Travis Scott broke the record for most times performing one song in a concert yesterday (may 16th 2017) when he performed “Goosebumps” 14 times in one show

The Signs as Fueled By Ramen Bands
  • Aries: Fall Out Boy
  • Taurus: Gym Class Heroes
  • Gemini: Paramore
  • Cancer: Cute Is What We Aim For
  • Leo: The Academy Is...
  • Virgo: Panic! At The Disco
  • Libra: Cobra Starship
  • Scorpio: The Cab
  • Sagittarus: A Rocket to The Moon
  • Capricorn: Less Than Jake
  • Aquarius: The Hush Sound
  • Pisces: Phantom Planet

Charming… part 7

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When you arrived at the hotel with Tig you saw Mike standing outside the room door. You hopped off Tig’s bike and you saw Mike walk towards you in a rushed pass. You handed Tig the helmet.

“Y/N” You look towards Mike. “We have a problem.”

“I see you tomorrow Tig.” You said towards him with a smile.

He nods his head towards you. “If you need help call me.”

You gave him a smile and you start to walk with Mike towards your room.

“Anna is freaking out,” Mike says. “She’s packing to leave.”

“What do you mean?”

“She wants to leave,” Mike says opening the door. There were 2 bags by the door. Anna was running around getting everything together.

“Anna?” You said

“Hi Y/N. I’m packing everything so we can leave.” She says with a smile on her face.

You look towards Mike.

“Anna I can’t leave.” You said

“What do you mean?” Anna stopped in her tracks and looks towards you.

“I have to pay back the car.”

“Just sell it to them,” Anna says. She walks into another room.

You looked towards Mike.

“I tried to stop her but she keeps packing.” He said.

You took a deep breath. “Maybe you and her should leave. Just stay in the next town. If I pay back the car I will head towards the two of you.”her should leave. Just stay in the next town. If I pay back the car I will head towards the two of you.”

“No, we can’t do that what if Travis finds you?”

‘Well he’s closer than you think,” You look towards him and give him a fake smile. “and if we are separated maybe one of us can make a chance of survival”

“Y/N that’s not going to happen,” Mike says towards you.

Anna walks back into the room. “I’m going to the reception to check how late the bus leaves.” She looks towards both o us with a smile on her face.  “Wait here.” she quickly says leaving the room.

“Mike, Travis called today.” Mike looked towards you. “He’s in California.”

Anna walks back into the room. “The reception is closed.”

“Anna?” Mike says. She stops in her tracks and looks towards him. “We’re going to take the bus to the next city. Y/N will stay.”Mike looks towards you. “I will be back in a few days to pick you up.”

You nod your head towards him. You knew this was the option. Anna had to be taken in safety. This was our problem. Travis was our problem. anna safety first and then ours.

They got the bags and walked out of the room. You were left in the room alone. Ou sat on the edge of the bed taken the day in. You laid down not knowing what to do next. If Travis found you now. You were going to be dead in seconds you couldn’t survive alone.

You heard the sound of your phone ringing. The sound got louder and louder. You opened your eyes and you realized you felt asleep. You looked at the caller ID.

“Hi Mike”

“Heej. We just arrived.”

You talked with Mike a few minutes before the call ends.

You looked at your phone and saw that you had text from Tig from an hour ago.

Hey, Is everything okay? - Tig

You responded.

Hi, everything is fine. No worry - Y/N

You didn’t get an answer back. You took a shower ate your cold burger and went back to bed.


Tig Pov

He sent a message to Y/N an hour ago and she still didn’t answer. He was worried. He knew the girl a few days but something attracted him to her.

His phone ringed and he saw he got a message from her.

Hi, everything is fine. No worry - Y/N

He felt a relief. When he dropped her off at the hotel the guy who was with her had a worried look on her face and at the hotel, she looked scared. There was something going one. He just wanted to know what?

“Tig.” He heard Clay say. He looked towards him. “Come on they’re here.”

Tig looked outside and saw the men from yesterday’s ride into the parking lot of the Tm. They parked their bikes in front of the garage. Tig walked next to Clay and both men waited in front of the clubhouse for the two men. The men looked towards the garage and Tig saw the man called Travis sign towards the garage. The men made their way towards the garage and Tig and Clay began walking towards them.

The man looked around Y/N car. They walked around and looked into the car. Travis looked toward Clay and Tig who were now also staring at the car.

“Who’s car is that?” Travis asked.

“From a client,” Tig said quickly. It was Y/N car, why would they have an interest in her car. It wasn’t nothing special a simple old car that you could get everywhere. Travis looked towards Mark, who was looking through the window into the driver’s seat.

Marks looks up from the window and looks towards Travis “It looks like their car.” Mark says.

Gemma walks out of the office and walks towards Tig and Clay.  

“Can I see the car?” Travis asks Clay.

Tig looks towards Clay as he nods towards Travis that he can look in the car.

Gemma whispers next to Tig, “What’s going on?” 

Tig doesn’t react. He’s watching the man look around Y/N car.

Mark opens the driver’s door and his hands go straight under the seat. He gets his hand from under the seat in the car. He puts his hand onto the stirring wheel, He took a few seconds in the car before he gets out it. He looks towards Travis and says “It’s most likely her car.” Travis has a little smile on his face. “It smells like her.”

“That’s good news. We’re closer than we thought.” Travis responds towards Mark.

“Who’s car?” Tig asks looking towards Travis. He wanted to know how they knew Y/n and why they were searching for her.

Travis looks towards him. “We still have some business to finish.”

“Nothing to worry about I hope?” Clay says towards the man.

“No don’t worry,” Travis says towards Clay.  “Could you just tell me when she or he come pick it up.”

“We will shall we begin?” Clay says. Travis and Mark nod towards Clay and the three of them start walking towards the clubhouse. When Tig tried to follow the man. He feels a hand a hold his arm. He looks back and he sees Gemma hold him.

“Where is she?” Gemma asks Tig quickly. He looks at her and he sees worries in her eyes.

“At her hotel, I think.” She nods her head and walks away. Tig speeds up his pace so he his behind the man again.

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Bryson Tiller - Let Em’ Know
Childish Major - Childish Ft. Curtis Williams
Roy Wood$ - I Got
Jon Schuyler Ft. Ray Will - Interstates
Tink - Million
SPZRKT & Sango - The Motive
Jacquees - Think About It
PartyNextDoor - Let’s Get Married
Lil $teez - Ride
The Weeknd - Might Not
Mick Jenkins - Fresh Water (Whoarei - Knxwledge Remix)
Drake Ft. Tinashe - On A Wave
Damu - Moonshine
Mike Ferina - Tell Me
Kehlani - The Way Ft Chance The Rapper
Travis Scott - Maria I’m Drunk Ft. Justin Bieber & Young Thug
Tory Lanez - Say It

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