The biggest mistake people make when they break up is that they think it’s the end of the world, and it’s not, it’s the beginning of the world -I just spilled a tonna coffee..- it’s just the end of how you thought it was gonna BE for awhile. Get comfortable with not thinking you know what’s gonna happen all the time.

And remember, you can only do better if you learn from what’s going on. Either learning about yourself, learning about other people, just keep learning, Reading Rainbow


Fuzzbucket. Hey– big thanks to @leenewton for giving this guy a voice and to @mikefalzone, most of all, who captured the moment with his telephone and even took the time to send me the video.

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“So I’m coming at you, angry birds all around, as someone that has no affiliation with high school at all. I’m just a 29 year-old dude, talking about life after high school. SO PEEP THIS.”

- Mike Falzone