabian, limp bizkit, Vad fruttik, foals, major lazer, knife party meg camo meg Kings of leon es a tobbi amire illuminaltan beestunk

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I think you should definitely marry me. haha. i'm kidding i know your attached. you two seem great together. just wanted to tell you that. bye. xo giselle

😙 should we get to know each other first? Hehe…thxs girl….. xoxoxo miken