I want my band to be raw and honest and to sweat and stomp and scream and dance. I want to reach people. I want them to reach me. I want to stand in a room and sing with others about our worst fears and greatest hopes. And I want to leave feeling like the world is larger than I thought it was. And I love weird people. Because they make me feel less weird for being weird, if that makes any sense. But I don’t like cool people. I prefer when people are warm.
—  Mikel Jollet of The Airborne Toxic Event

And the ever present pit I feel
I’m turning on some spinning wheel
Of faces and the scenes I see
And none of it seems real to me
Just the bleary haze of the morning still to come

I just wanna be numb.

In 2006, Mikel had a tough break-up, his mother was diagnosed with cancer and he himself was diagnosed with not only Alopecia but Vitiligo as well. He wrote like crazy, something that was originally planned to be almost like a novel until he realised it sounded better with music. Thus some of the most immaculately worded songs were born.
—  Why the Airborne Toxic Event’s first album is so utterly gorgeous, emotional, and well-written. Why “Sometime Around Midnight” is so perfect. Because it happened, and it happened to someone who was able to quantify it in words, and musicians who then came along and put incredible instrumentation to it. I love this band so much.

Song 1 out of 3: here’s the only acoustic version you will find of The Airborne Toxic Event new single HELL AND BACK.

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The Airborne Toxic Event - Wishing Well (acoustic)

Back when Mikel had his hipster-vibe going on before it was hipster.