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I love the solidarity I’m seeing amongst black owned businesses and black clienteles supporting one other. A midst current events dealing with race relations in America, it seems that as a people we are awakening to our roles in the continuation and the parts we play in many of the “struggles” we are dealing with in the African diaspora.

Most of these cultural struggles stem from the economic and overall holistic cultural castration our forefathers and foremothers endured in the 200+ years of free labor that essential built the foundation of this great country we call America.

That being said, we are realizing as a people that in order to defeat many of these cultural struggles we are going to have to invest our resources into each other! Us investing into each other has NOTHING to do with HATING any other cultural group! Having pride in ones cultural is natural, and healthy.

If and when we continue to support black business even when it’s inconvenient to do so, and hold these businesses accountable to high level service and also support black vendors to attain their raw materials our services, we begin to circulate the “black dollar” in our communities and soon enough the tides will begin to turn economically and holistically period.

So support some of these black businesses this holiday season and onward. We need to stick together. We are not In completion. The universe is abundant and will provide for us all. This is bigger than all of us.

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What about White America vs everyone else crime?

So here we go, the excuses and victim blaming has begun and we hear it routinely: “what about black on black crime?” What about white on white crime or Asian on Asian crime or Arab on Arab crime…if everyone is segregated then what choice does one have? Over 80% of crime is intraracial. Would it make you happier if there was more interracial crime? Is that the goal?

Most white people need to face the facts. Don’t get me wrong most is not all. A good amount of white people marched with us and sympathize with us and understand they have white privileges that us people of color don’t get to enjoy. But honestly Who’s resume would get looked at first by white America? Laquisha Johnson, Mohammad Abdullah or Michael Smith? Laquisha and Mohammad might have more experience but 9 out of 10 time Michael is getting that job. You say “this is bullshit this does not happen!” Yes, white America, it does not happen to you so how the hell would you know? Driving while black they think that shit is fake, they say stop speeding. Yes, white America, because you only get pulled over for speeding, your skin isn’t illegal so as long as you don’t speed you will be just fine. Black skin, my brown skin & face or when they run that license plate my weird ISIS looking name gets me and other people of color pulled over constantly. Then once they pull us over for the hell of it and they find nothing, they still issue some kind of ticket, usually 3 to 4 of them. Now we have to pay all this extra money as a “person of color tax”. White America is basically telling us, “listen we invaded this land and killed off the natives, we chained black people up shipped them all here and made them and their progeny slaves for the rest of their lives, and we did all of that FOR you, so you have to pay this extra money in traffic fees.” Am I lying anyone? Last week an Arab was handcuffed in a hotel and identified as part of ISIS because he was simply speaking Arabic. Black & brown bodies constantly litter our timelines, yet when a tragedy in Dallas happens to police we are supposed to be silent at noon and the nation grieves and cries. Flags go down to half-staff. Funerals are televised. Why did white America not grieve when Alton Sterling was killed in cold blood? Before we could even find out what actually happened his criminal record was already on blast everywhere. Or when other innocent lives from all races get killed by the people who we pay to protect and serve us?

Why didn’t white America grieve during Operation Protective Edge, where in 30 days 2200 Palestinian civilians (550 of which were children by the way) were killed by Israeli War planes, that we the American tax payers pay for and supply for. I’m not even going to bring up the massacre in Jenin or the massacres still happening in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. I’m already emotional as it is. What’s the common denominator in all that? White America. Because all those massacres that are and were committed is all with US weapons. Where did ISIS, Israel, and all the rebel factions in Syria & Iraq get their weapons? From the USA with our tax money, the American tax payer is funding massacres all over the world. And who truly runs America? It’s white America along with the rich. We got homeless people in the streets and millions living in the dark in the grips of addiction, yet we spend all our tax money on war and death.

We need a revolution my fellow Americas? How do we want to be remembered? As the generation who kept the blind eye blind? Or will we finally own up to our mistakes collectively then fix them collectively. If we don’t soon this polarization of America will continue and history tells us that ideas can always rise to fruition. Either there is going to be war or peace, but just because we are not at war does not mean we are at peace. But if enough people are willing to sacrifice for that idea that we can fix our problems however hard or however great they may be we must have faith that it can be done. Nothing important in life is easy. It’s not going to be easy whatsoever. But we can’t keep turning the blind eye, time for talk is over. I’m from Saint Louis or what people call Ferguson now, we have a saying here, “We are from the show me state so show me, don’t talk about it BE ABOUT IT.” One person can change the world and that person can be YOU don’t cut yourself short. Rise up, do what needs to be done, then when it’s all said and done you will look in the mirror and see a better you.


So proud to see students from my University unite in solidarity with the citizens of Ferguson, and victims of police brutality. Today we peacefully marched from one of our main students centers to the most recognizable places on Clemson’s campus (which has a population of less than 6% African-Americans and even less of other minorities). We stood, we chanted, we prayed, we spoke. We also observed 4.5 minutes of silence at every stop for the 4.5 hours Mike Brown was left on the cold ground. The revolution has begun. If you are not with us, you are against us. 

clipping. released a Ferguson-inspired song entitled “Knees on the Ground”

This band has a way of taking the listener on a visual journey rather than just an audio one, making the impact of their message even more powerful. They hit nearly all senses. 

I’m this band’s new ride or die. 

clipping.’s statement about the song below

“Knees On The Ground” is a paradigmatic white-cop-kills-an-unarmed-black-kid-and-gets-away-with-it tale — a story that happens all the fucking time in the US. What we have learned — from our first hand experience in Oakland in 2009, and from the media coverage of Ferguson in 2014 — is that the second part of this story involves a police response better suited to a war zone than to an American city. Cops think they’re playing Call Of Duty when they’re supposed to be part of a community. If Ferguson were in Iraq, Obama would have sent in an airstrike already.

This is the least obtuse Diggs’s lyrics will ever get. We’re embarrassed by the timeliness of this track. We do not intend to capitalize on what is, undoubtedly, a terrible tragedy. But journalists make think-pieces and we make songs. Writers write what they know, and this is what we know right fucking now.

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