Cool Fun Cheap Lifehacks!!

- Don’t ship Mike with his alters.

- Do not ship Mike with his alters!

- Don’t ship Mike with his alters!!

- DONT ship MIKE with his ALTERS

- Don’t ship Mike with Svetlana, Manitoba, Vito, Chester, or Mal.

- Do not pure Mike in a romantic relationship with his alters!!

- Would you go up to a person with DID and tell them you ship them with their other personalities?

- Especially an alter that literally wants nothing more than to make their life a living hell?

- No! You would not! Unless you’re a horrible person with no concept of what is or is not appropriate when it comes to mental disorders.

- So please, do not ship Mike with his alters, especially not Mal!

- And if you do

- Please unfollow me!