“Police brutality spawns from mis-education of our police forces. Most police officers across the United States don’t even have to have a college degree. And I look at the police as the oil of the criminal justice system. Think of a man who never goes to university. Think of a man from a country town in Mississippi. He’s probably seen one black man in his whole entire life. Think about him. He never had an experience in college, never got that degree. But as a student coming out of high school he can be a police officer. He’s put on the force. And now imagine me, from New Orleans, riding through the city on my way to Atlanta. When he stops me, he’s so unfamiliar with me and my culture – because he hasn’t seen anything else – that he’s going to treat me like an alien. Treat me like a savage. Because that’s what he sees in the media every day. He doesn’t see a positive image of a black man. From looking at me today, you wouldn’t even think I’ve been to law school, would you?“